Generation Z Psychology towards Brand Communication

Generation Z Psychology towards brand communication is a lot more different than previous generations. Thus, It has become essential for Brands to engage with them in a different manner which keeps up with their interests. 

Who Does Gen Z trust?

This generation has more trust on bloggers,  instagrammers, and youtubers than on celebrities. Hence very often brands get better engagement rate with these small influencers as compared to celebrities. This trend is developing at a fast pace and the new generation is  slowly forming small communities that play a major role in their life. 

At this time many people who are already aware of this Influencer lead trend be like:


But for those who were not aware, you have knowledge now!

What Generation Z is looking for ?

1. The information that brands want to communicate should be done in a manner that it is entertaining and should teach something to them (Gen Z)

2. This generation is the visual generation. So make photos, videos, memes, and generate blogs that provide knowledge and entertain at the same time.(Like the one you are reading at present)

3. They don’t just want brands to sustain a visual image on social media, they want to see brands portray their personality. This further gives them an option to engage with brands at a personal level. They want the brand-customer relationship to be more transparent, friendly and Raw.

A good example of this kind of communication is Zomato’s Instagram account. They are developing connections with their audience through Memes and Moment Marketing!

Zomato’s Social media has never been basic spewing of offers unlike other brands.

4. The attention span of the generation Z is 8 seconds so you only have 8 seconds to communicate your message. Engagement falls as the time increase.

5. The generation Z can process the information faster than the other generations. Hence if they see a mysterious thing that they are not able to crack, it is likely that they will spend time on that information.

6. Generation Z wants to be a part of the community. If some community represents a unique and “cool” quotient, they are likely to join it. Brand communication can leverage this detail about this generation and focus on forming a community rather than just blowing one’s own trumpet.

If you got a gist of how Generation Z psychology towards brand communication works and want to leverage Memes for them through Meme Marketing, 

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