Facing Cruel Capitalism through *Credit Card Declined* Memes

During the advent of digitalization, the role of millennials escalated in crafting or destroying the popular culture. 

And these millennials are appreciated considering that memes made by them are creating an impactful culture in the capitalist society. 

Le Memers:

Have you ever wandered relaxed without carrying cash due to various insecurities? If yes, then welcome to the digital world. But…..what if the digital technology betrays you?

The recent meme trend shows that your *Credit Card Declined* after taking the services. How do you think businesses would react?

Just when millennials were feeling happy and delighted considering the decline of a credit card and assuming there is no need to pay for the goods and services consumed, capitalism reached its verge.


With the meme trend slowly picking up, people on the internet charged up their creative selves for a meme fest – full of possible situations that might result from a credit card decline in this cruel, capitalist society.

From doctors taking back their services (it’s painful to even imagine) to tattoo artists shaving off your skin, it shows how the world is essentially being run by money…and humor!

Sadly, you have no savior. If you do not have alternatives to pay, then service providers have options to take back their services hilariously and naively.

Let’s dive in straight to the memes that ruled….or rather declined?

When you already know the repercussions.

Now, you must have thought that every service can’t be taken back. Not every action has ‘a revenge’. Haha! Remember this is the cruel capitalist society.

Come and let’s taste the salty instances of revenge!

Darr ka maahol hai.

Okay, one last.

After imagining situations like these, millennials are now happy with the traditional methods of paying. A sigh of relief that they did not seek the barter system!

Unbelievably, this is the only option of survival now, albeit everyone is going to have a credit card. Enjoy the capitalism!

These memes have urged us to imagine a hypothetical situation. They have put us into those situations which are unexpected to happen, but we anyhow, are still imagining if they are happening to us. 

This is how the millennials are surviving in the capitalist society by beating its rules and regulations. Such an exciting war!

If you have imagined the scenario with every meme template, then you indirectly trust the unquestionable potential of millennials’ engaging content with the current scenarios of society. 

With memes taking a center stage, both on social media and IRL, it is essential to tap into their marketing powers as well!

Wondering how that works?

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Article written by Himanshi Aggarwal

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