Explained: The ‘Ok Boomer’ phenomenon

The phrase ‘ok boomer’ resurfaced and went viral when a 25 year old Millennial MP of the New Zealand Parliament used the phrase ‘Ok boomer’ to get back at a heckler. Ironically, she was talking about climate change at the time.

In the past, the phrase has been used by millennials often in a humorous or ironic manner, to call out or dismiss out-of-touch or close-minded opinions of the older generation. Boomer is like an informal term for baby boomers, a person born during the baby boom (sharp increase in birth rates) after World War II.

Who uses the phrase 'Ok boomer'?

The phrase “OK Boomer” has now become a tool to dismiss or mock perceived narrow-minded or condescending attitudes of older people towards the young. The term has been used to mock people who show resistance to technological change, deny climate change or oppose reforms. The younger generation has different ideas  and they process things at different speed.

‘Ok boomer’ is also used more playfully on the internet  (including consumer products) because of the popularity of the phrase. It is famous on TikTok videos, memes and on Twitter.


Millennials have been put down by boomers, they have been shouldering blame, shame and dismissal from older generations for years. Millennials  already face a lot of problems in the modern world. There are certain issues that are blamed on the millennials or certain stereotypes that are handed to them. ‘Ok boomer’ is a way for the millennials to retaliate to phrases like “you got it very easy”, “Everything is on an app these days”, “Climate change is not real”.

Boomers have survived one of the hardest times on earth and their hard work is well respected. Also, Millennials as a generation do not intend to blame them for all the bad that is happening. Nevertheless, the least that the younger generations expect from their side is to accept new decisions with an open mind and a little compassion. 

The LGBTQ community continues to spread love, feminists continue to make the world a better place, climate change had become a hot topic and mental health is being talked about more than ever. All drastic changes do not bring dire consequences. 

The younger generations will swear by the fact that the entire point of ‘Ok Boomer’ was not of a rich kid shouting ‘Ok Boomer’ through a screen on TikTok. It is a wake-up call. Instead of criticizing and opposing the younger generations to deal with real-world issues, help them in doing so. That would end the feud right there once and for all OR you could just come up with a better meme.

Article written by Gou Chinlam

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