DREAM 11 Won the Title Sponsorship for IPL, but the Memes Won our Hearts!

A part of the soul of India lies in the game of cricket. Starting from the Test Series, right up to the World Cup, Indians are always overly enthusiastic when it comes to watching the game. 

And when we talk about cricket, how can we forget the month long cricket festival that the country waits for every year!? 

You got it right, it is IPL TIME!!!!! (our excitement is directly proportional to the exclamation marks here)

The pandemic put a halt to many industries including the sports industry. After a 4-month long lockdown, the world slowly started to resume the sporting activities around the world. 

This also paved a way for the BCCI to announce the return of IPL amid some… controversy.

Following the criticism on social media about being a Chinese brand associated with the championship, Vivo pulled out as the title sponsor for this year’s IPL. 

The place was thus taken by a new sponsor – Dream 11.

Yk, this is the app which helps you win money by betting!

Dream 11 is India’s first gaming start up to be valued at over $1 billion.

The IPL governing council chairman Brijesh Patel confirmed that Dream11 bid the sponsorship amount at Rs. 222 crore. Two edu-tech companies — BYJUs and Unacademy were also in the bidding race but came second (201 crore) and third (170 crore) respectively.

People went bonkers with the news of the new title sponsor, which brings us to our favourite part!

MEMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (remember the relationship between our excitement and exclamation marks?)

After the Dream 11 Twitter handle conveyed the news with much excitement, several fans hilariously reacted to it, sharing some funny memes and comments…

Aa gaya hai BOSS!

Many memes which were circulated revolved around the fact that how Dream 11’s sponsorship bid defeated those of Patanjali, BYJUs and Unacademy.

Ek minute! What was Binod doing there?

Dream 11 to other companies : Chaal haaat!

Sad Day for Bidders!

Class kab chalu karu bol?


Also, just a little confusion!

Should we call this IPL as IPL 2020 or as Dream11 IPL 13?

Well, Dream 11 received a grand welcome as new title sponsor. Through the unquestionable power of memes, Dream 11’s sponsorship started to trend on Twitter and the reach increased exponentially. 

This is just one of the few things that one can achieve through the creative medium of memes.

That’s right, with memes even your brand can achieve an exponential reach!

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal

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