dbrand’s Meme game Success – (You must know)

Before we jump into directly onto dbrand and it’s history and leave you blank while you read the rest of the blog. Let’s do the boring part first.

dbrand is a US based phone and laptop skin brand as has a major chunk of US market in its niche -Mobile and laptop Skins. Here you go :

Dbrand unlike other basic brands, created its digital personality (  Name – ROBOT) that creates its superiority through its social  media interaction with the people

It is important here to know that the robot is a hypothetical  concept, all the witty posts, caption, comments and retweets are  handled by real people.

Don’t believe us?

Caption – Pocophone F1 skins are here. Time to cover up that cheap plastic with some  overpriced electronic tape

Caption – Buy a skin and we’ll send it to you.*


Caption – 100% of every dollar you spend goes toward increasing our bank balance  by 1 Dollar.

Things become much more interesting when you change the context for what it has been standing for years.


90% of the time people’s expectations from the brand  are this “Their advertisements are indirectly asking for  your money”. This is the practice that has been followed  for years.

Dbrand changed the context of this communication and  placed itself at a place where it directly asks people for  their hard earned money. Like – Give us your money  SALE.

The whole communication from dbrand’s end turns out  to be fresh and unique for the people who consume  their content because it carries with itself a humorous  and witty tone that makes the brand a part of the  community rather than just vomiting out prices and  offers (like other brands do)

Dbrand robot leaves no stone unturned when it comes  to interacting with people on social media and  generating a sense of superiority for the brand. All that  is done with a smart, witty and creative play of words,  definitely something that many other brands are  missing out on.

What can your brand learn from dbrand’s marketing  strategy?

*Don’t miss the social part of social media.

*You don’t need to follow drand’s step in any way, create your  own unique personality depending upon your Target Audience. 

*Keep the interaction raw.

*Generate memes related to your target audience. (we can help  here)

*Post stuff that is clever enough to make people appreciate your  pun or in worst case at least admire you for the change you are  bringing in your social media interaction.(we can help here too)

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