Covid Memes flood the Internet after President Trump tests positive for the virus!

When will this pandemic stop? We are tired already! 

The virus that has caused life to become stagnant all around the world has found yet another new victim. This time, it is none other than the President of the world’s oldest democracy, Mr. Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter in the first week of October to announce that he and his wife Melania have both been tested positive for COVID-19. They declared that henceforth they will be quarantining.

The President seemed to have been infected with the virus after being in contact with his senior advisor Hope Hicks, who had also been tested positive.

The news has become a serious issue for Trump’s public appearances and campaigns in the critical concluding weeks of the 2020 Presidential Election campaign.

It has indeed been a cruel twist of fortune for the President!

During the initial phases of the outbreak, the President had found himself in several controversies after making several misinformed comments regarding the virus. He had called coronavirus to be a “hoax” and had always shown a general mitigation towards the virus and the significance of wearing masks.

The news of Trump testing positive for the virus shocked the world. Initially, there were prayers and wishes for his speedy recovery, but soon netizens went a little berserk.

The sarcasm and humour seemed to be out of control, leading all the way to the outpouring of ….


Well, well, well.

Uhhhhh….. Danger! Danger!

Thora zyada personally le liye lagta hai.

Tough life man!

Destruction mode on!


Whenever some major news like this breaks out, the Internet goes crazy with their creative imagination. We see this on almost every single occasion.

If netizens are the powerhouses, then memes are the medium through which this power is put to use!

Memes are the most effective way of communicating ideas, opinions and branded content!

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal

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