Coffin Dance: How these Boys from Ghana became an Internet Sensation through Memes

For several months now, a particular funeral coffin dance video has gone viral over the internet and TBH this is the longest meme trend we have ever witnessed… it has sustained even after months!

The Meme Community once again did not leave any stone unturned to create some hilarious memes out of it. 

From epic video fails, rap battles, animal attacking humans, gym lift fails….millions of videos ended with the coffin dance.

You must be thinking who are these coffin dancers and why are they dancing at a funeral? Well then, let’s take a look at the origin of the Coffin Dance Meme!

Dancing with the coffin is an ancient tradition in Ghana. The people believe death to be a homecoming and thus they celebrate it by hiring these special dancers, also called the Pallbearers. 

Usually, these pallbearers are a group of 4 to 6 people, with some impressive dance moves. BBC News Africa made a documentary on such pallbearers and their impressive dance moves in 2017. 

Have a look:

These pallbearers call themselves Benjamin’s Company or Nana Otafrija and have been actively employing people into the business.

Wondering where it all began?

Well, the memes started with a TikTok video of a skier who unsuccessfully jumped on a springboard. But instead of this epic fall, we get to see the Pallbearers dancing. The EDM track Astronomia by Tony Igy was played all along with the video.

This format was picked up by other meme-makers and the coffin dancers became an internet sensation overnight. The trend started developing in March 2020.

All sorts of video fails started using the coffin dance just like the other memes which ended with “Directed by Robert B. Weide”.

(We just hope you know about the reference that we talking about *fingers crossed*)


While millions of people across the world are under lock down, boredom has set in, and people are dying to step outside their home. The coronavirus pandemic has given stimulus to this meme. The message is simple, “Stay at home, or dance with us”.

Thousands of social media users have created several hilarious memes of the coffin dance. The video has been used to remind people to stay indoors, or otherwise, they may end up on the shoulders of the pallbearers. 

Countries like Brazil have put up billboards to spread the message…

The boys have become so popular, that the police around the world have started to imitate the dance form to spread awareness!

In Tamil Nadu, the police danced in their uniform while carrying a man in a stretcher, warning people to stay home…

And the Indian Police isn’t the only one….. 

Have a look at Peru!

These cops got some moves!

The boys came out in a video recently and thanked the doctors who have been working tirelessly in these difficult times. They have also asked everyone to stay at home. They have been using this popularity in spreading awareness all across the world through social media.

However, these memes have also brought immense joy in our lives, as we are stuck in our homes. Several famous pages and celebrities have created and shared the coffin dance memes.

Here are some of the best compilations and videos. Sit back and enjoy!

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal

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