Claims are Disputed but Memes are not!

You might have thought of rejecting the statements which are against your thoughts, whether these are about your emotions or choices. But did you ever imagine this could be done? 

Hmm….but the question is, HOW? Don’t worry about the ‘How’ till we have our source of humor, Donald Trump.

Lately, the microblogging site was flooded with hilarious memes which were disputing the claims. 

Trump was roasted for his Tweet “I won the Election” a week after Joe Biden was declared the President of the U.S. Twitter called this election differently and marked Trump’s  statement disputed. 

LoL…I told you, Trump can be the source of humor.

Now what? As usual, netizens got their new meme trend while using this caution to share their hilarious versions of “disputed claims” along with the caption “This claim is disputed by official sources”.

Well, trust me everything is going to be okay… Isn’t it so weird the way we console people without knowing the future events? 

Well, the future is obviously uncertain and that is why “This Claim is Disputed”.

Netizens won’t worry if everything is not going to be okay. Do you know why? 

Because, they have their OTTs to make them feel okay sometimes. Well, are you the one who wishes to watch one episode a day but ends up watching the whole season? If yes, then you literally have an escape.

2 minute mein Maggi bane ya naa bane, Kabir ko Naina se pyaar zarur ho jayega (B’wood fans unite)

It’s been long since we attended school/college. But what comes to your mind first when you hear the word “School or College”? 

For me, it’s exams and the promise I make to myself every sem.

Remember, the friend who says “Reaching in 5 minutes” and sees us after 1 hour. Haha.

When it comes to memes and netizens altogether, brands are always two steps ahead in giving their amusing take on the latest trends. 

Netizens love memes, memes love netizens and brands love netizens too, ultimately brands love memes.

Claims might be disputed, but memes can never be!

Spreading laughter, joy and brand messages – you name it and memes can do it!

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Article written by Himanshi Aggarwal

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