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Now Streaming: Netflix India’s Meme Game!

Since its launch in India in 2016, Netflix has come a long way in terms of both content as well as its marketing strategy. 

One of the main strategies Netflix uses to appeal to its user base in different countries is the relatability factor by releasing regional classics and Netflix Originals. 

The success of Originals such as Sacred Games and Little Things bear testament to the fact that this strategy works in its favour.

Netflix’s marketing strategies and promotion campaigns on social media, however, are what really began to make it stand out from its competition. 

Netflix had figured out the language that its user base would not only understand but would also be impressed by before the other two online streaming giants — Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar — did.

Let’s take a look at how Netflix got its social media game right and what made it so successful!

Netflix’s social media marketing team didn’t adopt the tone of a deadpan, serious brand promoting its content (or worse, one trying too hard to appeal to the younger crowds). 

Rather, they took on the personality of a meme-loving fan of their own content.


This worked wonders considering their user base is primarily a crowd that can sense forced enthusiasm extremely easily.

By adapting to meme trends and meme-ing their own content, Netflix portrays itself as a brand that really understands the youth and most importantly, can make jokes at their own expense.

For example, when the internet began joking about how many of Netflix’s Originals featured Radhika Apte, Netflix also joined in and tweeted about its love for the actress.

This results in a high level of engagement from fans. Sometimes, as in the case of Birdbox, this level of engagement is very profitable. For some new titles that do not advertise elaborately, the hype ends up garnering a large audience through re-tweets or viral hashtags.

Their strategy to maintain this level of engagement is to have an ongoing, creative dialogue with their audiences through their posts.

Viral hashtags and internet trends are another tool that Netflix uses to get more attention from audiences while promoting the titles available to stream.

The #10yearchallenge was one of the trends Netflix US participated in to promote F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

And more recently, when Virat Kohli’s dinosaur walk went viral on Twitter, Netflix re-tweeted it with a joke about Jurassic Park.

Lastly, Netflix utilises the factor of variety in its marketing strategy for social media. 

Netflix India’s Instagram page posts at least thrice a day while their Twitter page tweets and re-tweets a lot more. Yet, constantly seeing their posts pop up on your feed doesn’t become annoying.

Why? Because they all vary greatly in format. 

The social media handles post almost every form of content possible. From text posts, polls, and trailers on Twitter, to posters, stills, and interviews on IGTV on Instagram — Netflix has got it all covered on their social media pages while also showing off their great meme game!

Here’s some of the best memes posted on Netflix’s social media handles!

From a streaming service to a favorite among youngsters, Netflix India has positioned itself in the most optimum way possible.

By meme-ifying its approach, engaging with youth and refraining from on-the-face promotions, Netflix India is a true visionary and is an example of the fact that memes are here to rule the world!

Well, all we gotta say is that we got the same energy as well for your brand – We Are Here For You!

Discover the secrets of meme marketing at Youngun India!

Article written by Yusra Ahmed

Meme Marketing

Amit ji’s Unconditional Love for Bikaji Bhujia drives Memers crazy!

Today, memers don’t need a reason to shitpost. They can start with literally anything under the sun!

In line with this, for quite some time, several meme pages have been flooded with memes about Bikaji Bhujia for no logical reason at all.

Yes, we are talking about the Bikaji Bhujia that we enjoy on a cosy evening in front of the television. 

The organically garnered memes were based around #AmitjiLovesBikaji, starring the Superstar of the Millennium…..

We don’t exactly know what the meme community saw in the TVC  that got their attention but stilll…

Have a look

Last year, in the month of October, Bikaji Foods International Ltd, signed Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan as its Brand Ambassador. 

The aim of the campaign titled #AmitjiLovesBikaji was to widen the appeal of the Bikaji snacks among millennials who prefer modern snacks rather than the ethnic ones. The idea was to make Bikaji the cool ethnic snack brand.

Did it work?

The advertisement shows Amitabh Bachchan enjoying the Bikaji Bhujia wherever he goes. He becomes like a teenager when it comes to the excuses to not share his bhujia.

The way the videos have been made would make people laugh for sure. The unconditional love for Bhujia that Amitabh Bhachchan seems to have is funny as well as slightly cringy.

Millennials after watching Amitabh Bachchan behave like a kid…

Well, let’s have a look at what the memers have made out of these ads!

Trust us, this pickup line can impress any girl…

Rishte mein aayi darar….. (in a dramatic tone!) Kyu? Kyu? Kyu?

Plot Twist!

If anyone eats his packet, he will become an angry young man!

Oops… sorry Rekha ji!

Bhujia abhi Bika – ji?

Next , in our movie recommendations list, we have…

We also have our childhood favourite…

The best TV show on the planet! A must watch.

Naa matlab naa hota hai.

After this mini meme fest, all we can say is that your Bikaji Bhujia may run out of stock, but the memes won’t!

Bikaji Bhujia perhaps may have not visualized this meme parade while signing up Amitabh Bachchan. But what were meant to be simple commercials, gave way to something way bigger: an unprecedented meme trail by memers!

The ‘marketing’ power of memes is quite evident these days

Similar to this, do you plan to give your brand a meme-makeover to appeal to millennials?

Well, guess what? We do just that!

Discover more about meme marketing at Youngun India!

Article written by Krishanu Sanya

Meme Marketing

Importance of Speed in Meme Marketing

A simple mantra of meme marketing is “If You're Not Fast, Your Competitors Will Be!”

Effective Meme Marketing is nothing less than a race! Meme Marketing agencies have to constantly keep up with the trends and when it comes to memes it is no joke!

To truly understand the relevance of speed in marketing, it is important to understand ‘moment marketing’.

Today brands are increasingly indulging in topical and content marketing in order to garner maximum audience and engagement on social media.

A technical aspect of moment marketing is to help establish a real-time connection between a brand and its target audience. It is characterized by its speed and spontaneity. 

To reap the benefits of moment marketing to the fullest, brands must be quick on their feet and catch on to the latest trends and beat their competitors to the most creative marketing efforts. 

To ensure an airtight marketing strategy that doesn’t backfire, both the brand and its agency must keep their eyes wide open to avoid conflict of interest.m

Seasonal vs. Temporary Meme Marketing

Meme templates vary from being seasonal to temporary to evergreen in nature. Some memes like the Grumpy cat and the Drake format have become evergreen due to their timeless relevance. But all memes do not become so successful.

In the case of seasonal and temporary meme formats, it is extremely important to act quickly and communicate with the potential consumers before the template dies.

Seasonal Meme Templates

Seasonality is a characteristic. Such memes come in during a particular time, die out eventually and then they may be revived again.  

Let’s make it easier to understand through an example of Kaun Banega Crorepati’s memes.

Everybody has come across these memes but the question is, do we see them all the time, even when the show is not on air? No.

This is because such meme templates works best when the show is currently on-air and there is buzz around it.

Every seasonal template, format or meme has a certain lifetime. The problem is, nobody can guess when a new trend will come and throw the king off the throne and it is impossible to predict it. A simple solution to this is Social listening but it’s different for Meme Marketing agencies as this community works and thinks differently.

Temporary Meme Templates

Unlike seasonal meme templates which keep going on and off the internet, temporary meme templates are a one-time thing. They must be caught on by brands very quickly in order to reap th benefits.

Once their moment is over, neither do they connect with the audiences nor do they invite laughter.

The meme above is a classic example. This meme template was woven around the utterly disappointing end of the widely popular series: Game Of Thrones.

If this template is used now in another context, it won’t make any sense as it has lost essence.

If a brand or an agency uses such temporary memes today, it will only end up inviting trolls due to its lack of time sensitivity.

Speed is the Essence

In the Meme Marketing world, it is difficult to overstate the significance of speed. With the pace at which trends move, brands must strive to do whatever it takes to maintain their relevance.

If your brand isn’t quick enough, your competition gains a major advantage – the first mover advantage.

In fact, speed is a primary component in brand wars.

Meme marketing is fueled through a good response time. Making use of a ‘meme-ing’ opportunity is a marketing tactic very few know.

It is important to bear in mind that no brand can position themselves in the consumers’ mind with a slow response towards topical event that everybody is talking about. With social media taking over our lives, all innovation is powered by…SPEED.

Article written by  Dishika Bakliwal

We can’t ask you to experience the speed with us for obvious reasons but we can help you discover Meme Marketing @Youngun India.

Case Studies Meme Marketing

Beardo’s Meme Game raises the Bar for its competitors

Companies always look for a unique way to market their products but when it comes to Meme Marketing, there hasn’t been any marketing campaign better than the new #WahKanda trend that went viral overnight. 

Who would’ve thought that just a mere onion would gain such attention on social media? But one can never say. People get obsessed with such weird things these days. Remember the egg? (Yes, the very same egg that became the most liked picture on Instagram beating Kylie Jenner). 

Thus, it wasn’t a surprise when this onion became the talk of the Meme community. 

Beardo created an Instagram page putting up a picture of an onion which earned 60k+ likes. The #WahKanda campaign started ahead of the launch of their new product, “Onion Oil Concentrate”.

 “The Kanda that will make your hair go Wah!” This seemed to be a offtrack approach to promote one’s product, but the genius of it dawned upon us much later. A page was dedicated solely to the picture of this Kanda. A stream of memes came up as soon as the picture gained more than 50k+ likes. The stir was created at the fact that this Kanda was going viral for no reason at all.

Here are few Memes …

Beardo  engaged influencers like Bhuvan Bam, Amit Bhandana and Zakir Hussain to post stories around this. The curiosity shot up and thus Beardo had a successful product launch. 

When asked about how the company came up with this innovative idea, co-founder of Beardo, Ashutosh Valani said: 

“We knew our product was innovative and hence we worked with Gozoop on a launch approach which was equally fresh. I believe that the reason why #WahKanda gained so much traction online because of its pure simplicity and our thorough understanding of how people use and engage on social media. It was a bold move and I’m glad people responded with the same amount of favour”

Beardo Oil Concentrate is made using cold pressed Red onion oil which keeps nutrients and minerals like sulphur, vitamin B complex, E and C intact. It also has moisturising and nourishing properties. This oil concentrate is made with more potent red onion oil, which in turn helps in hair growth, prevents hair loss and provides nourishment to the hair. One can apply this concentrate by adding a few drops to a regular hair oil and massage gently with the fingertips. For better results, one can apply this directly on the scalp and leave it overnight.

You might be like…

When you read those technical details! perhaps you we are pretty sure you didn’t read it!

Here is the same information baked for you in the form of Memes!

The #WahKanda campaign has turned out to be a spectacular strategy which other cosmetic brands may also use to promote their products. But the popularity that #WahKanda received will be a Herculean task for any other brand to achieve. 

All in all, they have managed to make the internet collectively say, Wah! That was Kanda cool!!

Qudos to the Indian Meme Community who made this campaign an even bigger success.

But Who are we? and Why are we writing about this?


We are a team of millennials who are bringing brands closer to the Indian Meme Culture through Meme Marketing.

Care to know WTF is Meme Marketing now?

We have it all set up for you here

Article Written by: Krishanu Sanyal 

Blogs Meme Marketing

Mike Bloomberg is about to be Memefied!

Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is paying social media influencers to back him up by memeing his presidential campaign in hopes of reaching younger viewers.

In the last few months, Bloomberg campaign has partnered and paid popular meme accounts to create content based on his campaign.  Surely this meme strategy was new to the presidential politics but it seems to be working as people have taken notice or reacted to the content on his campaign.

The campaign worked with Meme 2020, a project formed by people running some of the biggest social media accounts. For this campaign, they’re not trying to fish for votes by spending a lot. It’s really about softening his image as a fun guy, these memes are so cringy and it is intentional. They don’t want it to seem too native much like an ad.


Some of Instagram’s most popular meme accounts were targeted, with more than 60 million followers combined, several meme accounts have posted sponsored posts promoting Bloomberg’s campaign. Each account has posted screenshots of Instagram’s direct messages with Bloomberg, where he requests the accounts to post sponsored post or shares some dad jokes.

These posts drew a lot of immediate attention, with Mike Bloomberg’s Instagram account drawing in a lot of followers.

The Presedential candidate’s Twitter account made waves last month during his Democratic debate, where his campaign account tweeted “SPOT THE MEATBALL THAT LOOKS LIKE MIKE” with a photo of  the candidate’s face photoshopped on to a meatball. 

Mike Bloomgberg’s campaign is one of the most innovative digital strategy to reach out to the younger audiences. The Bloomberg team knows they won’t be able to gain the attention of this audience through ads as many of Gen- Z prefer snapchat, instagram etc.

A billionaire paying for memes might and might not engourage young people from voting for him. But even if they don’t vote for Mr Bloomberg maybe their parents or grandparents will vote for him if the Gen Z’s who saw his content would tell the oldies they thought it was cool.

As TV ads are losing dominace, it makes sense for candidates to try and reach potential voters where they are. As Trump’s campaign found a  audience on Facebook in 2016, this is Bloomberg’s way of finding its audiences and trying to speak their language.

India is nowhere behind, We all saw the Political Meme War between parties during Delhi Election and without a doubt Aam Aadmi Party’s Meme Game was the strongest!

In a world where every piece of information is getting consumed in the form of Memes,

We believe there is a huge gap between the kind of communication that Brands practice VS the kind of communication that the youth is having and it’s high time we change that.

But WTF is Meme Marketing?

Read about it here

Article written by Gou Chinlam

Blogs Case Studies Meme Marketing

Police’s Meme Game is stronger than most of the Indian Brands

It’s 2020, India still hasn’t become a superpower yet but on the the police have found new superpowers to spread awareness to the general public.

By throwing in references of Game of Thrones, Narcos, etc to spread awareness about issues such as road safety, the twitter accounts of Bengaluru and Gurugram Police are winning the hearts of the netizens.

Here are 5 instances where the police’s meme game was on point

In an attempt to spread awareness on the importance of wearing a helmet, the Gurugram police’s Twitter handle posted a meme of Kabir Singh (played by Shahid Kapoor) riding a two wheeler with a helmet photoshopped to his face with the caption “Jab khud bachoge tabhi Preeti ko bacha paoge”. In the movie Shahid Kapoor goes to save Preeti on his motorcycle without wearing a helmet.

The replies too came through memes!

2. Say no to Drugs

With the intention of scaring drug dealers, the Bengaluru Police twitter posted this scene from Narcos and a poetic caption to go along with it.

Netflix’s reply was also quite poetic and with also maybe an offer?

3.  The Game of Road Safety

Another road safety post to remind all of us that unlike Jon Snow we should know about the importance of helmets.

The replies were humorous.

4. Nay-Walking

Aimed especially towards the youth, this GOT reference reminds us not to be too feisty when it comes to crossing roads.

They’ve even attracted fans from different shows with their genius captions.

The social media accounts of the police have done a great job in alerting the people about safety, and they did that by using things that are trending among the netizens of India. 

Brands should take note of what the social media account of the police have done. Simply posting ads isn’t going to attract customers today, especially the youth is usually busy or just immune to ads.

Brands try to put ads on social media platforms in hope of gaining attention, but they are missing out on the bigger picture that is MEMES and the Indian Meme Community.

Now the question is why are we talking about Police’s Meme Game….

How is it relevant to the Brands/Advertising Industry.

The answer is the Indian Meme Community holds a huge chunk of Youth’s attention and this is why We at Youngun India are bringing Brands closer to the Indian Meme Culture through Meme Marketing and bring more value to their Brand by Meme Marketing.

But WTF is Meme Marketing?

Read about it here

Article written by Gou Chinlam

Meme Marketing

How Memes become Influencers!

The journey of a Meme is very different from other forms of  content. Similarly, the lifetime of a meme is also different. In  today’s world Memes are the vehicles that drive any form of news  to trend virally – They talk about the Government, Politics, Movie,  Trolling, Fake Feminism, Climate Change, Anxiety Issues, Corporate  Life and a lot more basically any topic that one can Imagine.

Batman Thinking

To make ourselves knowledgeable about memes, first we need to understand templates.
Meme templates are picked up from any current affairs or anything from the past. The image-template gives context to the text and the text provides meaning and humour to the template  thus producing a MEME..

The Meme template are like the expression of the Meme and The  wordplay used is the Script !


The synergy of text and template is the key.

One template can work for thousands of permutations and combination with different texts as long as the synergy is good. The Memers community is all hyped when they see a new Meme Trend pick up and this stirs up a competition among Memers to come up with more jokes based off that same template thus leading to virality. The scale of Virality completely depends upon how interested are the Memers in that Meme trend.

Every Memer takes his or her own troll on the template to keep it rolling. When everybody jumps into this exchange of memes then this phenomenon is called going viral and thats how we see trends like #YoSonakshiSoDumb #SayitlikeNirmalaTai and who can forget “The Paragliding Guy”and all of this happens out of Youth’s pure passion for Memes,  There is little to No monetary benefits in this process.

The Memers community is always like :


Without Memes nothing can go viral!

Some templates come and go while some remain forever as  classics. These templates overtime create that sweet spot in the  heart of every youth and establishes its loyal fan base over time.

People develop a certain liking towards a template because of the  memes they have seen in the past which used the same template,  this process goes on and one and creates a subconscious influence  on people.

That’s what we call a true Influence ! If you see a Viral Meme  template coming to your feed, You are gonna consume that content because subconsciously your mind has a space for that  template because of the hilarious memes that you saw in the past!


Every Meme in this world is read.

No one skips memes. Ads, influencers, posts, stories get scrolled over but memes are always read. It takes about 3 seconds to go through a meme and the message is delivered effectively in that time.

This is why memes are loved. They are tailored to fit in the lives of the quick millennials who want everything to be fast. The default humour that memes bring is a huge bonus.

Memes are straight forward hilarious and even disgustingly up front which is why they have a reputation of being genuine and expressing the true opinion. This quality can be leveraged by brands that want advocacy for their products.

How strong is the Meme Influence ?

There is an ocean of Meme Pages on the Social Media. The number  would be a 100 times bigger than the number of influencers  available. These pages have the same audience or i should say a more diverse audience than influencers.

Celebrities follow Meme Pages  

Kids Follow Meme Pages

Age groups of 15 to 29 Year Old is the biggest audience of any  Meme Page

There are Memes in regional language  

There are Genre specific Meme Pages ….

The frequency of content posting on these meme pages is much  higher than influencers because a group of people manage these  pages.

These admins go through all the content available on the internet  and then create their own content based on what’s trending or just simply repost the content on their page.


How can Brands Leverage this ?

Brands and Advertising Agencies still have a perception that Meme Marketing is about leveraging the Meme Trends and posting a creative on their Brand Handle !

In reality that’s only 1% of the whole potential that they can explore !

Meme Marketing is about leveraging Meme Page’s loyal and Mass audience to get your message out.

The path isn’t that simple though, Meme creation requires knowledge about the Meme Culture, The wordplays, the context and a lot more things. Most important one being how are you gonna keep the balance of Brand Message and Humour in that Meme.

And if you don’t do that well ! You’ll just end up becoming a laughing stock amongst the Youth.

The viral trends are unpredictable. Anything pop up and break the internet. It is as impulsive as the behaviour of this young generation. Although with carefully planning and strategic execution, orchestrated viral campaigns can be crafted but in case that doesn’t happen, We can definitely leverage the trend if we can’t create it!

But one thing is for sure memes have the power to provide solid support to any meaningful brand communication in the digital domain.

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Meme Marketing

Memes – Why are they so Important?

1. Memes are everywhere

Memes are now on every social media platform. They have  traveled across messengers as well. There is a meme on every internet phenomenon or trending affairs. From cricket to politics, a  meme covers everything. They are more like a form of “evolved”  Media.

2. We relate to them more than anything else

Memes are loved because they talk about stuff we face in our day  to day lives and bring up some ultimate references. Some are hard  hitting and some are light humored but they are the beacon of  reality which is why they are so relatable.


3. They help us communicate

Sometimes memes convey thoughts that words can’t. (Not being  romantic ! period)

We all use memes to mock or just strike up a funny conversation  with our friends by tagging them. Memes convey emotions way  better than textual messages. This is why memes are so popular  amongst the Youth (They don’t feel the need to express their  feeling so they just share Memes)


4. They keep friendships alive

The meme tagging game is what makes the modern day  brotherhood even better. Tagging is just a part of it, the point is to  stay in touch. This generation doesn’t buy greeting cards instead  they do everything digitally. Memes have become a part of daily  consumption patterns of today’s generation.


5. Memes entertain us

This probably should have probably come first. Memes are short,  targeted, hilarious and notorious which makes them lit.

They deliver the message quickly and effectively under 2 seconds  and leave us laughing for the next 2 minutes.


6. They bring something new consistently


A template goes out and another comes in. Some remain classics  forever. Meme self refreshes from time to time. Paragliding Video,  Nirmala Tai’s Tweet anything and everything can trend with the  power of memes. So we don’t need to worry about memers running  out of content.


7. The community is coool


The extra o symbolizes the level of cool. Meme communities on  Reddit and Twitter are the coolest of all communities. They are  one of the most active and observational content creators in the  entire social media scenario. And we hope they continue to be so.


8. Memes are the evolved form of News Channels


Today every news is complimented with a Meme on Social Media  be it P. Chidambram, Nirmala’s opinion on Auto sector going down,  Piyush Goyal’s history knowledge, Traffic fines and many more.


5-7 years ago we all have had a conversation with our parents  which used to revolve around us not watching the news channels.



Such a meme has brought a major change, the youth is updated  about everything happening in their country through Meme Pages /  Memers.


Work by Youngun India – A Team of millennials, here to rejuvenate  how brands interact with the Youth !


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Meme Marketing

Humour: The best strategy for Brand communication

Humour is the best form of recreation and relaxation. For generations this genre has held its spot as a constant favourite.

Humour also comes up with an instant advantage over any form of content. If you are delivering your brand communication with Humour, People can actually digest your brand communication if you give them a good dose of humour in return through your branded content and best case scenario they might actually come back to watch it again !

Wit is a symbol of mental sharpness and the 2019 generation will grow to be the sharpest.

To suit their standards, digital media has fragmented itself into numerous entities with a mixed audience. This is also the reason why Reddit is growing at a great pace in India.

The amount of content going out every day in Digital is much more than Print, radio and TV combined. But, Talking about consumption of content, this generation spends 60% of its time on social media.

The most consumed form of content are Memes, Motivation quotes and Influencer’s content. Memes can be considered as the common link amongst the youth which binds them together in a community.

This is the reason even the big publications and the foreign media  are giving digital coverage to troll movements like Rahul Bose’s  Bananas, Area 51 raid and #JCBkikhudai.

It’s time for agencies to think out of the box and take the path less  travelled. Meme marketing is one modern tool that can be utilized  effectively and has the power to turn the tides.

It is too powerful to ignore or let go.  Think about it !


We at Youngun India are developing well tailored Meme Marketing  Plans for Brands with the potential to reach 500 Million + Youth  via network of Meme Pages.

Important Note: Meme Marketing is not about posting Memes on  your Brand Handle, It is about leveraging Meme Page’s quality  attention and being a part of the Meme Culture. This requires  knowledge and understanding of How the Meme World Works !

With controlled and orchestrated campaigns, memes can be a very  useful tool to win brand awareness and advocacy.

In today’s fabricated digital environment, Memes stand as the  strongest medium delivering organic engagement.

Meme pages and their admins have a certain hold over their  audience, probably more than Influencers do. They make memes  that make people laugh and people don’t have to spend a lot of  time on the content as they are quick and easy to consume (but  can deliver a strong message if played smartly)

The above aspects of Memes also solves the problem of upcoming  trend of short attention span which will become a major concern  for any other form of media in the near future.


In 2019, any meaningful brand communication is possible through Memes. Brands like Gucci, KFC, Brand Factory, Netflix, Nescafe and many more have already stepped up there Meme Game but they are yet to leverage Meme Marketing’s true potential

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Meme Marketing

Generation Z Psychology towards Brand Communication

Generation Z consists of people born after 1995. It has  become essential for brands to engage with them in a  brand communication manner that keeps up with their  interest otherwise they are long gone.Starting with  some basic key pointers that define their personality:

They want entertainment along with knowledge.

They have faster processing, lower attention span,  multi-tasking ability, collaborative nature.

The generation has more trust on bloggers,  instagrammers, youtubers than celebrities, often  brands get better engagement rate with these small  influencers as compared to celebrities. This trend is  developing at a fast pace and the new generation is  slowly forming small communities that play a major  influence in their life and triggering brand  communication. Each of these influencer has its own  small community and this is what brands can leverage  for business results.

At this time many people who are already aware of this  Influencer lead trend be like:


But for those who were not aware, you have knowledge now!

What Generation Z is looking for Online :

1. The information that brands want to communicate should be done in a manner that it is entertaining and should teach something to them (Gen Z)

2. This generation is the visual generation so make photos, make stories, make videos, make memes, generate blogs that provide knowledge and entertain at the same time.(Like the one you are reading at present)

3. They don’t just want brands to sustain a visual image on social media, they want to see brands portray their personality so they can engage with them at a personal level, more like a friend than a brand. They want the brand-customer relationship to be more transparent and Raw.

A good example of this kind of communication is Zomato’s Instagram account where they are developing connections with their audience through Memes and Moment Marketing!
Zomato’s Social media has never been basic spewing of offers unlike other brands.

Our Aim through Youngun India ( A Meme Marketing  Agency) is to create a Meme Centric approach for brand’s social media presence to help them serve the expectations of the coming generation, the Gen Z.

4. The attention span of the generation Z is 8 seconds so you only have 8 seconds to communicate the message you want to. Engagement falls as the time increase.

5. The generation Z can process the information faster than the other generations, that is if they find mysterious things that they are not able to crack easily, it is likely that they will spend time on that information.

6. Generation Z wants to be a part of the community and if the community represents a unique and “cool” quotient, they are likely to join it. Brand communication can leverage this detail about this generation and focus on forming a community rather than just blowing one’s own trumpet.

Curious to understand how you can leverage Memes for Generation Z through Meme Marketing?

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