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Yaar, #PehleKyuNahiBataya that Health means Wealth? :(

Is there anything at all with which you cannot associate a meme? 

Memes have undoubtedly become a super significant part of our lives. Starting from criticizing the authorities to reviewing products, memes have an influential role-play effect on our analytical mind.

Experts in digital marketing are of the view that a meme can reach and engage an audience ten times that of a regular social media post. 

The challenge remains, however, in making sure that the meme campaign doesn’t come across like a promotion. 

What is the #PeheleKyuNahiBataya campaign?

Chalo, ab bata dete hai!

One of the key highlights of the Annual Budget this year was the tax benefits under section 80D of the income tax act.

But, don’t worry, we will not bombard you with all the technical terms!

In simple words, this provision stated that the people who are paying a health insurance premium for a family member could enjoy a considerable tax deduction ranging upto Rs. 50,000.

MaxBupa Health Insurance saw this as the ideal opportunity to market their insurance products. Among the several campaigns that they undertook, Youngun India executed a meme campaign for them. 

#PehleKyuNahiBataya is a mockery of those who prioritize other things over health insurance, shown through memes. The idea was to show people the importance of health insurance and also the fact that it can actually help one save taxes. 

The campaign gained a lot of popularity among netizens. Insurance is something that is seldom approved in a household, as there remains a fear of financial theft and scandal. 

But that is not the case with health insurance. This is not only safe, but it also helps you save money and also get an added benefit of looking after your family. The memes carried forward this message with great creativity. 

Several pages started posting memes with the hashtag #PehleKyuNahiBataya which included @theindianidiot, @commercewalo, and @theaveragedesi. 

People saw a few memes every day on prioritizing health insurance and thus were driven into taking one for their family. 

Enough of talking!

Our grandfathers have been reminding us since time immemorial to get health insurance, but look at us….

The typical Indian mentality is pretty much summed up here…

Btw, Sharmaji’s son hasn’t bought health insurance yet… this may be the perfect time to impress your Dad.

The CAs have lost it…

Well, those who save taxes are truly ultra-legends!

Aap health secure karao, hum aapki marketing secure kar denge!

Explore the intricacies of a meme marketing campaign and get your brand out there on the internet. It’s time to target Gen Z with humor based promotions!

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal 

Case Studies

Akshar Pathak: The Fancy Meme Lord!

Just a simple guy, with simple graphics and simple jokes – meet the Fancy Meme Lord!

Akshar Pathak has become a common name amidst millennials and gen Z.

For those who don’t know, he came to the forefront with some super revolutionary Zomato outdoor ads.

Why were they revolutionary you ask?


After seeing the hidden references in these witty ads, did you also go…

It was mostly after these ads that the real Akshar Pathak came to limelight.

But, wait a minute, what does he do?

He is a meme influencer.

Here’s what his bio says:

Wondering what’s so special about a meme influencer? Well, for starters, he has a whopping 1.9 million followers on his Twitter account and a verified Instagram account.

All we can say is that he has truly discovered the potential of humor on social media!

Let’s move on to the real question here: What makes him so “relatable”?

The answer might surprise you: His REALNESS.

That’s right folks!

Today, social media is flooded with sponsored content, fake filters, showing-off and the list could go on.

In the midst of all this, Pathak has found the way to millennials’ hearts: talking about everyday shenanigans.

In fact, this is what differentiates him from other influencers on the internet. He uses extremely simple graphics and somehow manages to get to your funny bone in just a few words.

Millennials love Bollywood, and Pathak knows this: (I would feel bad if you don’t get the reference)

Just some catchy words and voila, he manages to resonate with every single soul out there:

Pathak is definitely the master of joking around regular, completely normal things:

I swear this happens with doodh also:

And finally, nobody could have summed up our lockdown woes better than this:

What’s more, to increase his engagement, he has an account called ‘aksharpathakfanclub’, which he claims is of his ‘twin brother’.

In reality, he does not have a twin brother, and this account is just used to comment on his actual account and gain some points for his wondrous wittiness!

Infusing Humor into Marketing

Remember we said he is a meme influencer? Well then ofc, he promotes brands and products to people.

But the twist is that he doesn’t do it the traditional way.

He infuses humor into it. Makes it seem as if he’s talking just to you, recommending something to you personally.

The youth wants someone to talk to them in the real way, humorous way – promoted content has become a no no.

Here’s how he promoted the famous board game, Monopoly Speed: (swipe to see)

We are sure you must have figured out by now the ingredients of a perfect marketing campaign: memes, humor, relatability and well, more memes.

In conclusion, the meme community holds the potential for some great, out-of-the-box marketing possibilities!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal

Case Studies

The Meme Game of Paatal Lok!

“WhatsApp pe padha hai, ye toh Meme Lok ho gaya hai!”

Amazon Prime’s latest crime thriller Paatal Lok, which premiered merely a week back, has already become a hot topic on the internet. The web-series has received praises on its authenticity in portraying the darker side of the Indian society. 

The show follows the investigation of a murder conspiracy of a renowned journalist, led by a cynical inspector, Hathi Ram Chaudhury. It shows how he has to descent into the unapologetic and chaotic “paatal lok” to uncover the truth. The series explores the interaction between the four estates of democracy.

Produced by Anushka Sharma, this web series has already been called a masterpiece. Several have proclaimed this to be the “baap” of series like Sacred Games and Mirzapur.

The social media platforms have been flooded with appreciation and praises for the realistic story and portrayals by the actors. 

But what has really got the people to open up their devices and binge watch the show, are the memes. Ever since the premiere, the memes have been spreading like wildfire. 

The memers after watching Paatal Lok were like…

When it comes to memes, people don’t want to miss out on anything. To fully understand the reference, people have started to binge watch this show. 

The lockdown has just been a blessing in disguise for the makers of the show. With memers sitting at home, the promotion of the show has been on the rise with the creative medium of memes. 

The catchy dialogues of the show has helped the Indian Meme Community to produce some hilarious content. The netizens are converting lines like “Camera nikaal”, and “ maine whatsapp pe padha tha” into memes that are leaving us in awe.

But wait, hold on…

Let’s take a look at the memes:

Literally everyone’s Instagram story during lockdown:

Oops, everyone’s guilty of this…

Maa ki baat maano!

We have all been there!

Remember this?

The brands have also not left any stone unturned in promoting their brand through these memes…

Tinder has a new way of explaining the three loks to us:

As usual, Mumbai Police did not disappoint us!

Ahem Ahem…

The customized version of the three loks seems to be the favorite template among most brands:

Guess who also took part in this meme-play?

The producer of the show, Anushka Sharma, also shared a meme featuring the ‘swarg’, ‘dharti’ and ‘pataal lok’, taking pictures from her own movies. She captioned it as, “Hi this is a ‘Lok(y)’ reminder to tell that #PaatalLok is live, watch NOW.” Have a look…

Here are some of our favorite memes from the show!

But again, there are some sly people around as well…. Don’t be one of them!

The memes have said enough…..

If you haven’t watched the show yet, we just have one piece of advice for you:

“If a man likes dogs, he is a good man, if a dog likes man, he is a good man.” #SpoilerWithoutContext

This recent example of a show gaining immense popularity through memes is an impressive feather in the meme marketing cap, ain’t it?

Thinking of giving your brand a meme makeover? Youngun India is here to assist!

Article written by Krishanu Sanyal

Case Studies

Acade-Memes for every Indian student in the Meme Community

“Beta, padhai kar le”

“Beta, aage ka kya socha hai?”

“Beta, kitni percentage aayi?”

Do you relate with these statements or are you not Indian?

It’s true! Education, studies and academics are the focal point of every Indian household. Every Indian parent sees their kid as an academic extraordinaire.

While the age group of students remains a common  factor but the segregation of students in different streams  creates many refined niche groups.

And where there is a niche, there is a meme page!

Several meme pages with their carefully tailored content have managed to tap into one of the greatest niche markets of India – students.

Since they upload content that is exceedingly relatable to particular groups of students from a particular field of study, these meme pages manage to achieve greater levels of engagement as well as a more loyal audience base than what most influencers have.

Meme pages which revolve around academics and education are a way for students to bond with their peers. Humorous content to which students of a stream can relate to creates a sense of community.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the famous academic meme pages:

PCMB Memes

As the name suggests, PCMB stands for Physics, Chemistry, Math and Biology.

Sorry accountancy folks, this page is exclusively made for the scientific dudes and future doctors!

Here are some memes that will definitely get you laughing!

Taking a dig on the recent online classes that have been taking place in the wake of COVID-19 as well as slow internet woes:

Next up, the page successfully identifies an insight that a myriad of study material is often kept untouched until the very last minute:

Finally, capitalizing on the latest Sarabhai trend on social media, the page came up with this:


Another science meme page, it has just begun to carve a place for itself on social media with  extremely relatable content for science students and JEE aspirants. In a very short span of time, it has managed to get a loyal audience base, amusing them with stream-specific content.

Here are some memes from this page:

Social distancing is the latest buzz on social media these days, and this meme page did not fail to utilize it:

H.C. Verma is a common name in science classrooms! He is the author of two Physics books. Using this fact, the meme gained popularity:

Law Memes Society

Moving on, let’s explore other subjects’ meme pages.

This meme page is dedicated to those studying for CLAT, currently pursuing law or who have made it as lawyers.

Addressing the funny bone of to-be-lawyer students, this meme won its niche’s heart:

Next up, it put forward the problems of stipends and internships in a humorous way, taking the help of the Hera Pheri movie series:

Finally, nobody fell behind on the Sarabhai affair currently going on:

Commerce Walo

Accountancy folks, it’s finally here. 

A meme page dedicated to your inside jokes, calculation woes and commerce jargon.

Here are some memes from this widely followed page:

Every commerce student has wondered at one point: What’s the use of digital accounting software then?

The Hera Pheri series has always been a favorite among meme-makers:

The page used the latest format of “due to less pollution” to connect with its accountancy-burdened audience:

NCERT books have never failed to amuse students. In this meme, the definition of a public company is the focal point:


Meme pages which serve a particular niche command greater responsiveness, loyalty and engagement from their audiences.

Their engagement level can be judged from their followers, likes, comments etc.

PCMB Memes on the other hand has a whopping 2,16,000 followers with most memes receiving 35,000 and upward likes. Some specific posts have even managed to get 70,000+ likes!

Started on April 2, 2020, Cistheta boasts an impressive 4,600+ followers with each meme receiving about 1,000 likes on an average.

Law Memes Society , which targets students pursuing law, has managed to strike a humorous chord with its loyal follower base of more than 42,000!

Lastly, the Commerce Walo meme page is an inspiration for the meme community.

It has 1,00,000 followers with just around 600 posts. This proves light humor infused into memes is the way to gen Z’s hearts.

To celebrate this, the admin of this page uploaded this:

Such memes can be easily used by educational institutes, online teaching platforms as well as coaching classes to attract students and connect with the digital generation.

For more on memes, marketing and meme marketing, read our blogs.

And to leverage the power of such niche marketing and to add a masterstroke to your campaigns, Youngun India is here to help you!

Article written by Dishika Bakliwal

Case Studies

Making Memes on every dialogue of Avengers End Game ! Story of Marvel Cosmos

Marvel Cinematic Universe - MCU

If you don’t know what MCU is, there is nothing for you to read!

Just kidding…or not!

For those in the unknown, here are two things: First, an explanation of what MCU is and second, an advice to ditch your routine and watch the entire movie series. 

Well, the Marvel Cinematic Universe aka MCU movies are a series of American films which revolve around characters from the original Marvel comics.

The MCU series started in 2007and has 23 films till now. The craze around the Marvel series can be proved from the fact that it is the highest-grossing movie franchise of all time at the international box office. 

Some of the popular franchises of MCU are Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, Ant-Man etc.

Ring a bell now?

Well, the memes certainly will!

The love for Marvel Memes

The love for the Marvel movies is great; the love for Marvel memes is greater.

While some parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are science-fiction, some parts are extremely relatable. It is these relatable parts get converted into memes and serve humor.

In fact, the relatively latest movies of the series enjoyed a lot of free promotion through just memes!

Even though it is a Hollywood series, its love knows no bounds in India. 

It is worth mentioning that how the Indian meme community is evolving to incorporate more and more niches, one of which is notably the MCU memes. 

The Indian meme community has embraced this global sensation with open arms and lots of relatable memes.

There are several meme pages and fan pages dedicated to the Marvel series. One of them which we absolutely love is @marvel_cosmos


Marvel Cosmos is a passionate project by a die-hard fan of the Marvel series. 

It is not just a regular meme page. It is a meme page with a mission.

The admin of the page has set out to create a meme out of every dialogue of The Avengers: Endgame.


With a meme posted almost daily, the page has garnered a lot of followers and Marvel lovers. Freshly made for the Indian youth, the memes are super relatable and humorous.

A parallel can be drawn between the creator and the influencers present on Instagram. Just like influencers launch products, advertise and curate digital campaigns and projects, the creator of this page has started a funny and unique digital project of its own.

Creating a meme around every dialogue demands effort and creative thinking. The creator’s passion is worthy of appreciation.

Through an increased and loyal following, the creator is also able to promote their YouTube channel on the meme page, without coming across as too sale-sy.

We love Marvel Memes

Creative projects like these which are centered on memes are widely popular. Meme niches never let the subject slip out of the youth’s mind. 

The Indian meme community has certainly adapted itself to more global content. It has evolved so as to incorporate international sensations, wider niches and more audience choices.

For a greater insight into this article, do check out @marvel_cosmos on Instagram! We love you 3000!

And for more on Meme Marketing check out @YoungunIndia

Article written by Dishika Bakliwal


Case Studies

That’s how marketing is ‘Dun’: Dunzo

Rise of Online Delivery Services in India

In the past 2-5 years, India has witnessed a remarkable growth in the home delivery sector. Apps like Swiggy and Zomato have taken over food delivery, Ola,Uber and Rapido have taken over ride hailing services and apps like Urban Clap have introduced new dimensions of service-delivery.

But Dunzo has proved to be the ‘baap’ of them all – it has combined every possible service which can be provided online. It demonstrates the next big philosophy of a brand ecosystem.

What is Dunzo?

While we are sure most of us know about it, we thought why not give it a little introduction to begin with!

Dunzo is basically, an app which provides delivery and transportation services.

Its services include food delivery, bike-taxi, pick and drop facilities, package delivery, local couriers and the list goes on. Basically if you have to move anything from one place to another, Dunzo is your go to destination. 

You name it, and they will deliver it (at least that’s what they claim!)

But what is so special about it?

Well, this app essentially caught the Indian millennial’s attention through its unmatched marketing game.

Through creative and clever copies and humor, it has successfully built its recall value.

Dunzo's Marketing Game

Dunzo has the first mover’s advantage in India. Thanks to its sound strategy, Dunzo became Google’s first direct investment in India. 

It faces several challenges in its marketing pursuit. One of the major ones is to make people aware about the almost infinite possibilities of their app. Hence, spreading awareness on the multi-utility of their app is what their main focus is. 

What is notable is that Dunzo hasn’t made any investment on any influencer or celebrity endorsements

Marketing with the Trend

Dunzo has been at the top of its marketing game and promotions, here are a few tool/formats they have used-


  • Bollywood References:

Dunzo makes use of Bollywood phrases, dialogues and references to attract the people’s attention. Its daily offers are usually woven around strong song or movie titles. Some examples include


  • Moment Marketing:

Dunzois quick on its feet with moment marketing. It delivers on recent events and happenings around the nation as well as the globe. 

Some examples are:

This creative was in response to the outbreak of the Corona Virus in the nation:

The following creative was in response to the results of the Delhi Elections conducted in February which, the Aam Aadmi Party won:


  • Comic Series:

Dunzo has come up with a very unique form of engaging with the audience – through a comic series!

It has begun a comic series called “Dunya Ki Duniya” revolving around a character called “Dunya” and her everyday instances:


  • Meme Marketing:

Dunzo has been an active trend follower with respect to memes and marketing. As soon as a new format becomes trending on the internet, Dunzo is quick to adapt to it.

This is how it adapted to the global #range format and took a dig at competitors including Zomato, Swiggy, Groafers and Rapido:


Here they used the famous meme of the dude with a sign-


The success of Dunzo’s marketing is proved by the fact that it has become a verb – let’s Dunzo it!

Just like “Google it”!

It is important for brands to come up with trending marketing tactics to increase their audience engagement.

As businesses grow, it is important to cut through the clutter and reach the right audience. For that modern marketing tools are at the disposal which advertising agencies need to wield.

Meet the sword-smiths of modern Meme Marketing and back your brand with the power of the youth!

Article by- Dishika Bakliwal

Case Studies

How to spend 0$ on advertising and win: Tesla Cybertruck

The announcement by Tesla of launching an electric version of pick up trucks had received a lot of attention. 

What was more attractive and unique was it’s design, which gathered much attention from the public. It was not like all the other trucks present in the market it had its own distinctive design, which was an eye catcher.

The popularity of pick up trucks in the U.S is evident. About 20% of new registrations in the U.S are pick up trucks and in some states the market share is over 50%.

The segment is heavily dominated by Ford F150s and Ram.

Tesla took a risk by not following the same trend of producing similar trucks in the market but instead, it went a step ahead and created a very different looking truck with all the premium quality materials, to provide quality comfort.

“CYBERTRUCK”,the name itself feels so dissimilar and exhilarating. This cool name by itself contributed to the promotion of the truck.

The company says they would spend more money on improving their technology than on ads. And they proved it by their genius advertising strategy let’s see how?

The Alien Design: The exclusive design of the cyber truck resulted in the explosion of memes over the internet. People went crazy over the exterior look of the truck. This gave the cybertruck immense publicity among the people.

The company was able to save thousands of dollars which would have been spent on advertising the truck. The idea behind choosing such a design was very clear they wanted to stand out from their competitors and they also knew people would talk about their design they would share their opinions regarding this and that exactly what happened and that led to the free advertisement.


Major publicity for the cybertruck was given by its faulty window glass. As we saw what happened in their launch event when one of their designers tested the window glass by hitting a steel ball, to everyone’s surprise it cracked. This incident exploded on the internet in the form of memes and everyone was talking about it.

But all these things worked in the favour of the company and cybertruck. More than 250,000 people have reportedly pre-ordered the cybertruck right after the event.

Surely, the company must thank the memers and the meme community out there for contributing in the promotion of the cybertruck.

At the end the launch of the cyber truck was a great success and the company received about 500,000 reservations. Tesla’s 0$ investment in the advertisement was a genius idea where they utilised the resource out there for their profit and also more and more companies should do the same.

Now what does it mean for Brands & Advertising Industry in 2020?

Tesla’s case was genius, not many Brands can get to that level! But did you notice.. there is something common between Internet conversation and the Meme Community…

The Meme Community defines the conversation happening on the Internet !


How close are Indian Brands closer to this community?

Well.. If you ask us, They are no where close to it!

Then what’s the solution?

The answer is Meme Marketing!

Don’t worry, We know you are lazy so we have it all set up for you -> here 

Go ahead give it a read and STAY AT HOME.

Article written by Sibam Kumar

Case Studies Meme Marketing

Beardo’s Meme Game raises the Bar for its competitors

Companies always look for a unique way to market their products but when it comes to Meme Marketing, there hasn’t been any marketing campaign better than the new #WahKanda trend that went viral overnight. 

Who would’ve thought that just a mere onion would gain such attention on social media? But one can never say. People get obsessed with such weird things these days. Remember the egg? (Yes, the very same egg that became the most liked picture on Instagram beating Kylie Jenner). 

Thus, it wasn’t a surprise when this onion became the talk of the Meme community. 

Beardo created an Instagram page putting up a picture of an onion which earned 60k+ likes. The #WahKanda campaign started ahead of the launch of their new product, “Onion Oil Concentrate”.

 “The Kanda that will make your hair go Wah!” This seemed to be a offtrack approach to promote one’s product, but the genius of it dawned upon us much later. A page was dedicated solely to the picture of this Kanda. A stream of memes came up as soon as the picture gained more than 50k+ likes. The stir was created at the fact that this Kanda was going viral for no reason at all.

Here are few Memes …

Beardo  engaged influencers like Bhuvan Bam, Amit Bhandana and Zakir Hussain to post stories around this. The curiosity shot up and thus Beardo had a successful product launch. 

When asked about how the company came up with this innovative idea, co-founder of Beardo, Ashutosh Valani said: 

“We knew our product was innovative and hence we worked with Gozoop on a launch approach which was equally fresh. I believe that the reason why #WahKanda gained so much traction online because of its pure simplicity and our thorough understanding of how people use and engage on social media. It was a bold move and I’m glad people responded with the same amount of favour”

Beardo Oil Concentrate is made using cold pressed Red onion oil which keeps nutrients and minerals like sulphur, vitamin B complex, E and C intact. It also has moisturising and nourishing properties. This oil concentrate is made with more potent red onion oil, which in turn helps in hair growth, prevents hair loss and provides nourishment to the hair. One can apply this concentrate by adding a few drops to a regular hair oil and massage gently with the fingertips. For better results, one can apply this directly on the scalp and leave it overnight.

You might be like…

When you read those technical details! perhaps you we are pretty sure you didn’t read it!

Here is the same information baked for you in the form of Memes!

The #WahKanda campaign has turned out to be a spectacular strategy which other cosmetic brands may also use to promote their products. But the popularity that #WahKanda received will be a Herculean task for any other brand to achieve. 

All in all, they have managed to make the internet collectively say, Wah! That was Kanda cool!!

Qudos to the Indian Meme Community who made this campaign an even bigger success.

But Who are we? and Why are we writing about this?


We are a team of millennials who are bringing brands closer to the Indian Meme Culture through Meme Marketing.

Care to know WTF is Meme Marketing now?

We have it all set up for you here

Article Written by: Krishanu Sanyal 

Case Studies

MEME Wars: Delhi elections 2020

Earlier this year, Delhi had it’s Legislative Assembly elections for 2020.

In 2015, the Aam Aadmi Party witnessed a sweeping victory by securing 67 out of 70 seats over the Bharatiya Janata Party’s 3 seats. 

What made Delhi’s 2020 Legislative Assembly elections stand out was the meme war between the political parties.

Traditional methods such as door-to-door campaigning and rallies were being carried out as usual but  AAP brought the battle to the social media space by doing the one thing we love – making memes. 

This was a smart move since their victory this time was  important. Not only did they have to hold on to the majority but there was added pressure because of the BJP’s recent growth and stronghold over the country. 

AAP’s memes varied from an edited advertisement by Ambuja Cement – to depict the BJP and INC workers trying to bring down Kejriwall – to a clip of Super Mario Bros. showing Arvind Kejriwal in place of Mario and showcasing their achievements in Delhi. 

BJP’s IT cell retaliated soon, however, by creating an episode of “PAAP Ki Adalat” and by showing the story of “Arvind Palturam” as a means of defaming  AAP and Arvind Kejriwal.

Campaigning through memes helped the parties in a number of ways, allowing them to make blatant humorous jabs at each other. Regular methods of campaigning such as rallies or roadshows require money, therefore, bringing the battle to the internet was also a good move for them financially.

The posts also had a huge outreach level and were tapping into a much wider source for votes. Further, as a result of the recent growth in popularity of independent news platforms over mainstream media, more people are now looking at the political sides of social media.


Memes are an effective way of spreading propaganda because they make up a large part of the content we consume on the internet on a daily basis. The parties took full advantage of this. 

The memes also helped in getting more first-time voters involved in the election process too.


This method of campaigning was especially advantageous to the Indian National Congress because prior to the start of this meme war, their methods of campaigning for the elections had been dicey.

As a result of insufficiency in funds and reports of disputes amongst members of the party, the INC was almost entirely absent on the ground to campaign for the elections earlier this year. Therefore, the introduction of a cheaper and more efficient way of campaigning was useful for them. 

Despite the BJP’s unhindering confidence with respect to their victory in Delhi, the results were announced on 11th February, 2020, in favour of  AAP. Once again, AAP had managed to win the majority of seats in Delhi by securing 62 out of 70 seats. To celebrate their victory, AAP social media handles posted a GIF of Uncle Ben from Spiderman with a message for their voters.

Most of the memes that resulted from this virtual war had references to popular culture from the early 2000s. This made them more inclusive to the older generations also as they were able to understand the context with ease. 

Thus, we hope that in the future too, political parties employ this method of campaigning again because not only is it beneficial to them in many ways but it also helps to slightly diffuse the tension among the people when elections are about to take place. 

Article written by Yusra Ahmed

Blogs Case Studies

An Area 51 Story: Let’s See Them Aliens

A student from Bakersfield, California, Matty Robertsruns a Facebook meme page named, “Shitposting cause I’m in shambles”, where he likes and shares memes, also creates some. 

On a fine day in late June 2019, he decided to do something different. He created a Facebook event as the platform for his joke, calling it “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us”. 

Area 51 is  the secretive military base in southern Nevada that has long been associated in the pop culture imagination of extraterrestrial activity. The plan was simple, to storm the place on Sept. 20 at 3:00 a.m. 

“We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry,” the event explains. “If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Lets see them aliens [sic].”

More than 2.1 million people RSVPed to “attend,” with another 1.5 million responding as “interested.” This shitpost gained tremendous popularity and caused a great stir as the event turned out to be both hilarious and serious.

Undoubtedly, the event gave birth to several memes on the planning and extraction of the extraterrestrial life locked up inside Area 51. 

There were a myriad of animations and illustrations. The memes started spreading to other social media too such as Instagram, Reddit and TikTok. Roberts’ meme page was filled up with satirical posts about breaking into this covert Nevada military base. He started to fear that the FBI might show up at his place. But even if it had all started out as a joke, several people started taking the event seriously, thus leading a spokesperson from the Air Force to warn the people at large against approaching the borders. In fact, two people were arrested for trespassing near the Area 51 base, telling police they “wanted to look at the facility.”

The inspiration of Robert’s event was a Joe Rogan interview, which featured Area 51 whistleblower Bob Lazar, a supposed ex-government engineer who claims to have worked on alien technology near the base. As the event gathered more demand, Robert utilized this opportunity to the fullest. He planned three separate non-digital events on September 19th and 20th, which included an EDM concert in downtown Las Vegas thrown by Roberts; a Burning Man-like event in the approximately 35-person town of Rachel hosted by the town’s only business, the Little A’le’Inn; and a gathering of U.F.O. enthusiasts at the Alien Research Center, a gift shop in Hiko.

Thus when the event neared, Matty Roberts cleared all confusion regarding whether the event was actually taking place or not. “It started out as just from a pure stroke of imagination. It was meant to be funny. I wanted to do something cool out there, now that we have a bunch of people, I don’t want anybody to get hurt”, he said to a channel. The only person to actually “storm Area 51” was the 65 year old Laura Prater who was eventually arrested for doing so. 

Many celebrities also participated in promoting this historic event. On July 16, rapper Lil Nas X released an animated version of his record-breaking hit “Old Town Road” along with Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug, and Walmart kid, Mason Ramsey. The video imagines a scenario in which the Area 51 security is forced to respond to a threat by the four artists arriving on a horse and with the aid of the legend Keanu Reeves. They befriend the aliens within and ride off into the sunset. The video has over 3 million views. Other than these, celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others also came out in support of raiding Area 51. This too was meant only for entertainment purposes only.

The “Storm Area 51” was probably the biggest meme trend of 2019. It left a great impact not only on the meme community at large, but it also left some effect on the business and security of the nearby areas. Lincoln County and Rachel announced emergency declarations regarding the fear of overcrowding in the region with insufficient supply of food, water, gas and others. Business increased in the region as a part of the preparations for visitors who planned to go to Area 51.
Matty Roberts literally created chaos in 2019. No matter how successful or unsuccessful his event turned out be, he did something which no other shit-posting Facebook page could have possibly done. He has been immortalized as the Area 51 guy.

Article written by Krishanu Sanyal