Brand building via Memes!

Today, Modern Brand image building has many technical aspects all thanks to ever  changing technology and social media.

Be your own best customer. Live your customer’s lifestyle.
– Milena Glimbovski

Image building for a Brand has gone beyond emotions over to psychology and algorithmic marketing.

For complete 360 ͦ brand personality, social media image of the brand is one of the key aspects.

Social media content moves at a fast pace and brands often fall short of keeping up with the trends.


Even if few brands successfully leverage the trend, the content reaches only to a handful of people.

What could be the solution here for a brand?
Solution is Memes! They hold a huge portion of attention on Social Media. People share, tag, like and comment on memes the most.

In 2019, where people are continually escaping brand advertisements of any kind, memes are emerging as the strongest medium to actually connect with them. Memes are relatable, they refresh and can stay relevant to changing times, they have the ability to carry the brand message in the most native way possible. When it comes to communication memes can effectively help build and manage reputation. Not being political here, but memes are one of the reasons why Ex – Congress president has the ‘pappu’ image.

Similarly, memes can turn brands into superheroes as well. If memes can troll brands they can very well build reputation as well.

Nescafe has invested in memes to build and curate its coffee drinking community.

Memes can also help and reposition brands in the minds of the customers. Through Memes a brand can be right where it wants to in the minds of the customers and it can put a smile on their faces at the same time. (a rare advantage that no other medium offers)

Memes although cannot span across this spectrum but if your brand falls towards the left it is quite clear that memes can frame your brand personality exceptionally well.

In 2019 it is possible to do any brand communication through psychology driven Memes (if you know about the Meme culture).

Memes are the emerging attention space and we @Youngun India are giving this space an Objective driven approach to make them ready for Insightful Advertising.

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