Borat 2 Memes go Viral Overnight…Very Nice!

Jagshemash, My Name Borat!

Sacha Baron Cohen is BACK, with another masterpiece, rightly named as Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan or simply Borat 2!

It has been more than 14 years since we saw the first Borat movie (let’s not get into the full name!). Borat 2, just like its predecessor, is a unique blend of satire and slapstick comedy, while having sentimental undertones! 

But what is Borat 2 all about? Let us explain…

Borat Sagdiyev, the infamous TV journalist from Kazakhstan, has been sent to the United States to deliver a gift to Vice President, Mike Pence. Meanwhile, Borat’s 15-year-daughter Tutar, ends up being on the trip to the US, and becomes the said gift for the US Vice President. 

This movie once again mocks gender discrimination, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and the American culture by being offensively hilarious!

Borat without controversies isn’t Borat at all! As soon as the movie was released, it stirred up several controversies.

The family members of Judith Dim Evans, a Holocaust survivor has filed a lawsuit against the film. The moon blood scene has been criticized for showing menstruation on screen.

However, the biggest controversy of all, is the cameo of Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani!

Sacha Baron Cohen works extremely hard to get things on camera. In one scene, Cohen interrupts Mike Pence’s Conservative Political Active Conference speech, dressed as Donald Trump. 

Now, in Rudy Giuliani’s cameo scene, the former Mayor of New York was not even aware that he was walking into a trap! The scene was shot in a guerrilla fashion. It shows Tutar interviewing Giuliani in a hotel. At the end of the interview, Giuliani invites Tutar to the bedroom and is shown lying on the bed, with his hands down his pants.

When Baron Cohen has given us such hilarious moments in this magnificent movie, how do you not expect us to give some humour back in return?

The release of Borat 2 gave the netizens yet another reason to start a meme-fest, and boy was it worth it!

Stay Safe people, Covid isn’t over!

Borat in Minecraft! Very Nice…

Sed Lyf!

Bohot maza aata tha fr!

Rudy, yeh tuney kya kiyaaa!

Koi logic hai is baat ka?

Borat’s profile!


The Kazakhstan government, who were extremely upset with the first Borat movie, (the Kazakh government had banned the movie and had taken out the ads objecting with the facts that the movie had made about the country), seemed to be quite happy with the new film.

In fact, the Kazakh tourism board saw this as an ideal opportunity to promote tourism. They have officially adopted the popular phrase “Very Nice” from the movie as the tourism slogan…

The movie is a meme in itself! Borat 2 is the perfect blend of everything, and so are the Borat 2 memes!

But how do these memes help movies like Borat 2?

Well, get in touch with Youngun India to know more about it!

Article written by Krishanu Sanyal

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