Bilal Goregen’s Music makes the Cat and the Whole World vibe to its tune!

Levan Pollka. A popular Finnish song that the world wasn’t quite aware of suddenly became an overnight sensation. All thanks to a blind man in the streets of Turkey, who probably gave this song its best rendition…

For the ones still confused about what we are talking about, maybe have a look at this clip to refresh your memories!


This blind artist, named Bilal Goregen has taken the world by a storm with his groovy cover of the traditional Folk song.

Bilal had initially uploaded the cover on his YouTube Channel. This video achieved immense popularity. This was utilized by some creative mind, who happened to edit a vibing cat to the video, giving the impression that the visually-impaired artist was making the cat vibe to his music.

Who knew that this simple video will turn into one of the most well-known memes of 2020?

Well, by mid-October, the variants of this viral video starting coming in through different social media platforms, namely, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube!

Eventually, the meme reached its way to Bilal himself. On noticing the immense popularity that the meme had achieved, he grabbed this opportunity to promote his channel by uploading the meme on his YouTube Channel on November 1st with the title “Cat Vibing To Ievan Polkka”.

Bilal is an inspiration to all of us. He is proof that being visually-impaired cannot prevent anyone from achieving anything in life. With his immense hard work and dedication, Bilal has won our hearts!

Well, well, well….

No more talking!

Let us just have a laugh and vibe to Bilal’s music…..

Need to stop asap!

Exams are incoming!

Best Performance Ever!

Mumbai Singles Unite.

Papas and Cats are BFFs


Yeh dukh khatam kahe nahi hota beh?

Bilal recently shocked the desi netizens with yet another creation!

On November 24, the street musician released a rendition of “Kaliyon Ka Chaman” by Harry Anand, the track from the 1981 film, Jyoti.

Indians were clearly very impressed with his music and the admiration was clearly visible in the comment section!

Bilal’s musical journey is an inspiration. But it just doesn’t end here. Bilal has smartly chosen the right path in augmenting his online presence. Goregen has seized the opportunity that the Memes brought along with them. And we must say, he surely has done it really well!

Basically Yehi Bolna Chahte Hai

Be like Bro nahi, Be like Bilal!

With memes, anyone from any corner of the world can become famous overnight!

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal

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