Biden trumps Trump, Netizens celebrate with MEMES!

Joe Biden is the new President of America! America is celebrating, and so is the world! The Presidential Election was a tough call, as the result was largely dependent on the swinging states. 

However, Biden went on to win in the major swinging states which eventually sealed the victory. The victory brought about a general wave of joy and happiness in America, which resonated throughout the world.

Indians were thodaaa sa jyada happy because Kamala Harris has also won the election, and is now America’s Vice-President.

With this win, Kamala Harris became the first woman, and the first black and Asian American, to be vice-president-elect.

But, problems never cease to exist.

Donald Trump is unwilling to accept the results of the election. He started questioning the authenticity of the ballot counting right from the first day!

Donald Trump has always been a favourite among memers. With his latest statements, he is back on the trending list after his loss…

Trump took to Twitter soon after the final results of the elections to declare that he has won the election.

Trump has also alleged many states of voter fraud and argued that Biden was trying to misuse his power. However, he has failed to provide any evidence confirming his statements…

Just as you may have already expected, netizens treated us with some hilarious memes. The memes mostly centered around Donald Trump’s statements and his sad exit from the White House…

Kya palti mara re baba!

Paisa Wasool!

Don’t be scared

The desi memers also took their chance at roasting the “ex-President” on his defeat!

Sab tod denge!


Bohut Maza Aaya

Swiggy took a dig at Donald Trump’s tweet as well!

But honestly man, Thank you Donald Trump for the memes!

Memes have been a significant part of the US Presidential Elections. The rise in memes has been highly influential. Supporters of both the parties have used memes to run campaigns and promote their respective candidates. 

Memes have now become the face of digital marketing. No campaign is complete without the inclusion of memes.

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal

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