Baba Ramdev’s Coronil is the new Meme Sensation!

Did you hear about Coronil yet?

If not, dude, you gotta start watching news! (just kidding, we are here to help!)

Patanjali Ayurved recently launched “Coronil”, which Baba Ramdev claimed to be the first ayurvedic cure for Covid-19. He went on to say that the people who used this medicine were fully cured of the virus and none of them died.

According to sources, Coronil is made out of elements like Ashwagandha (obviously, it’s the crux of Patanjali products) Giloy, and Tulsi. What’s surprising is that it claims to treat patients in just 5 to 14 days.

After announcing this ‘cure for coronavirus’, Baba Ramdev went on to say that out of the 280 human trials, 69 per cent of them recovered from the virus within three days. 

And that soon they will be making the Coronil Kit available for buying. 

But wait, it was such a huge announcement, netizens and memers had to step in!

Soon after its launch, the curiosity among Indians rose, and within a few hours, Coronil was on the top trends on Twitter. 

As you may have guessed already, the Indian Meme Community did not fail to amuse us with their creativity.

In the absence of a proper Covid-19 vaccine, people started making memes on how Patanjali had solved a world crisis!

Jaadu ho gaya bhai, Jaadu!

America feeling betrayed with a lot of hydroxycholoroquine stored in their go-downs.

Thalaiva Ramdev!

W – What?

H – How?

O – OMG!

But with all of this going on, Patanjali also managed to get itself into a majorrr controversy!

Soon after the announcement, the AYUSH Ministry asked Patanjali to submit all the details such as the name and composition, research study details, CTRI registration and result data of the medicine. 

They also asked Patanjali to stop advertising the medicine kit as a Covid-19 cure.

This was followed by a super interesting reply by Patanjali!

Patanjali announced that they never actually said that Coronil would ‘cure’ the coronavirus, but instead it will only boost the immunity that would help ‘fight’ the virus!

What…but they….just…said…wait what?


And as expected, memers went crazy after hearing this!

Accha baat nahi hai yeh!

AYUSH Ministry comes to the rescue.

2 minutes of silence for the ones who actually believed Baba Ramdev!

Well, we don’t know about the COVID-19 cure, but surely the Coronil kit brought laughter and memes!

With every new announcement, come a lot of memes!

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“Memes ko try Coro-na!”

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal

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