Akshar Pathak: The Fancy Meme Lord!

Just a simple guy, with simple graphics and simple jokes – meet the Fancy Meme Lord!

Akshar Pathak has become a common name amidst millennials and gen Z.

For those who don’t know, he came to the forefront with some super revolutionary Zomato outdoor ads.

Why were they revolutionary you ask?


After seeing the hidden references in these witty ads, did you also go…

It was mostly after these ads that the real Akshar Pathak came to limelight.

But, wait a minute, what does he do?

He is a meme influencer.

Here’s what his bio says:

Wondering what’s so special about a meme influencer? Well, for starters, he has a whopping 1.9 million followers on his Twitter account and a verified Instagram account.

All we can say is that he has truly discovered the potential of humor on social media!

Let’s move on to the real question here: What makes him so “relatable”?

The answer might surprise you: His REALNESS.

That’s right folks!

Today, social media is flooded with sponsored content, fake filters, showing-off and the list could go on.

In the midst of all this, Pathak has found the way to millennials’ hearts: talking about everyday shenanigans.

In fact, this is what differentiates him from other influencers on the internet. He uses extremely simple graphics and somehow manages to get to your funny bone in just a few words.

Millennials love Bollywood, and Pathak knows this: (I would feel bad if you don’t get the reference)

Just some catchy words and voila, he manages to resonate with every single soul out there:

Pathak is definitely the master of joking around regular, completely normal things:

I swear this happens with doodh also:

And finally, nobody could have summed up our lockdown woes better than this:

What’s more, to increase his engagement, he has an account called ‘aksharpathakfanclub’, which he claims is of his ‘twin brother’.

In reality, he does not have a twin brother, and this account is just used to comment on his actual account and gain some points for his wondrous wittiness!

Infusing Humor into Marketing

Remember we said he is a meme influencer? Well then ofc, he promotes brands and products to people.

But the twist is that he doesn’t do it the traditional way.

He infuses humor into it. Makes it seem as if he’s talking just to you, recommending something to you personally.

The youth wants someone to talk to them in the real way, humorous way – promoted content has become a no no.

Here’s how he promoted the famous board game, Monopoly Speed: (swipe to see)

We are sure you must have figured out by now the ingredients of a perfect marketing campaign: memes, humor, relatability and well, more memes.

In conclusion, the meme community holds the potential for some great, out-of-the-box marketing possibilities!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal

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