Aap Dream 11 IPL pe Team Banalo, Memes hum dekh lenge!

IPL is not just a series of cricket matches; it is another Indian Festival which is celebrated irrespective of religions, community or groups. 

Netizens never lag behind in making the best of any opportunity for entertaining people and they didn’t leave IPL as well!

Memers on social media:

This year, IPL has witnessed an immense meme storm on the internet right from its announcement to its sponsorship bid to its everyday cricket matches.

 Right after Dream 11, the title sponsor for this year’s IPL won the sponsorship bid, its advertisements with the tagline: Ye Mai Kar Leta Hu, Aap Dream11 pe Team Bana Lo have been doing the rounds.

With such ads spreading all over our social media, a television and mobile screen, one thing has caught on with the audience – their tagline!

Netizens are going crazy with the immense possibility of memes surrounding this single tagline.

AAP got no chill!

People are literally dreaming all the impossible tasks through “Yeh mai kar leta hoon, aap Dream11 pe team banalo”. 

This is soon converting from their tagline to people’s everyday lingo.

Funnily, this is the easiest way to say unspoken words without getting discerned. LOL.  

Dream11 pe team baad mein bana lenge, pehele memes dekh lete hai!

Sometimes, you don’t want anyone to take your place, but they still get a chance to do so. It has bizarre instances with Bollywood touch which will keep you ecstatic.

Come on Naina, move it!

After the plummeted GDP rate of India, here is the glimpse of what millennials are expecting from Manmohan Singh, former Prime Minister to say to Nirmala Sitharaman, current Finance Minister.

Remember how your naïve group of friends planned that esteemed trip to Goa? (jiske liye papa ne mana kar diya tha)

Memers also compared the reality with expectations in terms of earning money after making a team on Dream11.

This iz businezz.

The #YeMaiKarLetaHu memes peaked so much that Dream11 announced a contest for the best memes revolving around this theme!

Imagine how fun it would be if you are getting money for making memes! Meme marketing has truly unleashed a new potential in the market!

Imagine the potential of using memes for marketing, and that too impacting the minds of millennials auspiciously. 

Until the previous IPL season, nobody really paid attention to the sponsor of the cricket fest. But this time, Dream11 has managed to grasp attention with memes!

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 “Meme Marketing hum dekh lenge, aap Dream11 pe team banalo!”

Article written by Himanshi Aggarwal

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