7 Reasons Why people follow Meme Pages

It is an undisputed fact that meme pages today enjoy a massive following. Some of the most successful ones have a range from 75K to 1.5M followers or even more. But, back to the question, what is it that accounts for their huge follower base? or What are the reasons why people follow meme pages?

  1. Memes are the Primary Source of Entertainment for today’s Youth.


Because they are hilarious. Because they can be created, shared, and consumed quickly!

From Narendra Modi’s ‘Mitron’ to Rajpal Yadav as Chhote Pandit in Bhool Bhulaiyaa. Memes help otherwise outdated elements of pop culture stay relevant.

  1. Memes have become a Way of Communication for the Younger Generations.

Tagging and DMing one another in dank memes is now an important criteria for maintaining a strong friendship.

Memes today play a huge role in how we interact. Reaction memes and GIFs even have the power to hold an entire conversation now.

  1. Memes have become a Source of News.

Believe it or not, a very significant reason why memes are important for the youth is because they give out news. FAST.

Memes spread on the internet like wildfire and hence are a great way to raise awareness about social issues.

Further, since memes do not get censored as much as traditional news sources do, occasionally they also give out information that one wouldn’t typically find out.

  1. Memes are turning into a Medium of Expression for Gen Z and Millennials.

A recent Twitter trend with tweets about Gen Z accurately summed up their personalities.

They are using them to address all sorts of issues (social, political, environmental) and are not afraid to raise their voices for what’s right.

To an extent, they use memes to make sure their opinions are heard and since memes can be shared with one click, their voices are amplified.

  1. A good Meme possesses the Element of Relatability.

Memes are like inside jokes for younger generations with most of them having surreal references that only they could understand.

The best example of memes’ power to bring people together is memes for specific fandoms because they provide content for people to bond over.

  1. Memes have become a Coping Mechanism.

Speaking of bringing people together, memes also help as a coping mechanism. By bringing them together, memes help people feel less alone – especially in a time when everyone is stuck indoors.

They also help as a temporary distraction. And in the shitshow 2020 has been so far, this has played a huge role in helping to cope with the constant disasters we are facing.

  1. Memes are more appealing than Influencers.

Influencers post content that targets a specific niche and on the other hand, meme pages post content that appeals to a wider spectrum of people – their followers are more diverse.

Meme pages are run by the youth so they post content that is more organic while influencers specifically tailor their content for their followers.

These are few reasons why people follow meme pages.

And To sum up – they’re AWESOME!

Therefore, in an age where a majority of the population hates ads and yet spends most of their time in the ad-saturated world online, meme marketing is the way to go to have effective advertising campaigns for your brand. 

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Article written by Yusra Ahmed

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