6 Reasons Memes are the Next Marketing Success

What makes you scroll your feed until the end of time?

What made you come to this blog and read this piece? 

What was the last thing you sent to your friends’ group? 

A meme. 

And that ladies and gentlemen is how marketing works. From one platform to another, from one phone to another, memes are literally a very efficient untapped marketing source.

And through the course of this article we will try to explain to you why every brand out there needs to stop spending millions on marketing and just make a meme instead.  

  1. Memes humanise a brand!

Memes are something which millennials see on their timeline every day. It has been found that memes help add a human touch to a brand’s voice, thereby not annoying the millennials.  

Meme marketing forms a very genuine communication channel between the brand and the consumer, which is something super rare, especially in this digital age.

  1. Memes catch attention

Memes are just brilliant to catch someone’s attention, to make them stop and wonder, and even spread it further. 

They adhere to the latest trends, are sarcastic, super short and aim for a laugh: the perfect way to get to stop youth’s mindless scrolling and pitch your idea in less than 30secs.

  1. Memes capitalize on Shared References

The process of “meme-ing” is a super effective method of capitalizing on shared references and knowledge considering all it takes is a witty caption or a meme to reach out to a global audience. 

Not going to lie, a universally shared meme will probably be the closest we’ve come to world peace.

  1. Memes form a Network

What is marketing and advertising really all about? It’s about reaching out to as many people as possible, as fast as possible, and forming a network

And this is precisely what memes do!

  1. Memes thrive on Relatability

People tend to share content they relate with, and who are we kidding, every millennial today goes through the same “my back is too old” or “never drinking again” problems. 

And that is exactly what memes thrive on, relatability. It leads to sharing and reposting, hence leading to free spread of content through people’s personal networks.

  1. Memes Marketing doesn’t cost a Fortune

Why on earth would a good businessman spend millions of dollars on advertising with things like billboards and salesmen when literally one Instagram post would be seen and paid more attention to by more people than all those highway billboards combined? 

Brands after opting for meme marketing:

The new Xbox literally got marketed for free. It saves so much on resources, both capital and manpower. 

Believe it or not, memes are the future of the marketing industry, half the hassle and double the reach. This was probably the only form of mass media even the Corona Virus couldn’t stop.

Convinced about the power of memes yet?

Well, to discover a world filled with all things memes, contact Youngun India.

Article written by Shriya Gaur

Team Youngun India

A team of millennials bringing Brands closer to the Indian Meme Culture.
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