4 Reasons why brands should use Meme Marketing

The immense engagement that a meme brings is one the major reasons why brands should use meme marketing.

Let’s state more straight advantages that Meme Marketing will have over any of its counterparts.

Here are 4 reasons why brands should use meme marketing over other basic methods of advertisements :

1. Memes deliver a better engagement rate than promoted ads on social media 

If you have ever done a paid campaign, I am sure you feel similar when you look at the engagement result and stats.

2. If you are meme jacking you have an advantage over any other creatives that you make.
Reason: The meme is already viral and ensures engagement if you put your message through it in the right manner (WE CAN HELP).

Whereas, if you produce a traditional Ad, it definitely cannot compete with the engagement rate of a meme.

3. Brands invest their major chunk of advertising thinking there will be a brand awareness campaign if nothing else. They may be right, but why limit the scope to just brand awareness when you can generate brand engagement. 

People relate with the meme post so well that it leaves a lasting impression of the brand on them and initiates a conversation for the internet community.

Often companies/brands have this reaction when ROI (return on investment) for their online campaign yields poor results:

4. People spend time on the internet to consume good content as well as to skip brand communications. This is because they bring along them a buzzkill factor. Whereas, if the same message can be delivered via meme in such a way that the person enjoys looking at it. Well it does looks like an idea.

What meme marketing feels like:

A question might arise.. What happens even if we create a Meme, Our Brand Handle has only 800 followers (Hypothetical number) what impact can we possibly achieve?

Meme Marketing is not about posting Memes on your Brand Handle, All the Memes produced are seeded on Social media via Meme Pages. These Meme Pages have their own massive and loyal audience and hence the idea is to leverage that attention. 

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