3 Steps to Have a Successful Meme Campaign

Memes have grown in popularity over the years and have become an important tool on social media platforms for many reasons. Because they are fun and relatable, they can be enjoyed by everyone and are one of the best ways to gain engagement on social media.

As people’s lives become more and more internet and social media-oriented, it is becoming clearer that meme marketing is going to play a huge role in the future of marketing.

Today, a number of brands are starting to go down the route of meme marketing because memes have become the favorite type of content that people on the internet consume.

But like any other marketing strategy, brands need to keep some things in mind for this too.

  1. Determine Target Demographic

Firstly, brands need to understand their target demographic.

Understanding your target audience and their media browsing habits is crucial to any marketing campaign.

By knowing what your audience searches for on the internet, you can understand which trends to make memes about as well as your audience’s sense of humour.

After all, the selling point of memes is that they are witty and relatable!

With social media platforms growing in popularity, memes are becoming more and more effective than advertisements. They help in sharing marketing content better than advertisements do.


Rather than being skipped like advertisements, they resonate with the audiences and hence awareness can be raised about the brand/product.

  1. The Memes and Campaigns must be Timed Right

It is common knowledge that social media is extremely fast-paced now. Trends change and arise almost every single day. 

But it is important to keep in mind that not every trend will work for your brand. The product and the brand should also be analyzed before jumping onto a meme trend.

Further, because memes do not have a very long lifespan, it is crucial to ensure that it gets a good amount of exposure in a short span of time.

  1. The Medium of Circulating Brand Memes

This brings us to our last point: the medium through which these memes are posted online is supremely important.

Again, most advertisements tend to be skipped. So naturally, advertisements and other traditional forms of marketing are essentially ineffective and are becoming obsolete day by day.

So how can you get exposure for your memes?

Meme accounts!

The Indian meme community is growing every day and has millions of followers that are all extremely diverse.

The admins of these meme accounts also understand the sense of humour that appeals to the younger generations better than brands do.

So the potential for a better outreach is much larger than advertisements because these memes can also spread like wildfire across other meme accounts and their followers if they are constructed well because they can be shared very easily.

And the biggest reason why meme marketing can work is because it doesn’t interrupt the flow of content that users consume on a daily basis like video advertisements do.

So, all in all, memes hold immense potential in the digital marketing world. From enjoying an immense viewership to almost a nil skip rate, they can upscale your brand’s online reach.

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Article written by Yusra Ahmed

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