Google Down Memes

2020 has been a weird year ~ masks, sanitizers, quarantine and lockdown have just been some of the never-imagined-before things that this year brought along and also the Google Down Memes that went viral.

And just when we all thought this shit show was about to end, Google experienced an outage and netizens were quick to term it as the season finale of 2020!

In an unprecedented event when everyone was deep into Monday blues, Google and its other services including YouTube, Gmail, Drive, Docs, Maps and more stopped working for a short period of time in the evening hours of 14th December, 2020.

Google went down and Twitter got to work almost instantaneously!

Twitter soon took it into its own hands to spread the word about “Google Down”!

Hashtags like #GoogleDown, #YouTubeDown, #GmailDown dominated social media.

While many apps experience outages now and then, Google outage was a super rare incident which affected millions of people.

As soon as Twitterati realized that even Google gave up on a Monday, memers were quick to enliven the entire social media space with memes!

We pray for the interns at Google!

What yaar 2020?

Google: Thak gaya hu vro.

Oh Jio dhan dhana dhan…

O chacha…

Chintu beta, badmaashi nahi.

All in all, netizens had a fun evening with memes pouring in continuously.

Even though Google solved the matter super quickly, it couldn’t beat the speed of the memes!

That’s the real power of memes – they’re quick, funny and super relatable!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal


Release of Apple’s AirPods Max leads to Max Memes!

Remember when we used to buy headphones from local shops worth just Rs. 300? Well folks, Apple just leveled it up with its new AirPods Max by a…LOT. They are currently priced at Rs. 59,900 in India and $549 in the US! Here are few memes on Apple Airpods max that went viral:

The new headphones are touted to have an active noise cancellation feature along with an adaptive equaliser technology.

From its design to price to well, its cover, memers left no stone unturned to mock this newly announced hefty product by Apple.

Meanwhile Tim Cook:

Headphones mehenge hai toh kya hua, MEMES free hai wooohooo (bad joke? koi na, there are memes ahead!)

Apple products and sold kidneys – name a better duo, we’ll wait!

Well, if you know you know.

I thought we were homies ya Apple.

Boond boond se saagar banta hai mere dost!

Meanwhile Maa: Jala hi de na paise.

Irrespective whether people come to love this product or not, people love one thing fosho – MEMES duh! These were just few Memes on Apple Airpods max that emphasize on the power of meme culture.

Welcome to the new age: here ads suck and memes rule! Do the math and you’ll realize meme marketing is the king! 

Memes in the marketing world:

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal


Diljit’s War of Words with Kangana erupts with Hilarious MEMES!

Kangana Ranaut has often found herself to be amidst some sort of controversy because of her bold take on the social issues at large. This pandemic year has been a little extra turbulent for her, it seems.

The ‘Panga’ actress has been making many bold political statements for the last few months, especially after the unfortunate incident of BMC breaking down her office. 

Her statements however seem to have hit the wrong note among the masses. Last week, something similar happened once again.

Amidst the ongoing Farmers’ Protest, Ranaut shared a tweet where she misidentified an elderly Sikh woman named Mahinder Kaur as the Shaheen Bagh activist Bilkis Bano. 

Furthermore, she alleged that Bilkis was available at protests for Rs. 100. This definitely did not go well with the netizens.

Among the many who criticized her for the fake and derogatory tweet was singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh, who has been actively supporting the Farmers’ Protest in Delhi. 

And this just started a WAR!

Dosanjh shared a BBC India clip where Mahinder Kaur is seen sharing her views on the controversial farm bills that have triggered the ongoing protests. Diljit urged Kangana to not be swayed by the fake news.

Ranaut’s tweet was deleted under fake news. But this did not stop Kangana, as she kept defending her stand against the ongoing protests. Kangana replied to Diljit’s tweet by calling him, “Karan Johar ka Paltu”……

Well… Ummm…

Diljit set Twitter on FIRE with back to back tweets where he, quite frankly, finished Kangana, giving her a taste of her own medicine. Diljit’s tweets, written in Punjabi, were wildly applauded by the netizens, who bowed down to Dosanjh’s fearlessness…

Many celebrities including Tapsee Pannu, Swara Bhasker, Mika Singh and Richa Chadda too praised Diljit for speaking up so sharply.

Well, as you’ve already guessed by now, the desi netizens celebrated Diljit’s act with the very best of memes. The verbal war just got more interesting…

The new word in the dictionary


Koi Na, Google Translate hai na?

Sab khatam ab

Yeh Google Translate ka kamaal hai…

KJo jaye toh kaha jaye?

Jiska Meme game strong hai, wohi Sikander hai…

Netizens can create a meme fest with literally anything under the sun. These memes are in fact a Diamond in the Rough. The utility of these memes is endless…

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal


The Key to Youth Marketing: MEMES!

Marketing is not a recent concept, it is something prevailing ever since people had things to sell. But, you can’t deny the fact that modes of marketing have changed along with time. This article puts light on one the latest mode, and the key to Youth Marketing: MEMES!

A major transformation has been seen in marketing – from newspaper advertisement to witty brand wars on Twitter, we’ve come a long way!

It’s understood that any business can be valueless without good marketing.

Fair enough! Let’s first understand what marketing is and how it is evolving with technology. 

How marketing changed with time?

If we scratch out the meaning from the dictionary, marketing is the activity of showing and advertising a company’s products in the best possible way.

Remember the time when we used to recite Jingles we saw on television? We have come a long way from Jingles such as The Taste of India by Amul, Googly Woogly Woosh by Ponds, Washing powder by Nirma and many more to not watching ads on TV anymore.

But why did we forget those jingles in the first place?  

Well, because millennials started low-key hating ads.

What do millennials want?

Arey! Bhai chahte kya ho? What do millennials expect from Brands today? 

Well, let us enlighten you!

Millennials want to communicate in real time while adapting the latest technology. They also expect brands to be transparent and provide authentic content as it helps them to connect.

The relevance of communicating through visuals is increasing rapidly.

But wait, before you dive deep into visual ads, you should know what millennials do NOT want:


Yes, that’s right, they’re tired of rolling their eyes everytime they see a brand pushing for conversions through forced, boring advertisements.

Millennials everytime a brand interrupts their meme-scrolling time:

Confused about how to proceed with marketing then?

It’s super simple. Just do what millennials do and make them feel connected!

Yes my friends, the key to youth marketing is meme marketing!  

Being one of the most powerful tools to influence people, memes are funny, relatable and most importantly – don’t look forced!

Millennials love memes, and brands love millennials, so basically – brands should start loving memes!

So what are you waiting for?

Hop onto the meme marketing wagon and give your brand a meme-makeover!

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Article written by Himanshi Aggarwal


Netizens trolled Coolie No.1 with Hilarious Memes!

Watched Coolie No. 1’s trailer yet?

For those in the unknown, the trailer has been trending since its release thanks to its immense meme material!

This first collaboration of Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan is the remake of Govinda and Karishma Kapoor’s 1995 release Coolie No. 1. 

This remake is claimed to be the anticipated comedy drama of the year which has already offered a meme trend to netizens! As if the lockdown and coronavirus wasn’t enough, the film industry decided to throw upon us Coolie no. 1’s trailer! Bollywood never fails to surprise us.

Fans had high expectations from this remake but after watching the trailer; they were just left with Varun’s over acting.

The first promo has apparently disappointed the fans. However, they have decided to make themselves happy with memes!

Let’s take a look at some of the memes!

Le Varun Dhawan fans: Ooo Bhai Maaro (delta)

Petition to re-release the original.

Kheer pesh ki jaaye!

Fans will help themselves by hook or by crook or by memes. How will Govinda react?

Humse injustice nahi dekha jayega ab….Galti se mistake ho gya…

From song remakes to over-acting ki dukaans, Bollywood has in store immense possibilities for the public to enjoy (read: meme material)! This collaboration of Varun and Sara has only three things – overacting, overacting and overacting!

50 rupee kaat overacting ka

After witnessing what happened with Sadak 2’s trailer, the movie creators played smart this time and removed the ‘Dislike’ button YouTube!

Bada besharam kism ka aadmi hai re tu….

Paisa wapis karo.

But don’t worry, this isn’t the end. With the movie yet to release, get ready to witness a storm of memes!

And who knows, Varun Dhawan might end up signing the following movies:

Varun Dhawan might have disappointed  us, but memes will never!

Be it a trailer, movie, show or brand – one can trust memes’ marketing powers to bring anything to the public’s attention!

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Article written by Himanshi Aggarwal


Bilal Goregen’s Music makes the Cat and the Whole World vibe to its tune!

Levan Pollka. A popular Finnish song that the world wasn’t quite aware of suddenly became an overnight sensation. All thanks to a blind man in the streets of Turkey, who probably gave this song its best rendition…

For the ones still confused about what we are talking about, maybe have a look at this clip to refresh your memories!


This blind artist, named Bilal Goregen has taken the world by a storm with his groovy cover of the traditional Folk song.

Bilal had initially uploaded the cover on his YouTube Channel. This video achieved immense popularity. This was utilized by some creative mind, who happened to edit a vibing cat to the video, giving the impression that the visually-impaired artist was making the cat vibe to his music.

Who knew that this simple video will turn into one of the most well-known memes of 2020?

Well, by mid-October, the variants of this viral video starting coming in through different social media platforms, namely, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube!

Eventually, the meme reached its way to Bilal himself. On noticing the immense popularity that the meme had achieved, he grabbed this opportunity to promote his channel by uploading the meme on his YouTube Channel on November 1st with the title “Cat Vibing To Ievan Polkka”.

Bilal is an inspiration to all of us. He is proof that being visually-impaired cannot prevent anyone from achieving anything in life. With his immense hard work and dedication, Bilal has won our hearts!

Well, well, well….

No more talking!

Let us just have a laugh and vibe to Bilal’s music…..

Need to stop asap!

Exams are incoming!

Best Performance Ever!

Mumbai Singles Unite.

Papas and Cats are BFFs


Yeh dukh khatam kahe nahi hota beh?

Bilal recently shocked the desi netizens with yet another creation!

On November 24, the street musician released a rendition of “Kaliyon Ka Chaman” by Harry Anand, the track from the 1981 film, Jyoti.

Indians were clearly very impressed with his music and the admiration was clearly visible in the comment section!

Bilal’s musical journey is an inspiration. But it just doesn’t end here. Bilal has smartly chosen the right path in augmenting his online presence. Goregen has seized the opportunity that the Memes brought along with them. And we must say, he surely has done it really well!

Basically Yehi Bolna Chahte Hai

Be like Bro nahi, Be like Bilal!

With memes, anyone from any corner of the world can become famous overnight!

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal