An Old Image of the Pope Resurfaces for a New Meme-Fest!

Pope Francis has been a subject of many memes in the past! We have seen memes of the Pope meeting Trump, the Pope signing Lamborghini, his flying pellegrina, and ofc the Pope slapping!

Though memes are always made to tickle your funny bone, when it comes to things that are religious, people do get offended by such memes!

The latest Pope meme has divided the netizens. Some enjoy just the way it is supposed to be, while the rest have gone to the extent of calling the Pope memes to be “sacrilegious”!

The meme in question is a photo of the Pope that was taken in Brazil back in 2013. Here he holds aloft a wafer of sacramental bread, or Eucharist wafer at the Mass at Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady Aparecida. 

Over the next few years, several variations of this meme template were used. Among them, the popular variation was when the Pope was seen holding albums of various artists!

Like here, we see the Pope holding up a disk in “one direction”!

Earlier this month, the meme template witnessed another change! A tiled variation was spread all across Twitter with the Pope holding aloft strange things ranging from Baby Yoda to Simba!

The picture is broken into four tiles. On the fourth tile, just above the hand, the user replaces the Eucharist wafer with another object! 

This meme template quickly started trending on Twitter with the memers displaying their photoshop skills!

But wait wait, don’t just leave yet…

This is where it all started!

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba
Sithi uhm ingonyama

The Pope has the best cards!

Dies out of cuteness!

Gamers unite.

Nostalgia hitting in 3.. 2..1..

However, many were upset with the meme, as they felt that it hurt their religious sentiments. Senior Editor at America Magazine, James T. Keane discussed in length about the “sacrilegious” aspect of the Pope memes.

But keeping all these aside, the memes did unleash some amazing creativity!

The memes of Pope Francis just shows how memes are evergreen, and no meme template is truly dead. A simple picture can resurface on the internet and become a major sensation.

In a similar fashion, Memes hold the power to make YOUR brand’s online presence SENSATIONAL!

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal


Mirzapur makes the Internet come alive with MEMES!

TW: Might contain spoilers. 

If you still haven’t watched it, well:

But since there are memes ahead, we would say:

After a super impactful Season 1, Mirzapur’s second season was one of the most awaited shows by the audience.

Almost 2 years back, Mirzapur took the audience by surprise because of the ‘bhaukaal’ it created through powerful dialogues, bold visuals and a unique storyline.

The hype for season 2 was such that even its trailer led to a meme fest on social media!

For those who have somehow managed to not watch it yet, Mirzapur is a crime-thriller based on action, drugs, crimes, revenge and love. It follows the story of a mafia boss, Kaleen Bhaiya who rules Mirzapur. It has a layered storyline boasting of several themes.

Netizens had a ball as they explored multiple angles related to Mirzapur Memes.

The memes began when people started posting about watching Mirzapur. 

Yaar humne nahi dekha abhi tak, will the society accept us?

Other memes revolved around binge-watching this highly-awaited series!

Web Series > Deadlines

Ye kaha dark circles hai, ye toh jindagi hai.

And then began the memes about the series: its dialogues, plot and what not! 

Apt af.

Brb, crying.

Koi logic hai isme? Papa ko bhot lag raha tha.

Every. Uncle. Ever.

If you know, you know!

Crossovers we loved!

Akhandanand was not the father.

But soon, Mirzapur-ians started feeling gloomy since the next season won’t come out any time soon.

Don’t be sad ya, Mirzapur nahi hai but memes are here!

Be it a new web series, trending news or anything on earth, one thing remains constant ~ MEMES!

And trust us, memes can do wonders for marketing your brand!

(sorry couldn’t resist!)

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal


Covid Memes flood the Internet after President Trump tests positive for the virus!

When will this pandemic stop? We are tired already! 

The virus that has caused life to become stagnant all around the world has found yet another new victim. This time, it is none other than the President of the world’s oldest democracy, Mr. Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter in the first week of October to announce that he and his wife Melania have both been tested positive for COVID-19. They declared that henceforth they will be quarantining.

The President seemed to have been infected with the virus after being in contact with his senior advisor Hope Hicks, who had also been tested positive.

The news has become a serious issue for Trump’s public appearances and campaigns in the critical concluding weeks of the 2020 Presidential Election campaign.

It has indeed been a cruel twist of fortune for the President!

During the initial phases of the outbreak, the President had found himself in several controversies after making several misinformed comments regarding the virus. He had called coronavirus to be a “hoax” and had always shown a general mitigation towards the virus and the significance of wearing masks.

The news of Trump testing positive for the virus shocked the world. Initially, there were prayers and wishes for his speedy recovery, but soon netizens went a little berserk.

The sarcasm and humour seemed to be out of control, leading all the way to the outpouring of ….


Well, well, well.

Uhhhhh….. Danger! Danger!

Thora zyada personally le liye lagta hai.

Tough life man!

Destruction mode on!


Whenever some major news like this breaks out, the Internet goes crazy with their creative imagination. We see this on almost every single occasion.

If netizens are the powerhouses, then memes are the medium through which this power is put to use!

Memes are the most effective way of communicating ideas, opinions and branded content!

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal


iPhone 12 Launch leads the way for Memes!

When was the last time you thought about saving the environment?

Can’t remember?

Chiii yaar, learn something from Apple, who have ‘sacrificed’ their wall charger from their iPhone 12 box in order to save the environment, apparently.

In one of the most anticipated Apple events of 2020 scheduled on 13th October, Apple launched a new series of phones ~ iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple launches a new phone series annually and social media gets flooded with memes about its exorbitant pricing, physical design and more.

But this year, memers had new content to feast on!

What’s that you ask?

Well, Apple announced that it won’t be including the phone charger with the phone in an effort to fulfill its environmental goals and reduce its packaging by 70%, that will in turn help to reduce carbon emissions.

Now while this is a nice initiative towards protecting the environment, it, as you might have anticipated, did not go down nicely with netizens!

Social media soon flooded with memes about how this was a ninja technique to increase profits by Apple since people would be forced to buy the charger separately.

Along with the environment memes, memers didn’t leave any opportunity to mock Apple’s latest offering.

With the iPhone 12 series going back to the rectangle edge shape (which was last seen in the iPhone 5 series), social media was quick to notice the uncanny similarities.

Bade miya, Chhote miya!

Its exorbitant pricing model also caught the attention of the netizens, leading to memes about how one would have to sell their kidney in order to buy an iPhone 12!

Me going to buy iPhone 12: Maa mujhe logic nahi dikh raha.

Par sab gareeb nahi hote na laxman!

Par sab ameer bhi nahi hote na laxman!

With iPhone 12’s pricing reaching for the sky, all the while ‘saving the environment’, memes reached our hearts!

Any situation, one solution – MEMES!

Stop for a moment and think about the popularity these memes helped Apple achieve! The entire internet was talking about the grand Apple event!

As you might know by now, memes can do wonders for marketing your brand.

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal


IPL MEMES Riot is making us enjoy the Cricket Fest to the fullest!

It’s that time of the year again!

After months of waiting and repeated postponing, the cricket festival is BACK! 

The Indian Premier League has finally returned to… well, not India, this time… but to OUR TELEVISION SCREENS! (how excited are we!?)

Due to the on-going pandemic, the IPL is taking place in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The matches will be played in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. No crowd will be allowed at UAE stadiums initially. From the midway point, limited number of fans may be allowed at stadiums, subject to approval from the UAE government.

Even though it is being hosted outside the country, the excitement is just the same. With matches exuding the same nail-biting intensity and intense jaw-dropping moments, the IPL has managed to retain its aura.

Also, when we talk about jaw-dropping moments, we cannot proceed further without showing some appreciation for this man!

Nicholas Pooran Everybody!

Since the first match itself, the fans have flooded social media with some funny memes and reactions. I mean, isn’t this what makes IPL all the more exciting?

The meme-fest has been continuing even before the tournament started. Right from the news of UAE hosting the 2020 edition of the game, to Dream 11 winning the bid to sponsor the event, our eyes have been blessed with some hilarious memes!

Virat is strong yaar… Yeh koi baat hua?

Expert strategy!

They keep a place for CSK every year in the playoffs!

He is just impossible!

RCB is playing well this year, yaar!

Meanwhile, Nagpur Police came up with yet another hilarious and innovative way to spread a social message…

Need some kadak chai asap!

However, as the 13th edition of the tournament kicked off with defending champions Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings, the fans watching through their home-screen witnessed something awkward. 

With no fans in the stadium, IPL have tried to compensate and recreate the enthusiasm of the fans through fake crowd noise.

Although some applauded the fake crowd noise, the decision did not go well with some viewers of the game leaving Indians divided. Let’s have a look at some of the reactions:

With the cricket season still going on, it’s yet to bring in more joy and excitement. Meanwhile the netizens will keep us happy and at peace with their genius memes!

Be it anything – news, sports, entertainment or marketing – millennials have one go-to thing: MEMES!

Other than bringing a bundle of laughs, memes also can make your online presence shine!

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal


Facing Cruel Capitalism through *Credit Card Declined* Memes

During the advent of digitalization, the role of millennials escalated in crafting or destroying the popular culture. 

And these millennials are appreciated considering that memes made by them are creating an impactful culture in the capitalist society. 

Le Memers:

Have you ever wandered relaxed without carrying cash due to various insecurities? If yes, then welcome to the digital world. But…..what if the digital technology betrays you?

The recent meme trend shows that your *Credit Card Declined* after taking the services. How do you think businesses would react?

Just when millennials were feeling happy and delighted considering the decline of a credit card and assuming there is no need to pay for the goods and services consumed, capitalism reached its verge.


With the meme trend slowly picking up, people on the internet charged up their creative selves for a meme fest – full of possible situations that might result from a credit card decline in this cruel, capitalist society.

From doctors taking back their services (it’s painful to even imagine) to tattoo artists shaving off your skin, it shows how the world is essentially being run by money…and humor!

Sadly, you have no savior. If you do not have alternatives to pay, then service providers have options to take back their services hilariously and naively.

Let’s dive in straight to the memes that ruled….or rather declined?

When you already know the repercussions.

Now, you must have thought that every service can’t be taken back. Not every action has ‘a revenge’. Haha! Remember this is the cruel capitalist society.

Come and let’s taste the salty instances of revenge!

Darr ka maahol hai.

Okay, one last.

After imagining situations like these, millennials are now happy with the traditional methods of paying. A sigh of relief that they did not seek the barter system!

Unbelievably, this is the only option of survival now, albeit everyone is going to have a credit card. Enjoy the capitalism!

These memes have urged us to imagine a hypothetical situation. They have put us into those situations which are unexpected to happen, but we anyhow, are still imagining if they are happening to us. 

This is how the millennials are surviving in the capitalist society by beating its rules and regulations. Such an exciting war!

If you have imagined the scenario with every meme template, then you indirectly trust the unquestionable potential of millennials’ engaging content with the current scenarios of society. 

With memes taking a center stage, both on social media and IRL, it is essential to tap into their marketing powers as well!

Wondering how that works?

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Article written by Himanshi Aggarwal


Mirzapur Season 2 Trailer creates Bhaukaal with MEMES!

If you’ve rooted for Kaleen bhaiya since 2018, crushed over Bablu bhaiya and had several fan moments for Golu aka Gajgamini, then my friend, you’re a true Mirapur-ian!

Ever since the show’s premiere in 2018, viewers have been waiting patiently for season 2.

And well well well, guess who finally brought some good news – 2020.

Yes, you heard that right!

The year of the Great Pandemic has finally done something and eeeeeep, we can’t contain our excitement.

After a long wait spanning almost 2 years, the trailer released a day back and literally broke the internet.

The first season had garnered immense appreciation from the youth for its well built-up story line.

For those who have managed to not know what Mirzapur is all about, we have one question for you: kaise?

But dw, we’ve got your back!

So Mirzapur is a crime thriller set in the backdrops of Uttar Pradesh’s dark lands. Kaleen bhaiya i.e. Pankaj Tripathi is the mafia boss of Mirzapur. The show revolves around drugs, guns, crimes etc.

Right from the second the trailer was released, the internet exploded with memes!

From templates to stills from the trailer to creative usage of dialogues, memers have left no instance from the 2-minute trailer untouched!

In short, bawaal mach gaya hai!

Kattey chal jayenge, pizza mujhe de.

This is a personal attac

Arey chai toh peeni padegi!

Okay then.

Along with likes on the trailer, memes kept pouring in.

What is surprising is the fact that this was only the trailer (both of the show and the memes)!

With memes taking over the internet slowly, we wonder whether all of us would start watching shows just to enjoy the consequent memes!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal


6 Reasons Memes are the Next Marketing Success

What makes you scroll your feed until the end of time?

What made you come to this blog and read this piece? 

What was the last thing you sent to your friends’ group? 

A meme. 

And that ladies and gentlemen is how marketing works. From one platform to another, from one phone to another, memes are literally a very efficient untapped marketing source.

And through the course of this article we will try to explain to you why every brand out there needs to stop spending millions on marketing and just make a meme instead.  

  1. Memes humanise a brand!

Memes are something which millennials see on their timeline every day. It has been found that memes help add a human touch to a brand’s voice, thereby not annoying the millennials.  

Meme marketing forms a very genuine communication channel between the brand and the consumer, which is something super rare, especially in this digital age.

  1. Memes catch attention

Memes are just brilliant to catch someone’s attention, to make them stop and wonder, and even spread it further. 

They adhere to the latest trends, are sarcastic, super short and aim for a laugh: the perfect way to get to stop youth’s mindless scrolling and pitch your idea in less than 30secs.

  1. Memes capitalize on Shared References

The process of “meme-ing” is a super effective method of capitalizing on shared references and knowledge considering all it takes is a witty caption or a meme to reach out to a global audience. 

Not going to lie, a universally shared meme will probably be the closest we’ve come to world peace.

  1. Memes form a Network

What is marketing and advertising really all about? It’s about reaching out to as many people as possible, as fast as possible, and forming a network

And this is precisely what memes do!

  1. Memes thrive on Relatability

People tend to share content they relate with, and who are we kidding, every millennial today goes through the same “my back is too old” or “never drinking again” problems. 

And that is exactly what memes thrive on, relatability. It leads to sharing and reposting, hence leading to free spread of content through people’s personal networks.

  1. Memes Marketing doesn’t cost a Fortune

Why on earth would a good businessman spend millions of dollars on advertising with things like billboards and salesmen when literally one Instagram post would be seen and paid more attention to by more people than all those highway billboards combined? 

Brands after opting for meme marketing:

The new Xbox literally got marketed for free. It saves so much on resources, both capital and manpower. 

Believe it or not, memes are the future of the marketing industry, half the hassle and double the reach. This was probably the only form of mass media even the Corona Virus couldn’t stop.

Convinced about the power of memes yet?

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Article written by Shriya Gaur


What makes Memes so Effective and Impactful?

In this modern internet age, a meme is “an image, video, piece of text, typically humorous in nature, that is spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations”. But have you ever wondered what makes memes so Impactful and effective for the current generation? Let’s have a look 

All because someone someday thought of putting a funny caption on a picture and it has only evolved from there, making our internet-obsessed generation a sucker for them. 

Nowadays, the ‘meme culture’ is not just limited to Gen Z anymore. The apparent boomers are also pretty up to date with today’s ever changing meme lingo. 

Because that’s how we communicate today.

From Willy Wonka and the Air Punching Baby, we’ve come a long way. Now we have layered memes which require a genuine knowledge of memes and pop culture references.

Hence, if you’ve got friends who understand every meme you send them, do not let them go.

Special Ingredients in a Meme

But what makes memes so impactful, believable, relatable and well not to exaggerate – loveable?

Firstly, Memes enjoy greater attention spans and encounter lesser eyerolls since there is text accompanied by a humorous image.

Secondly, memes are seen repeatedly.

If not the same meme, we keep encountering the same meme templates multiple times, at multiple platforms which builds a personal connection with us.

Brand Handles using Memes

Memes have made their way from our Instagram DMs to actual company and brand handles. 

Even marketing giants have realised that these quirky images with funny captions are the way to a consumer’s head. It is not uncommon to see pop meme references on a company’s social media handle anymore.

It is a very fast paced world today, with trends changing by the hour and new ones coming up every minute.

Well, we have all woke up from a nap one day and gone, “what is this and why is this on my feed ?” And later Googled about what was going on with the world.

In order to keep up with the latest news, happenings, trends and brand activities, keeping up with the memes is the only way!

Because of their immense power, potential, effectiveness and impact, memes have evidently started to replace advertisements. 

(I won’t be shocked if I start seeing a classic reaction meme on billboard ads soon)

According to Goldman Sachs, “Millennials are poised to reshape the economy; their unique experiences will change the ways we buy and sell, forcing companies to examine how they do business for decades to come”. Since they make up most of the demand market and hold the future of the economy, those are the people who need to be targeted.

Regardless, it has been proven time and again, to adapt is to grow.

It is always advisable to change with the times and right now, memes are it.

To know more about how you can leverage memes for your brand’s marketing strategy, reach out to Youngun India.

We serve you the world in the meme-est way possible!

Article written by Shriya Gaur