MEMES: The Gossip Medium of the World

Have you ever been in that awkward situation when your conversation comes to a standstill? What do you do then? Do you just outright end the conversation or do you desperately try to look for words? 

Well, there is an effective way to continue the conversation without even uttering a single word. Don’t start thinking what that might be. You already know it. You do it everyday.

Memes convey a lot more with just a few words. So instead of explaining something to your friend, if you instead show them a meme, chances and chances are they will remember it for a longer span of time. Memes can help you initiate a conversation, no matter where you go.

This is not only constricted to the digital world. Memes are effective IRL too!

For example, when you walk into a new college, you will have to make a new set of friends. You don’t know anyone. You neither know about their ideologies nor their choices. But, Memes are universal. 

You can approach your crush with the use of Memes! Through memes you will be able to initiate a conversation with some laughter. What can be better than that?

Memes creates a comfort zone that everyone enjoys. A meme has the ability to chill people down! They are the best pacifiers to ever exist. 

Had a heated argument with your best friend? Just send them a meme. A meme will get the convo flowing again!

In a similar way, memes are essential in bonding. Memes make people come closer. People with similar interests in memes can have a great bond!

Memes are one of the fastest and easiest ways to incorporate humour into one’s daily life. It has become the essential tool to chill during the hectic schedule.

Simply scrolling through an Instagram meme page during a lunch break can take some edge off a stressful day.

Instead of discussing at lengths about memes, why not have a look at some of them!

This is the only technique we need to learn!

Memes are the only way to communicate. I’m telling you!

It’s breathtaking yk!


Who knew 10 years back that a simple picture with a caption above it could create bonds and bring about a change in people’s lives?

Well, Memes have become an essential part of our lives. 

While becoming a gossip tool across the world, memes have also transformed into a powerful marketing tool.

Wondering how?

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal


Memes and the Printing Press! A detailed Comparison

Though the printing press has been around since about the 9th century, in 1436, Johannes Gutenberg, invented the first printing press that could be used to inexpensively mass-produce books on every imaginable topic. This invention was the key to pulling Europe out of the Dark Ages. Fast forward to today, 584 years later, and the internet has brought us memes! Despite seeming vastly different, memes and the printing press have still served a similar purpose in a number of ways.

Similarities between Memes and the Printing Press: 
1) Spread of Knowledge

One of the most significant ways in which the press affected society was by becoming an inexpensive medium to spread news and knowledge wider and faster than ever before.

Ships arrived in Venice with news from all over the known world. Printers would print news pamphlets and hand them out to sailors to distribute at various ports where local printers would print out copies and hand them out in different towns.

Since literacy rates were still very low, a paid reader would recite the news — everything from scandals to war reports.

Memes are slowly turning into the contemporary equivalent as a source of news and knowledge. 

Accounts like @badassbrownactivist and @memes_against_patriarchy on Instagram post a combination of infographics and memes about current affairs and social issues, like Twitter’s viral meme hashtags do.

Memes about current affairs are becoming more popular because they can be consumed quickly unlike news articles or videos.

2) Platforms to Speak Up

Secondly, the printing press played a huge role in giving the fringed voices a platform to speak up. 

Printing was not as expensive as handwritten notes or manuscripts and allowed copies to be made easily. This made it harder for the Church to censor ideas that threatened its authority.

Often, when the youth expresses an opinion that goes against the norm, it is brushed off. 

But memes are growing as a tool for communication and expression among the younger generations. 

Memes can be shared quickly and can go viral easily so it is essentially impossible for them to be censored entirely too.

Some meme trends showcase this characteristic of memes very well. Trends like the ‘unpopular opinions’ and ‘change my mind’ allow people to stir the pot on all conceivable topics.

Though they covered a lot of serious issues, the meme communities and memers on Twitter also took it in a different, more light-hearted direction.

3) Changing Opinions

Lastly, the printing press led to a change in public opinion. It bridged the gap between classes to a certain extent because it allowed people to express their opinions more freely.

As literacy rates increased, philosophers like John Locke and Rousseau were widely read. They placed logic and reasoning above customs and traditions which led to the people questioning religious authority.

Today, memes and the internet as a whole are essentially serving the same purpose.

Memes about climate change have played a role in increasing awareness about the issue, making the youth more environmentally conscious.


As connectivity slowly reaches rural areas, more and more people become aware of social, political, and environmental issues. This consequently leads to bridging of the gap that exists — whether by distance or by the class system.

So all in all, memes have just brought in the Gutenberg age all over again – the only difference is that this time, it has done it in a funnier way!

Just like the Gutenberg Bible was the need of the hour that time, memes are today – both for millennials and brand marketing.

To spread ideas is to market meme-fully! 

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Article written by Yusra Ahmed


Hit Wicket by Hardik Pandya makes MEMES a Hit!

So the IPL Season has begun and our excitement is skyrocketing! With new matches everyday, different players and well that fake cheering sound (-_-), there is finally something to look forward to in this lazy lockdown.

23rd September, 2020 witnessed a cricket match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians, with Mumbai Indians winning the game. 

While KKR and MI battled it out on the field, Twitterati had a field day after Hardik Pandya’s dismissal by hit-wicket.

Pandya became only the 10th batsman in history to have been dismissed by a hit-wicket and well, social media was not ready to let it go easily!

But wait, what is a hit-wicket?

Just kidding! For those of you who just know batting and bowling in cricket, we’re here to help!

A hit-wicket is a mode of dismissal of the batsman when he is standing too deep in the crease and happens to disrupt the stumps, usually with his foot.

What happened with Hardik Pandya was a super rare (and well, funny) instance of him hitting the stumps with his own bat.

And as soon as he was dismissed, memers got into action!

Modiji must be happy!

Sounds like a plan!

Memers: I’ll find you and troll you.

We feel for you Rohit, we do.

Well, as you must have figured, the internet went ablaze with memes, laughter and humor!

The interesting thing was that even those who don’t really worship cricket (kaha se aatey hai ye log) were seen engaging with the memes surrounding it. 


Simple – because memes tend to engage millennials like nothing else!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal


PUBG Banned, MEMES Rocked!

Gamers disappointed, parents and partners elated. That’s right folks, the government banned the country wide frenzy mobile video game, PUGB. 

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG, “was” (brb, crying) an online multiplayer battle royale game. The game was released in China and India after Shenzhen-based Tencent Games bought some stake in the game.

And in a recent move by the Indian government to ban Chinese apps that seemed to compromise Indians’ cyber security, PUBG couldn’t survive.

While PUBG’s ban came a lot later than some of the earlier app bans, it took the entire country by a storm.

This move left the youth of the country devastated, and their parents elated (duh.)

There were various reasons people felt that the game can’t be replaced, mainly because of its accessibility, graphic qualities, gameplay, player salaries and the massive tournaments. 

Gamers and memers were not hesitant to express their dissent about this move online, all you could see on your social media was how this “put se headshot” had the youth craving their chicken dinner.

Our TLs flooded with both sentiments – how happy parents were that their kids will finally look up from their phones and not constantly yell, “ revive de yaar kya kar raha hai”. And on the parallel, the sadness of pro PUBG players, who used to be up all night trying to get that chicken dinner. 

Guess we are all patriots till the government decides to ban our favourite game.

Tencent, the company that developed and marketed the app, was also not left outside the internet loop of mockery because of how quickly the game ended their franchise with it.

There are the noob players who are just sad, but for the more dedicated ones who bought their RPs and the YouTubers streaming the game, the ground was shaking under their feet!

While we were busy mourning the loss of PUBG, Akshay Kumar, just had ‘a scheme’ in his mind and came to the rescue with our very own Indian version of the game which actually contributes to the INA called FAU-G. 

Um yes, PUBG out, FAU-G in.

And needless to say, memers shifted focus!

We just have our fingers crossed that our Chicken Dinner doesn’t turn into Rajma Chawal soon.

Well, well, well, whatever good or bad came out if it, one thing has become very clear, the only way to get through to today’s youth is to either ban their favourite video game, or flood their feeds with memes!

And since we don’t have the power to do the former (nor do we want to, trust us), the latter is what we do. 

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Article written by Shriya Gaur


Online Classes have a MEME-ful Syllabus!

Roses are red, 

Violets are blue, 

Still in bed, 

Mic’s on mute.

Well well, black screens, talking teachers and overflowing chatboxes – that’s how the nation’s students are gearing up for their academic future! 

Because a man apparently had a Bat for dinner, we have been robbed of all our plans of partying, having fun and that pending Goa trip (as if) and are left with just broken hearts.

Wait, it led to one more thing – Online Classes.

While the nation has been continuously ‘unlocking’ after a complete lockdown, the educational institutions still remain shut. This has forced these institutions to come up with alternative methods of teaching rather than waiting for the ‘offline’ classes to resume.

While it was all fun and games initially, students have now come to realize the devastating potential of these online classes, their utter annoyance and sleep-disturbing capabilities! 

After 6 long months of doing absolutely nothing (except rona and bartan dhona), online classes have become a pain for most students.

Aur jab jab sankat aaya hai, millennials ne meme banaya hai! 

And hence, as you would have expected, started the meme fest about this alternate education system!

The meme wagon began rolling when it suddenly dawned upon students that now their 6-month long ‘holiday’ was coming to an end.

Trust us when we say this: Join class > good morning babu!

Soon, memes started pouring in about the ‘mute’ feature of online teaching platforms!

Thappad se darr nahi lagta saab, iss se lagta hai:

When someone is continuously speaking without being able to see you, sleep comes naturally!

Sing along!

We all know that one student who does this:

It’s so apt it hurts.

With classes continuing, memes are also not backing off!

Through thick and through thin, through classes and through assignments, there’s only one thing that has been constant – MEMES!

With memes taking over the internet, it’s high time they are given credit for their power to effectively communicate.

Brands must also realize that it’s only through memes they can permeate this internet generation’s minds.

DW, we are here with all things meme to help your brand get through this!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal


Meme Marketing Vs Digital Ads

Imagine a scene, where you are scrolling through YouTube and you just found out that your favourite music artist has released a song. You get all hyped up about the new single and click on the thumbnail. The screen loads, and BAM!

Suddenly you have an ad about some random company talking about their new set of bulbs, or maybe the benefits of their new shaving cream -_-

Worse case, you’ll have to watch the entire video before you get to watch what you want to. This, right here, is the inherent problem with ads. They annoy and irritate you. And the chances of you buying that product go wayyy down.

So what is it that has turned the internet-savvy generation into ad-averse individuals and made advertisements almost obsolete?

Well, to begin with, advertising requires a large amount of budget. Entrepreneurs empty their pockets with hopes to reach their customers. However, this also requires the right techniques, audience and platforms to work effectively. 

The amount of risk and uncertainty in advertising is high. In spite of making a high budget ad, one may end up with poor results.

The research firm, Forrester published in a 2019 report that; agencies were “falling further into irrelevance”. The report also concluded that reaching audiences had become quite a difficult task for the agencies as the marketing costs and the distribution of the ads across several media platforms squeezed a huge sum of money out of the accounts.

Accounts of companies after investing in an ad:

So, the bottom line is: People Hate Ads. 

The gradual rise in the ad blocking services proves this point. Here’s a report issued by Adobe and PageFair, which shows the use of desktop ad blockers, which rose from 21 million users in 2010 to 181 million users in 2015.

Another reason for the rise of ad blockers is the fact that advertisements slow down the web browsing experience. By reducing the ads, your web page loads faster and lesser data is used as a result.

Now you know why your daily internet quota finishes so early!

The biggest problem with ads is however, the fact that it fails to connect with people. And when I say people, I mean mostly the millennials since they are the ones surfing the internet all day long.

In a small amount of time, ads fail to connect with the audience, let alone market their product.

Now the obvious question arises! 


Well, we got you covered. 

This is exactly where MEMES come in. Memes are something everyone connects to, likes to see on their screen and well, not to flex or anything – there’s no Meme Blocker!

Memes are not only humorous, they are straightforward templates which an average human brain can process faster and retain for longer.

The biggest perks of a meme campaign are that it is fun, easy and extremely low cost. Not to mention its immense reach, popularity and likeability among youth present on various social media platforms.

Finally a promotion campaign which will get zero eye-rolls from the target audience!

Just imagine an internet experience without Ads! 

Wait, we’ll give you one better. Imagine ads being replaced with MEMES!!!

Wouldn’t THAT be PERFECT?

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal


DREAM 11 Won the Title Sponsorship for IPL, but the Memes Won our Hearts!

A part of the soul of India lies in the game of cricket. Starting from the Test Series, right up to the World Cup, Indians are always overly enthusiastic when it comes to watching the game. 

And when we talk about cricket, how can we forget the month long cricket festival that the country waits for every year!? 

You got it right, it is IPL TIME!!!!! (our excitement is directly proportional to the exclamation marks here)

The pandemic put a halt to many industries including the sports industry. After a 4-month long lockdown, the world slowly started to resume the sporting activities around the world. 

This also paved a way for the BCCI to announce the return of IPL amid some… controversy.

Following the criticism on social media about being a Chinese brand associated with the championship, Vivo pulled out as the title sponsor for this year’s IPL. 

The place was thus taken by a new sponsor – Dream 11.

Yk, this is the app which helps you win money by betting!

Dream 11 is India’s first gaming start up to be valued at over $1 billion.

The IPL governing council chairman Brijesh Patel confirmed that Dream11 bid the sponsorship amount at Rs. 222 crore. Two edu-tech companies — BYJUs and Unacademy were also in the bidding race but came second (201 crore) and third (170 crore) respectively.

People went bonkers with the news of the new title sponsor, which brings us to our favourite part!

MEMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (remember the relationship between our excitement and exclamation marks?)

After the Dream 11 Twitter handle conveyed the news with much excitement, several fans hilariously reacted to it, sharing some funny memes and comments…

Aa gaya hai BOSS!

Many memes which were circulated revolved around the fact that how Dream 11’s sponsorship bid defeated those of Patanjali, BYJUs and Unacademy.

Ek minute! What was Binod doing there?

Dream 11 to other companies : Chaal haaat!

Sad Day for Bidders!

Class kab chalu karu bol?


Also, just a little confusion!

Should we call this IPL as IPL 2020 or as Dream11 IPL 13?

Well, Dream 11 received a grand welcome as new title sponsor. Through the unquestionable power of memes, Dream 11’s sponsorship started to trend on Twitter and the reach increased exponentially. 

This is just one of the few things that one can achieve through the creative medium of memes.

That’s right, with memes even your brand can achieve an exponential reach!

Wanna know more?

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal