Hi, I am Sima Taparia from Mumbai! 

What are your preferences, beta?

If this question got you making a *list*,well then congratulations, you have binge-watched one of the most ‘I don’t know why I binge-watched’ show on Netflix!

Yes, we are talking about the recently launched show on Netflix India called “Indian Matchmaking”.

This is a documentary setup which talks about…Indian matchmaking (no guesses here, I guess).

That’s right, the show revolves around Sima Aunty, who claims herself to be a ‘top matchmaker from Mumbai’.

It involves ‘clients’ from all across the globe, who are looking for an eligible partner to marry – through a matchmaker. (yep, not Tinder or Bumble folks!)

Through the show, the makers tried to throw light on this custom called ‘matchmaking’ and aptly called it ‘Indian’ matchmaking in order to get away with extreme caste-ism, class discrimination, stereotypical thinking, racial discrimination and so on and on and on.

Well, to be fair, the show received a mixed review. Some praised it for gracefully throwing light on these stereotypical notions about marriage in the Indian culture, some took the show as a source of instilling these utterly useless stereotypical thinking processes into the society. 

Talk about mixed reviews!

While the debate continued over the show’s ultimate aim, Indian Matchmaking went on to enjoy viewership from a huge number of millennials, who did not want to miss out on the ‘meme convo’ happening online!

While some netizens were amazed at Sima aunty’s ways of matchmaking, others were astonished by the strange appearance of life coaches, babas, jyotishis and face-readers into a matchmaking process!

In the show, Sima Taparia would visit her clients’ home and judge their standard of living.

Then, she would go on to ask the preferences of the client for a life partner and make a *list*.

The lists ranged from reasonable asks such as a friendly person to literally useless asks like they should know about the salt flats of Bolivia (I can imagine Aparna doing an eye-roll rn).

One major meme source for netizens was one client called, Akshay and his mom, Preeti.

Akshay is a supremely rich and extremely shy person who relies on his mother for everything. EVERYTHING.

Preeti seems to have more preferences for Akshay’s wife than Akshay himself.

Memes soon surfaced about the ‘terror’ of Akshay’s mom!

Indian Matchmaking took over the internet within a day of releasing, and the reason behind it gaining so much popularity is crystal clear – MEMES.

OOO, this is below the belt!

Sima aunty dropping truth bombs.

Thank you Preeti for all these memes. We love you.

When several content creators and brands started to incorporate Sima Aunty in their conversations, people started feeling a need to watch the show in order to catch up with what was doing the rounds online.

And hence, ladies and gentlemen, we all ended up watching Indian Matchmaking when we could have very easily re-watched F. R. I. E. N. D. S.

This is what memes do. They engage with the audience on a personal level, making them curious about wanting to learn more, making them want to engage with online content. 

Don’t believe us? Try it out yourself. 

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal


Twitter #hacked, Memes Continue!

Heard about the scheme called “21 din mein paisa double”?

The hackers sure have!

Okay, let us provide a little context here.

Last week, multiple high-profile and verified accounts on Twitter got hacked simultaneously in what has been identified till now as a crypto currency scam.

In what Twitter termed as a ‘coordinated social engineering attack’, a lot of verified accounts of public figures including Barack Obama, Kanye West, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and more started tweeting about a free ‘giveaway’.

The tweets asked people to send them $1000 in crypto currency and the concerned account holder would return double the amount to the sender. This offer was for a limited time period only, thereby entrapping some naïve netizens.

Well, we won’t be surprised if the makers of Money Heist decided to take the next season of the show to from reel to real!

Soon, panic started spreading and Twitterati surely did not hold back from tweeting about it.

Like, duh!

While memers geared up for a meme fest on Twitter, it was evident that Twitter was caught-off guards by the hackers.

And what better representation of it than through memes!

“We will fix it soon”, Twitter.

Oh God, did the Simpsons predict it?

Meanwhile Ross: “I’m fine!”

While Twitter’s security team was alerted about this hack, netizens did not fail to mock the ‘ inadequate security level’ of Twitter!

Wait what did just happen here?

Might as well not lock it then!

Following a lot of chaos, in a desperate attempt to get ahead of the hackers, Twitter took away the ability of verified accounts to tweet temporarily.

You must’ve sensed what followed, right?

The ‘unverified’ Twitterati taking over the social media site through memes!

All hail the unverified!


Time to shine, my unverified bois!

Well, the meme fest did not end here!

While the hackers behind this super risky and well-planned hack operation have not been revealed yet, memes continue to roll in about them.

Laxmi Chit Fund itna technologically equip kab ho gaya?

*Illegal business!

All in all, Twitterati had a meme day and Twitter had a tough day.

As it is evident, a large number of people would have stayed unaware of this hack if not for the humorous memes that circulated!

That is the REACH of memes, folks!

With organic shares, memes get a lot more attention than any other type of content on social media.

And hence, to uplift your brand game online, try memes for marketing!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal



In 2013, pictures of the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, went viral in a Twitter trend. The trend involved people comparing pictures of the President with the famous cartoon character Winnie the Pooh.

The trend started out as a harmless joke but Jinping perceived it as an attack on his dignity. As a result, censorship increased in China and the honey-loving bear was banned in China.

Since then, people have used this comparison meme to attack the Chinese president on the internet.

Where did #HindiCheeniByeBye come from?

Well, on 15th June, 2020, China’s PLA troops attacked the Indian Army troops stationed at Galwan Valley in Ladakh. This attack triggered a wave of outrage all across the country.

When the tensions between India and China began to rise, Indian users on Twitter decided to attack Chinese leadership by making the meme go viral again.

Amul — famous for its topical advertisements — also posted two illustrations on its Twitter page that were a jab at the Chinese troops. 

Twitter, however, took down the posts and suspended Amul’s account for a day on the basis of the advertisements violating community guidelines.

Indian users of the social media platform started tweeting with #BoycottTwitter because Amul’s post being taken down was seen as censorship and violation of the right to dissent.

Some people saw the irony in this hashtag about how users were posting #BoycottTwitter on Twitter!

But Indian users weren’t the only ones making memes.

Social media users from China also retaliated. They took to Pakistani Twitter and Facebook accounts to collect memes about India that they translated into Chinese.

Users of Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, began posting memes about China’s superiority and India’s struggle with Pakistan and China on both sides.

Today, memes address and affect every aspect of society — even political. Naturally, cyberspace has turned into another dimension of war and this virtual clash is just one of the many examples.

Humour and satire have always existed in politics but with the internet, memes are becoming a critical part of the political discourse in a democracy. Everyone can express their views through a meme — not just political cartoonists and satirists.

Today’s youth is not afraid to voice their dissent and stand up against injustice from the authorities. And this is evident in the way this activism comes across in their meme game.

The most appealing aspect about making memes focused on political issues is probably the fact that not only can anyone create their own but also the playful, humorous aspect of it.

You must have realized by now that the extent of memes’ influence in society is tremendous. And guess what?

It is growing day by day.

Leverage this influence of memes for your brand and stand apart from the online ad-saturated world. 

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Article written by Yusra Ahmed


Students excel in MEMES after CBSE announces results!

That Day of the year is back!

That very day, when your over-enthusiastic neighbours will be eavesdropping by your door. 

That day when you cannot escape the continuous glare of your parents.

And some relatives whose existence has always been a mystery will pop out of nowhere with the THREE NIGHTMARISH WORDS!

Yes, you got it right! The RESULTS are out…

CBSE released the results of the 12th standard students, who had appeared for the exams earlier this year, but couldn’t complete all the exams because of the pandemic! 

The students have been in a state of conundrum all throughout this year!

From the ever-changing exam dates of the pending exams, to the allocation of marks after the cancellation of the exams, the students have come a long way to get their results.

And, CBSE had a surprise in store!

It shocked the students by declaring the results two days prior to the announcement date!

After months of anticipation, when the results were declared, the students did not leave a chance to start a meme-fest on social media. 

The results brought along the age-old feeling of being irritated by the questions that your relatives ask and the general air of curiosity that is present in the entire neighbourhood.

Oh God, we need a sequel to 3 Idiots!

Entire Sena Incoming…

We understand that feeling, we have all been through that phase! 

While the students were anxious about their scores, they got a perfect score in one subject: MEMES!

Kripiya karke Meri Baat Suniye

Tough Days Ahead Man!

Encounter ho jayega…

Jiya jale….!

However, CBSE had another major disappointment in store for us. 

As students started logging into the official site to know their results, it crashed.



Every year. Same Problem.

Well, the students definitely won our hearts with these hilarious memes! 

This clearly shows how the Indian Meme Community can tackle any situation with the creative medium of memes! 

From the constant irritation of getting results to improving your brand’s digital presence, MEMES have always come to the rescue!

With memes, you can give your brand a completely new make-over!

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal


Fair & Lovely gets renamed, results in ‘Glowing’ MEMES!

Remember that fairness cream commercial which used to propagate how using a ‘fairness cream’ can get you your dream job? Yea, that’s ‘Fair & Lovely’ for you!

Recently, the team at ‘Fair & Lovely’ decided to change their product’s name after 45 years. 

And we’re here to tell you more about it!

The ongoing Black Lives Matter movement in the West has brought to light the deep-rooted racial prejudices in different parts of the world. 

And as you can guess, Indian society’s obsession with fairness and the idea that fair skin makes one beautiful/successful has been brought to the forefront.

As a result of this, a number of major brands in the cosmetic industry are being called out for normalising and even promoting this idea in their marketing strategies and campaigns.

One of these brands is Hindustan Unilever Limited. 

‘Fair & Lovely’, one of their most famous products, has skin whitening as its sole selling point and has ingrained these same ideas and beauty standards since its launch in 1975.

HUL released a statement that they would stop using words like “fairness”, “whitening”, and “brightening” in all their products to be more inclusive. They also said they’d be removing ‘Fair’ from ‘Fair & Lovely’ and renaming the product.

This is seemingly a minor step in the right direction. Only…it’s not.

Because what did HUL rename the product to?   


Glow & Lovely!

An evidently tokenistic move to try and appeal to the masses with the BLM movement in full swing, this statement made an already raging internet even angrier.

Not only were they still keeping this product on the market, but they also just got very, very lazy.

The statement that HUL released became a huge talking point on the internet and of course, it also generated a whole wave of memes.

The men’s fairness cream, “Fair & Handsome”, was also renamed to “Glow & Handsome”.

Again, this change had angered the internet but it also turned into a meme for more than one reason.

Firstly, this meme started trending because of the irony in the statement released by HUL.

The brand claimed that the reason for renaming the product was because they were “committed to a skin care portfolio that’s inclusive of all skin tones, celebrating the diversity of beauty.” 

But the product is still a skin lightening (read: fairness) cream.

Also, the internet can make a meme out of pretty much anything. 

What’s more, such memes capture the youth’s attention!

So naturally, when the brand put in zero effort into renaming the product, the internet saw it as a golden opportunity to start making memes!

Because the internet has now developed this tendency to pinpoint issues as well as make memes out of pretty much everything, brands now need to be very careful with the way they campaign their brand image. 

An effective way to appeal to the youth without coming across as salesy is meme marketing!

Make memes, not ads and you’ll be…well glowing! (everything’s fair in puns, oops did it again!)

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Article written by Yusra Ahmed


Yes, we KAN-YE: Kanye West’s Big Announcement makes Memers go Berserk!

2020 has been a year full of surprises. With each passing month, there seems to be something new waiting for us. 

However, the beginning of the new decade seems to have been a little too harsh on a particular country.


Starting right from the Iran-USA clash, to having the highest number of Covid-19 cases, to a nation-wide protest following the death of George Floyd, USA seemed to have had a pretty rough journey through 2020.

Adding on to the list of shock-waves, came the announcement of Kanye West running for the US Presidential Election!

Yep, you heard that right!

Yeezy is finally doing it!

On the 4th of July, the 21 times Grammy award winning rapper announced his candidacy via Twitter. The tweet itself has gone viral!

The netizens are not sure whether they should be happy or horrified!

The tweet was re-tweeted by his wife Kim Kardashian West and Tesla CEO Elon Musk replied to the tweet, saying that Kanye has his “full support.”

We are sure the Simpsons must’ve mentioned about this somewhere, right?

Many started questioning the validity of the statement and considered this to be a political stunt or simply a prank. 

ye think Ye is kidding?

This isn’t the first time Kanye has talked about his presidential aspirations. Back in 2016, he had hinted that he would be standing for the elections in 2024.

In 2016, Kanye announced his complete support for Donald Trump. Now it seems the tables have turned!

However, the only constant things in this unpredictable year are the MEMES! 

Soon after Kanye’s announcement, memers flooded our feed with their box full of memes and jokes. Some supported him, others imagined what would Kim do if she became the First Lady.

Yeezy’s new shoe brand will be called Prezi!

That one artist Kanye doesn’t want to see right now. Or probably, ever!

Can you imagine KIM KARDASHIAN as the First Lady!?

Can’t wait for this Howdy Kanye to take place?

Well, Kanye West may go on to become the President as well. It is highly possible. Just as Kanye’s song says, That’s on God

While we cannot assure you about that, the only thing that you can be sure about is the constant supply of hilarious memes! 

And we are here to provide you just that!

2020 has got you making a lot of changes, make one more – try memes for marketing!

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal


Instagram Reels trigger Humorous Memes!

Recently, the Indian government made a seemingly ‘unpredictable’ announcement of banning TikTok amidst other 59 Chinese apps.

This came as a shock as the government released a long list of apps which would now be banned in India. The list included prominent apps like Shein, CamScanner and Xender.

This decision was not welcomed by ‘TikTokers’ who had made this platform their everyday go-to app for content.

Many people had started creating content specifically for TikTok on a professional level.

Amidst this chaos, Mark Zuckerberg spotted an opportunity to tap on the wide target audience that was left stumped after the TikTok ban.

Instagram launched a new feature called ‘Reels’ which is a short-video format platform, deemed to be exceedingly similar to TikTok.

Instagram Reels allow users to create dubbed and quirky short videos of 15 seconds. Users can add filters, music and other effects to their videos.

Along with sparking curiosity, the new feature undoubtedly sparked some really interesting memes on the internet!

Memers went crazy after this new announcement.

The uncanny similarity between Instagram Reels and TikTok led to a laugh riot on Instagram:

Truer words have never been spoken.

Since Zuckerberg launched Reels amazingly quickly after the ban, he became the focus point of memes!

We bet Modiji did not mean this!

At a time when several content creators were left shocked after their favorite app’s ban, Instagram just offered them the same feature.

Obviously, memers went on and brought to light the fact that how Instagram gave ‘sharan’ to TikTokers!

AaaAAAAaaaaAAAA, come on sing along!

But wait, while TikTokers celebrated this move, there was someone who wasn’t happy – the regular users and the…MEMERS!

Several people who didn’t like TikTok did not welcome this move by Instagram.

As you can expect, memers started meme-ing about their disappointment – quite literally!

Sab bech do yaar :’(

Zakir bhai, Instagram pighal gaya re!

We can literally hear this picture, can ya?

All in all, Instagram’s new feature led to an ultimate meme riot on the internet. It explored different angles starting right from TikTokers’ happiness to other people’s disappointment.

What we can safely say is that no other, absolutely no other feature on Instagram has gained so much popularity within just a day of launching.

Can you guess the reason behind it?

Unprecedented promotion through MEMES!

With so many memes doing the rounds, millennials were inadvertently targeted to at least try the feature once!

This is the impact that memes have on today’s youth.

Brands must leverage this fact and adopt newer methods of marketing through memes.

With memes, it is possible to achieve greater engagement on social media.

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal


Season 3 Dark: The Meme Cycle Begins!

The entire social media is filled with it; you’d be lying if you say you haven’t heard about ‘Dark’!

Well, Netflix’s popular German series, Dark released its third and final season on June 27th and the ‘FINAL CYCLE’ has begun!

The series starring German actors like Louis Hofmann, Lisa Vicari and others has been considered as one of the most fascinating science-fiction shows to have been produced by Netflix.

After being kept in suspense at the end of the second season, fans have been eagerly waiting to witness the ultimate finale of this mind-blowing series. 

For the newcomers to the show, well, we can’t exactly explain what this show is about! (partly because it is difficult to understand and even more difficult to explain! )

Dekho, it’s simple!

The show basically has countless timelines, endless discussions on paradoxes and God’s Particle, lots of random riddles in German, space-time continuum and all those topics taught in the science classes that we had bunked in school!

In order to fully understand the show, you have to view the seasons more than once, possibly with a pen and paper!

The series, being such a unique and mind-blowing one, has provided enough material for the Indian Meme Community.

And, as expected, soon after the release of the trailer, the meme show started…

The Twitterati went crazy as they seemed to be extremely confused with the complexity of the plot!

The memes revolved around two aspects: firstly, about the excessive complexity of the show, secondly about the show itself.

Let’s explore the former aspect!

Kuch samajh mey nahi aa raha bro!

We have all been through this dude! (Infact our past is going through this…)

We had already asked you to keep your pen and pencil ready!

Umm.. Its just a little bit of effort from your side.. Umm LITTLE?

Moving on, the series also led to a lot of memes inspired from the show.

The Cycle Repeats!

Inception, what?


As Dark comes to an end, with its final season, all we can say is “For neither ever, nor never…Goodbye.”

Well, Dark managed to gain multiple ‘new’ watchers for its third season through an ‘online agent’.

Which agent?


Millennials who hadn’t watched or even heard of the show earlier started to watch it right from season 1 in order to catch the latest conversation online.

That, my friend, is the POWER of memes and meme marketing!

Memes awaken curiosity among youngsters which makes the subject a talking point amidst them.

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal


Memes that left us over the Moon, thanks to ISRO!

Earlier this month, Indian Space Research Organisation chief, K Sivan, announced that India would be opening up the space sector for private companies. 

Private sector companies will now be able to carry out space-related activities like building rockets and satellites and will be able to help with launch services.

This “major reform” will also allow private sector companies to be a part of inter-planetary missions carried out by ISRO.

This decision was made in order to utilise the space sector and boost the industrial base because India is among the handful of countries with advanced space technology.

But what does interest us are the memes that followed!

After the announcement, people took to Twitter to make memes about how this move would allow private sector companies to begin capitalising ‘space’ too.

Many memes revolved around Mukesh Ambani and his potential interest in entering the ‘space industry’.

Mukesh bhai, opportunity che!

Humme pata hai, pehele aap hi jayenge!

A lot of these memes also brought American aerospace tech entrepeneur, Elon Musk, back into the spotlight. 

Usually, Musk manages to go viral on the internet because of his own behavior. But not this time.

When talking about competition in India, how can we forget Baba Ramdev!?

Now, the question is why did this announcement inspire so many memes?

Well, it provided the youth an opportunity to mock the high level of competition in the private sector.

A category of memes that is not only becoming more famous but are also very influential – political memes.

The youth is not only using memes to voice their opinions but also to talk about the political philosophies they follow.

Aasmaan bech diya re!

Naturally, this announcement brought about the wave of capitalism memes seeing how private sector companies now have an entirely new industry to compete in.

This trend of memes about ISRO’s announcement made it evident that memes are also a form of social commentary and a way to spread news.

So when something as efficient and easy to make as memes, have so much power, brands should consider integrating them into their marketing strategy.

The only thing to keep in mind is to make sure these memes fit into the current trends and aren’t problematic — especially if they are political or topical. 

Meme marketing can really work wonders for your brand!

And that’s exactly what our team of millennials at Youngun India is here to do for your brand!

Article written by Yusra Ahmed


Baba Ramdev’s Coronil is the new Meme Sensation!

Did you hear about Coronil yet?

If not, dude, you gotta start watching news! (just kidding, we are here to help!)

Patanjali Ayurved recently launched “Coronil”, which Baba Ramdev claimed to be the first ayurvedic cure for Covid-19. He went on to say that the people who used this medicine were fully cured of the virus and none of them died.

According to sources, Coronil is made out of elements like Ashwagandha (obviously, it’s the crux of Patanjali products) Giloy, and Tulsi. What’s surprising is that it claims to treat patients in just 5 to 14 days.

After announcing this ‘cure for coronavirus’, Baba Ramdev went on to say that out of the 280 human trials, 69 per cent of them recovered from the virus within three days. 

And that soon they will be making the Coronil Kit available for buying. 

But wait, it was such a huge announcement, netizens and memers had to step in!

Soon after its launch, the curiosity among Indians rose, and within a few hours, Coronil was on the top trends on Twitter. 

As you may have guessed already, the Indian Meme Community did not fail to amuse us with their creativity.

In the absence of a proper Covid-19 vaccine, people started making memes on how Patanjali had solved a world crisis!

Jaadu ho gaya bhai, Jaadu!

America feeling betrayed with a lot of hydroxycholoroquine stored in their go-downs.

Thalaiva Ramdev!

W – What?

H – How?

O – OMG!

But with all of this going on, Patanjali also managed to get itself into a majorrr controversy!

Soon after the announcement, the AYUSH Ministry asked Patanjali to submit all the details such as the name and composition, research study details, CTRI registration and result data of the medicine. 

They also asked Patanjali to stop advertising the medicine kit as a Covid-19 cure.

This was followed by a super interesting reply by Patanjali!

Patanjali announced that they never actually said that Coronil would ‘cure’ the coronavirus, but instead it will only boost the immunity that would help ‘fight’ the virus!

What…but they….just…said…wait what?


And as expected, memers went crazy after hearing this!

Accha baat nahi hai yeh!

AYUSH Ministry comes to the rescue.

2 minutes of silence for the ones who actually believed Baba Ramdev!

Well, we don’t know about the COVID-19 cure, but surely the Coronil kit brought laughter and memes!

With every new announcement, come a lot of memes!

Just like Coronil got an unusual promotion through the creative medium of memes, why don’t you think of the benefits that memes could reap for your brand’s marketing? With memes, millennials can be easily attracted towards your brand!

“Memes ko try Coro-na!”

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Article written by Krishanu Sanyal