Memes Trend for #NoExamsInCovid!


The first thing which comes to mind is that this year has been bambooooozled!

Only Joey knows what that means!

Well, this year has changed the course of a lot of things. While the nation continues to fight with coronavirus, students and parents all across the country demanded that exams get cancelled.


Lack of online classes, absence of devices, weak internet connection and the list goes on and on and on.

But guess what?

We are not here to debate. We are here to MEME! (Wait, did we just use that as a verb!?)

Anyway, confused how exams and memes connect? Students weren’t!

Students across the country know the power of memes and their potential in helping reach their concerns to the right authorities!

And hence, internet had a field day with #NoExamsInCovid trending!

Memes about how this would affect different types of students, teachers, parents as well as the government soon surfaced.

Well well, this is a heartbreak for “Sharma ji ka Beta”!

Toppers to the trend be like: “O sarak, sarak udhar!”

Students are asking for cancellation of exams through memes? This is like Diwali for backbenchers!

Backbenchers: Hum isme hissa lena chahenge!

This got us rappin’!


Meanwhile, memes from the perspective of parents were also not held back!

Har ghar ki kahaani!

But wait, there’s another stakeholder in this discussion (probably the strongest one) – Government!


Kabhi deta hai?

Baat toh sahi hai!

With these memes doing the rounds on the internet, students had a ray of hope of seeing their exams get cancelled! 

And some exams literally got postponed/cancelled – for instance the “BOARD” exams now stand cancelled!

While memes might seem like a humorous way to keep your point forward, the youth is, quite visibly, choosing it to voice their opinions.

What makes memes stand out is their potential to appeal to every age group and their adaptability to every discussion genre out there.

It is high time we start tapping the potential of memes – both to voice our opinion and to strategically place our business within the millennial’s minds.

It is time to discover meme marketing.

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal


Memer to Counsellor: Balram Vishwakarma

Balram Vishwakarma, a 26-year-old, entered the COVID Care Centre 2 facility on May 6 after he was diagnosed COVID-19 positive. His case, however, was different from the rest.

Balram is the admin of the popular meme page Andheri West Shitposting, which has a follower count of over 43k on Instagram and 63k on Facebook.

Being tested positive for the virus comes with a lot of additional stress.

Besides having to worry about their health, they also face a high level of discrimination in society. Naturally, this can be very scary for the patients.

So when the doctors at CCC2 center found out that he is a memer, Balram was asked if he would be willing to counsel some of the patients and help them feel better, because he’d be good at communication.

Despite being scared about his own health as well as his family members who were also infected, Balram agreed to become a counsellor. 

He continued to visit the hospital even after his treatment because he felt he owed it to the BMC and wanted to do something for the patients.

Recently, his page has also become more infotainment-oriented and a source of Coronavirus-related information – especially specific details that he learnt from his experience.

On being asked about this change in content, Balram said that one needs to keep shifting their content genre to avoid becoming redundant.

Further, he felt it was his moral responsibility to take a stand with almost a lakh people listening. So he started off with raising awareness about development plans, RTI, civil rights and started voicing his opinions.

Today, memes on the internet don’t just serve the purpose of making us laugh. They have the power to influence one’s opinions and affect nearly all spheres of modern society.

As an established memer, Balram believes that the influential power memes have is immense and can affect one’s decision making. 

Memes can be consumed quickly and this factor “matches with the platform they’re getting uploaded to.”

We also talked to him about meme marketing and here’s what he had to say!

A number of brands are also going down the route of meme marketing today. As a member of the Indian meme community, what do you think is the scope for meme marketing in India today?

“There is, if done properly. Instead of appointing a creative writer from a traditional digital marketing circle, the brands really need to hire real meme makers who have a clout and accurate understanding of the need of a product which can be transformed into a basic 1080p x 1080p image. A lot of brands make shitty memes that are 2 years old dead templates and expect millenials to think the brand is cool. And when the campaign fails they blame it on the concept of memes. Brand integration in a meme needs to be really subtle, seamless and honest. I think if execution is killer, then the results are gonna be killer for a brand as well. Hence the scope is immense if they get the right person to do their hustling.”

After hearing about the immense potential of meme marketing by a prominent member of the Indian meme community, we are sure the brightest minds would want to give their brands a meme makeover!

Still confused about what goes into meme marketing?

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Article written by Yusra Ahmed


The Meme Fleet on Twitter!

Right from:

Wait, let me put a picture of this on my Snap story! 


Wait, let me show off this expensive dish on my IG Story! 


Let me update this on my WhatsApp Story (who even did that?) 

We have a new kind of ‘Story’ in the house!

Yep, Twitter, the one where people can only rant in 280 characters, has launched a new feature – called Fleets. 

Fleets are similar to ‘stories’, in the sense they will allow users to share their momentary thoughts, reactions and ahem, opinions in a format which will disappear after 24 hours. (thank God!)

This feature is believed to have arisen as a result of a lot of people hesitating to ‘tweet’ since it had a permanent touch to it, along with being publicly available. 

It has been discovered that as a result of this, Twitter has launched a new format hoping that people will now use the platform more.

What’s more, this feature has just rolled out, and India is only among the first three countries to get this feature.

And well well well, needless to say, the Indian meme community did not fail to capitalize on this meme-ful opportunity!

As soon as the feature was announced, the internet world went nuts!

From mocking Twitter for blatantly copying the format from other apps to making fun of other apps already using it, it was a meme parade on the internet!

Instagram has been a popular platform for stories up until now. Memers caught on to this and memes mocking Instagram’s farewell started doing the rounds!

Nakal ke liye bhi akkal chahiye hoti hai!

Amidst this meme storm, came a new topic: the still non-existent edit button.

It has been years since users keep pointing out a missing edit button, so that they can edit their published tweets for grammatical mistakes and so on.

Many users were disappointed and disheartened at the fact that Twitter decided to ignore the need for an Edit Button. AGAIN.

Users complained how they were forced with the new Fleets instead of what was actually needed – an option to edit.

Soon after the coveted announcement, the feedback on fleets became a top trending hashtag on Twitter itself!

Now that’s how you roll, boi!

While people complained about the feature, they also admitted their love for Twitter and the resultant helplessness of users.

Well, all we can say is that after a long field day at Instagram and Twitter, the Indian Meme Community proved, yet again, about their ability to attract people’s attention and invite responses!

It goes without saying that memes have immense potential today, and can transform your brand’s digital presence exponentially!

Try it once and give your brand a desirable makeover!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal


Now Streaming: Netflix India’s Meme Game!

Since its launch in India in 2016, Netflix has come a long way in terms of both content as well as its marketing strategy. 

One of the main strategies Netflix uses to appeal to its user base in different countries is the relatability factor by releasing regional classics and Netflix Originals. 

The success of Originals such as Sacred Games and Little Things bear testament to the fact that this strategy works in its favour.

Netflix’s marketing strategies and promotion campaigns on social media, however, are what really began to make it stand out from its competition. 

Netflix had figured out the language that its user base would not only understand but would also be impressed by before the other two online streaming giants — Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar — did.

Let’s take a look at how Netflix got its social media game right and what made it so successful!

Netflix’s social media marketing team didn’t adopt the tone of a deadpan, serious brand promoting its content (or worse, one trying too hard to appeal to the younger crowds). 

Rather, they took on the personality of a meme-loving fan of their own content.


This worked wonders considering their user base is primarily a crowd that can sense forced enthusiasm extremely easily.

By adapting to meme trends and meme-ing their own content, Netflix portrays itself as a brand that really understands the youth and most importantly, can make jokes at their own expense.

For example, when the internet began joking about how many of Netflix’s Originals featured Radhika Apte, Netflix also joined in and tweeted about its love for the actress.

This results in a high level of engagement from fans. Sometimes, as in the case of Birdbox, this level of engagement is very profitable. For some new titles that do not advertise elaborately, the hype ends up garnering a large audience through re-tweets or viral hashtags.

Their strategy to maintain this level of engagement is to have an ongoing, creative dialogue with their audiences through their posts.

Viral hashtags and internet trends are another tool that Netflix uses to get more attention from audiences while promoting the titles available to stream.

The #10yearchallenge was one of the trends Netflix US participated in to promote F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

And more recently, when Virat Kohli’s dinosaur walk went viral on Twitter, Netflix re-tweeted it with a joke about Jurassic Park.

Lastly, Netflix utilises the factor of variety in its marketing strategy for social media. 

Netflix India’s Instagram page posts at least thrice a day while their Twitter page tweets and re-tweets a lot more. Yet, constantly seeing their posts pop up on your feed doesn’t become annoying.

Why? Because they all vary greatly in format. 

The social media handles post almost every form of content possible. From text posts, polls, and trailers on Twitter, to posters, stills, and interviews on IGTV on Instagram — Netflix has got it all covered on their social media pages while also showing off their great meme game!

Here’s some of the best memes posted on Netflix’s social media handles!

From a streaming service to a favorite among youngsters, Netflix India has positioned itself in the most optimum way possible.

By meme-ifying its approach, engaging with youth and refraining from on-the-face promotions, Netflix India is a true visionary and is an example of the fact that memes are here to rule the world!

Well, all we gotta say is that we got the same energy as well for your brand – We Are Here For You!

Discover the secrets of meme marketing at Youngun India!

Article written by Yusra Ahmed


Memes ki Hera Pheri!

Two decades back, one wrong number led to a hilarious meme parade in the 2020s.

That’s right, back then memes didn’t even exist in their righteous sense. 

But a gem existed: Hera Pheri!

We are talking about the iconic Bollywood film, Hera Pheri starring Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty in pivotal roles.

If you haven’t watched the film, well…

Here’s what the movie was about: One landlord along with two of his tenants are in desperate need of money. They receive a ransom call from a wrong number one day and decide to capitalize on the opportunity by keeping some amount of the ransom for themselves.

And voila! This leads to super hilarious situations, misunderstandings and well, hera pheri of money!

While the movie itself was a laugh riot, its memes have set the internet ablaze with humor!

The love for Hera Pheri movie memes is so effing great that there is a new initiative on Instagram called the Daily Hera Pheri Meme Project.

The project aims to convert EACH dialogue of the movie into a meme.

Yes, sahi mein!

It is a dedicated meme page which converts real life, topical situations into relatable memes.

Started on April 9, 2020, the page has performed excellently with more than 76,000 followers in less than 2 months!

Let’s move on to some of its best memes till date!

This year has provided the Indian meme community with a variety of meme topics – from 2020’s disasters to coronavirus to the nationwide lockdown and its characteristic problems. 

Well, 2020 has surely dampened all our plans…

Ye Baburao ka style hai re!

Blue lays should be declared as an essential commodity.

Moving on, apart from these lockdown references, the Daily Hera Pheri Meme Project did not fail to capture daily instances with a humorous twist!

Yaaaaar, ye hamesha hota hai…

What a joke boss, lovely!

Shaadi kar lo, fir toh aish hi aish hai!

We are sure Student Of The Year 25 will cast Taimur and Inaya!

God, we just can’t stop laughing!

In such a short span of time, this project has managed to attract a large audience base (sings *dene wala jab bhi deta, deta chhappad faad ke*)

It goes without saying that the influence of memes is growing at an exponential speed. Gen Z and millennials are paying attention to funny, engaging content than traditional ads more now than ever.

Memes connect people remotely through an undercurrent emotion of laughter.

If this undercurrent emotion is used in meme marketing for brands, it will result in a powerful campaign.

Discover more about meme marketing, its potential and benefits at Youngun India!

Article written by Dishika Bakliwal


Indian Memes demand #JusticeForChutki as Chhota Bheem ditched her for Indumati!

The Internet can do crazy things in crazy times. It can make the most ordinary and outlandish things gather unwanted attention and go viral. 

#JusticeforChutki is one such trend that one could have never expected to come up during an ongoing global pandemic and multiple cyclones. It is based on the popular kids’ cartoon show ‘Chhota Bheem’.

According to the trending hashtag, the netizens seem to be demanding justice for Chutki who is apparently ditched by her best friend Bheem, who plans to marry the rich Rajkumari Indumati, the princess of the fictional world of Dholakpur.

Sounds weird right?

People have compared this to the plot of Shah Rukh Khan’s 1998 hit, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, where the lead character Rahul ditches his best friend, Anjali, to marry the conventionally ‘beautiful’ friend, Tina.

Netizens have started showing their anger towards ‘dhokebaaz’ Bheem, as they have called him a gold digger to have settled for someone just for fame and money. 

Bheem seems to have abandoned Chutki, who has always been a support to him and has fought alongside him and fed him laddoos, which restores his energy.

“Bheem played with Chutki’s emotions & conveniently married Indumati in the end. What were u doing the whole time wid chutki? Celebrating Christmas? Ate her laddoos, made her fight wid her own mom, made her risk her own life for u so many times! Chose money?,” wrote one angry Twitter user. 

Another one called Bheem a “cheater” and then showed support for the justice that Chutki apparently deserves.

We know things seem a little complicated here…

Well, let’s understand this the meme way!


Chutki is definitely better off without Bheem.

*cries in a corner*

See? Chutki>>>>>>>Indumati

Bheem will get some thrashing soon!

However, many Twitter users were shocked to see #JusticeForChutki, and questioned why it was trending at all?

Thank God! 

But wait, iske bhi memes hai!

Someone has finally addressed the real issue at hand rn!!

Sahi baat hai bhai! Kuch bhi…

You know this is the end, right?

If this wasn’t enough…

People went on to sign a petition to give justice to Chutki!

Check it out: 

Change – We Want Justice for Chutki.

With the hashtag going viral overnight, the makers of the show came out and clarified the rumors. They announced that Chutki, Bheem, and Indumati are all kids and no one is marrying anyone. They asked the Twitterati to not lose their cool.

Take a look!

Despite the clarification, people are still not convinced. Some have questioned the makers regarding the future of these characters. 

Well, well, well. All we gotta say is that if justice for a literal ‘cartoon character’ can trend on the internet, anything can! 

The meme community is growing day by day and enjoys a massive following. With memes, it has become possible to rule the internet and spark a conversation about anything and everything.

With memes, it has become possible to give your brand online limelight it deserves!

What are you waiting for, Bheem to get married?

Get in touch with Youngun India today and discover meme marketing for your brand in its truest essence.

Article written by Krishanu Sanyal


Yaar, #PehleKyuNahiBataya that Health means Wealth? :(

Is there anything at all with which you cannot associate a meme? 

Memes have undoubtedly become a super significant part of our lives. Starting from criticizing the authorities to reviewing products, memes have an influential role-play effect on our analytical mind.

Experts in digital marketing are of the view that a meme can reach and engage an audience ten times that of a regular social media post. 

The challenge remains, however, in making sure that the meme campaign doesn’t come across like a promotion. 

What is the #PeheleKyuNahiBataya campaign?

Chalo, ab bata dete hai!

One of the key highlights of the Annual Budget this year was the tax benefits under section 80D of the income tax act.

But, don’t worry, we will not bombard you with all the technical terms!

In simple words, this provision stated that the people who are paying a health insurance premium for a family member could enjoy a considerable tax deduction ranging upto Rs. 50,000.

MaxBupa Health Insurance saw this as the ideal opportunity to market their insurance products. Among the several campaigns that they undertook, Youngun India executed a meme campaign for them. 

#PehleKyuNahiBataya is a mockery of those who prioritize other things over health insurance, shown through memes. The idea was to show people the importance of health insurance and also the fact that it can actually help one save taxes. 

The campaign gained a lot of popularity among netizens. Insurance is something that is seldom approved in a household, as there remains a fear of financial theft and scandal. 

But that is not the case with health insurance. This is not only safe, but it also helps you save money and also get an added benefit of looking after your family. The memes carried forward this message with great creativity. 

Several pages started posting memes with the hashtag #PehleKyuNahiBataya which included @theindianidiot, @commercewalo, and @theaveragedesi. 

People saw a few memes every day on prioritizing health insurance and thus were driven into taking one for their family. 

Enough of talking!

Our grandfathers have been reminding us since time immemorial to get health insurance, but look at us….

The typical Indian mentality is pretty much summed up here…

Btw, Sharmaji’s son hasn’t bought health insurance yet… this may be the perfect time to impress your Dad.

The CAs have lost it…

Well, those who save taxes are truly ultra-legends!

Aap health secure karao, hum aapki marketing secure kar denge!

Explore the intricacies of a meme marketing campaign and get your brand out there on the internet. It’s time to target Gen Z with humor based promotions!

Reach out to Youngun India for more!

Article written by Krishanu Sanyal 


7 Reasons Why people follow Meme Pages

It is an undisputed fact that meme pages today enjoy a massive following. Some of the most successful ones have a range from 75K to 1.5M followers or even more. But, back to the question, what is it that accounts for their huge follower base? or What are the reasons why people follow meme pages?

  1. Memes are the Primary Source of Entertainment for today’s Youth.


Because they are hilarious. Because they can be created, shared, and consumed quickly!

From Narendra Modi’s ‘Mitron’ to Rajpal Yadav as Chhote Pandit in Bhool Bhulaiyaa. Memes help otherwise outdated elements of pop culture stay relevant.

  1. Memes have become a Way of Communication for the Younger Generations.

Tagging and DMing one another in dank memes is now an important criteria for maintaining a strong friendship.

Memes today play a huge role in how we interact. Reaction memes and GIFs even have the power to hold an entire conversation now.

  1. Memes have become a Source of News.

Believe it or not, a very significant reason why memes are important for the youth is because they give out news. FAST.

Memes spread on the internet like wildfire and hence are a great way to raise awareness about social issues.

Further, since memes do not get censored as much as traditional news sources do, occasionally they also give out information that one wouldn’t typically find out.

  1. Memes are turning into a Medium of Expression for Gen Z and Millennials.

A recent Twitter trend with tweets about Gen Z accurately summed up their personalities.

They are using them to address all sorts of issues (social, political, environmental) and are not afraid to raise their voices for what’s right.

To an extent, they use memes to make sure their opinions are heard and since memes can be shared with one click, their voices are amplified.

  1. A good Meme possesses the Element of Relatability.

Memes are like inside jokes for younger generations with most of them having surreal references that only they could understand.

The best example of memes’ power to bring people together is memes for specific fandoms because they provide content for people to bond over.

  1. Memes have become a Coping Mechanism.

Speaking of bringing people together, memes also help as a coping mechanism. By bringing them together, memes help people feel less alone – especially in a time when everyone is stuck indoors.

They also help as a temporary distraction. And in the shitshow 2020 has been so far, this has played a huge role in helping to cope with the constant disasters we are facing.

  1. Memes are more appealing than Influencers.

Influencers post content that targets a specific niche and on the other hand, meme pages post content that appeals to a wider spectrum of people – their followers are more diverse.

Meme pages are run by the youth so they post content that is more organic while influencers specifically tailor their content for their followers.

These are few reasons why people follow meme pages.

And To sum up – they’re AWESOME!

Therefore, in an age where a majority of the population hates ads and yet spends most of their time in the ad-saturated world online, meme marketing is the way to go to have effective advertising campaigns for your brand. 

With lit humor, immense relatability and millennial love, you brand’s online game will surely take a leap… explore Meme Marketing with Youngun India!

Article written by Yusra Ahmed


Amit ji’s Unconditional Love for Bikaji Bhujia drives Memers crazy!

Today, memers don’t need a reason to shitpost. They can start with literally anything under the sun!

In line with this, for quite some time, several meme pages have been flooded with memes about Bikaji Bhujia for no logical reason at all.

Yes, we are talking about the Bikaji Bhujia that we enjoy on a cosy evening in front of the television. 

The organically garnered memes were based around #AmitjiLovesBikaji, starring the Superstar of the Millennium…..

We don’t exactly know what the meme community saw in the TVC  that got their attention but stilll…

Have a look

Last year, in the month of October, Bikaji Foods International Ltd, signed Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan as its Brand Ambassador. 

The aim of the campaign titled #AmitjiLovesBikaji was to widen the appeal of the Bikaji snacks among millennials who prefer modern snacks rather than the ethnic ones. The idea was to make Bikaji the cool ethnic snack brand.

Did it work?

The advertisement shows Amitabh Bachchan enjoying the Bikaji Bhujia wherever he goes. He becomes like a teenager when it comes to the excuses to not share his bhujia.

The way the videos have been made would make people laugh for sure. The unconditional love for Bhujia that Amitabh Bhachchan seems to have is funny as well as slightly cringy.

Millennials after watching Amitabh Bachchan behave like a kid…

Well, let’s have a look at what the memers have made out of these ads!

Trust us, this pickup line can impress any girl…

Rishte mein aayi darar….. (in a dramatic tone!) Kyu? Kyu? Kyu?

Plot Twist!

If anyone eats his packet, he will become an angry young man!

Oops… sorry Rekha ji!

Bhujia abhi Bika – ji?

Next , in our movie recommendations list, we have…

We also have our childhood favourite…

The best TV show on the planet! A must watch.

Naa matlab naa hota hai.

After this mini meme fest, all we can say is that your Bikaji Bhujia may run out of stock, but the memes won’t!

Bikaji Bhujia perhaps may have not visualized this meme parade while signing up Amitabh Bachchan. But what were meant to be simple commercials, gave way to something way bigger: an unprecedented meme trail by memers!

The ‘marketing’ power of memes is quite evident these days

Similar to this, do you plan to give your brand a meme-makeover to appeal to millennials?

Well, guess what? We do just that!

Discover more about meme marketing at Youngun India!

Article written by Krishanu Sanya


Akshar Pathak: The Fancy Meme Lord!

Just a simple guy, with simple graphics and simple jokes – meet the Fancy Meme Lord!

Akshar Pathak has become a common name amidst millennials and gen Z.

For those who don’t know, he came to the forefront with some super revolutionary Zomato outdoor ads.

Why were they revolutionary you ask?


After seeing the hidden references in these witty ads, did you also go…

It was mostly after these ads that the real Akshar Pathak came to limelight.

But, wait a minute, what does he do?

He is a meme influencer.

Here’s what his bio says:

Wondering what’s so special about a meme influencer? Well, for starters, he has a whopping 1.9 million followers on his Twitter account and a verified Instagram account.

All we can say is that he has truly discovered the potential of humor on social media!

Let’s move on to the real question here: What makes him so “relatable”?

The answer might surprise you: His REALNESS.

That’s right folks!

Today, social media is flooded with sponsored content, fake filters, showing-off and the list could go on.

In the midst of all this, Pathak has found the way to millennials’ hearts: talking about everyday shenanigans.

In fact, this is what differentiates him from other influencers on the internet. He uses extremely simple graphics and somehow manages to get to your funny bone in just a few words.

Millennials love Bollywood, and Pathak knows this: (I would feel bad if you don’t get the reference)

Just some catchy words and voila, he manages to resonate with every single soul out there:

Pathak is definitely the master of joking around regular, completely normal things:

I swear this happens with doodh also:

And finally, nobody could have summed up our lockdown woes better than this:

What’s more, to increase his engagement, he has an account called ‘aksharpathakfanclub’, which he claims is of his ‘twin brother’.

In reality, he does not have a twin brother, and this account is just used to comment on his actual account and gain some points for his wondrous wittiness!

Infusing Humor into Marketing

Remember we said he is a meme influencer? Well then ofc, he promotes brands and products to people.

But the twist is that he doesn’t do it the traditional way.

He infuses humor into it. Makes it seem as if he’s talking just to you, recommending something to you personally.

The youth wants someone to talk to them in the real way, humorous way – promoted content has become a no no.

Here’s how he promoted the famous board game, Monopoly Speed: (swipe to see)

We are sure you must have figured out by now the ingredients of a perfect marketing campaign: memes, humor, relatability and well, more memes.

In conclusion, the meme community holds the potential for some great, out-of-the-box marketing possibilities!

Discover these possibilities and meme marketing at Youngun India

Article written by Dishika Bakliwal