Making Memes on every dialogue of Avengers End Game ! Story of Marvel Cosmos

Marvel Cinematic Universe - MCU

If you don’t know what MCU is, there is nothing for you to read!

Just kidding…or not!

For those in the unknown, here are two things: First, an explanation of what MCU is and second, an advice to ditch your routine and watch the entire movie series. 

Well, the Marvel Cinematic Universe aka MCU movies are a series of American films which revolve around characters from the original Marvel comics.

The MCU series started in 2007and has 23 films till now. The craze around the Marvel series can be proved from the fact that it is the highest-grossing movie franchise of all time at the international box office. 

Some of the popular franchises of MCU are Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, Ant-Man etc.

Ring a bell now?

Well, the memes certainly will!

The love for Marvel Memes

The love for the Marvel movies is great; the love for Marvel memes is greater.

While some parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are science-fiction, some parts are extremely relatable. It is these relatable parts get converted into memes and serve humor.

In fact, the relatively latest movies of the series enjoyed a lot of free promotion through just memes!

Even though it is a Hollywood series, its love knows no bounds in India. 

It is worth mentioning that how the Indian meme community is evolving to incorporate more and more niches, one of which is notably the MCU memes. 

The Indian meme community has embraced this global sensation with open arms and lots of relatable memes.

There are several meme pages and fan pages dedicated to the Marvel series. One of them which we absolutely love is @marvel_cosmos


Marvel Cosmos is a passionate project by a die-hard fan of the Marvel series. 

It is not just a regular meme page. It is a meme page with a mission.

The admin of the page has set out to create a meme out of every dialogue of The Avengers: Endgame.


With a meme posted almost daily, the page has garnered a lot of followers and Marvel lovers. Freshly made for the Indian youth, the memes are super relatable and humorous.

A parallel can be drawn between the creator and the influencers present on Instagram. Just like influencers launch products, advertise and curate digital campaigns and projects, the creator of this page has started a funny and unique digital project of its own.

Creating a meme around every dialogue demands effort and creative thinking. The creator’s passion is worthy of appreciation.

Through an increased and loyal following, the creator is also able to promote their YouTube channel on the meme page, without coming across as too sale-sy.

We love Marvel Memes

Creative projects like these which are centered on memes are widely popular. Meme niches never let the subject slip out of the youth’s mind. 

The Indian meme community has certainly adapted itself to more global content. It has evolved so as to incorporate international sensations, wider niches and more audience choices.

For a greater insight into this article, do check out @marvel_cosmos on Instagram! We love you 3000!

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Article written by Dishika Bakliwal



Types of Meme Marketing and its relevance with speed

Meme Culture has grown exponentially over the past few years, specially in India. Some memes come and go but some stay forever and become classic. To explain this concept lets dig into the types of meme marketing based on their relevancy with speed. 

Seasonal vs. Temporary Meme Marketing

Meme templates vary from being seasonal to temporary to evergreen in nature. Some memes like the Grumpy cat and the Drake format have become evergreen due to their timeless relevance. But all memes do not become so successful.

In the case of seasonal and temporary meme formats, it is extremely important to act quickly and communicate with the potential consumers before the template dies.

Seasonal Meme Templates

Seasonality is a characteristic. Such memes come in during a particular time, die out eventually and then they may be revived again.  

Let’s make it easier to understand through an example of Kaun Banega Crorepati’s memes.

Everybody has come across these memes but the question is, do we see them all the time, even when the show is not on air? No.

This is because such meme templates works best when the show is currently on-air and there is buzz around it.

Every seasonal template, format or meme has a certain lifetime. The problem is, nobody can guess when a new trend will come and throw the king off the throne and it is impossible to predict it. A simple solution to this is Social listening but it’s different for Meme Marketing agencies as this community works and thinks differently.

Temporary Meme Templates

Unlike seasonal meme templates which keep going on and off the internet, temporary meme templates are a one-time thing. They must be caught on by brands very quickly in order to reap th benefits.

Once their moment is over, neither do they connect with the audiences nor do they invite laughter.

The meme above is a classic example. This meme template was woven around the utterly disappointing end of the widely popular series: Game Of Thrones.

If this template is used now in another context, it won’t make any sense as it has lost essence.

If a brand or an agency uses such temporary memes today, it will only end up inviting trolls due to its lack of time sensitivity.

Speed is the Essence

For all the given types of Meme Marketing, it is difficult to overstate the significance of speed. With the pace at which trends move, brands must strive to do whatever it takes to maintain their relevance.

If your brand isn’t quick enough, your competition gains a major advantage – the first mover advantage. 

In fact, speed is a primary component in brand wars.

Meme marketing is fueled through a good response time. Making use of a ‘meme-ing’ opportunity is a marketing tactic very few know.

It is important to bear in mind that no brand can position themselves in the consumers’ mind with a slow response towards topical event that everybody is talking about. With social media taking over our lives, all innovation is powered by…SPEED.

Article written by  Dishika Bakliwal

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That’s how marketing is ‘Dun’: Dunzo

Rise of Online Delivery Services in India

In the past 2-5 years, India has witnessed a remarkable growth in the home delivery sector. Apps like Swiggy and Zomato have taken over food delivery, Ola,Uber and Rapido have taken over ride hailing services and apps like Urban Clap have introduced new dimensions of service-delivery.

But Dunzo has proved to be the ‘baap’ of them all – it has combined every possible service which can be provided online. It demonstrates the next big philosophy of a brand ecosystem.

What is Dunzo?

While we are sure most of us know about it, we thought why not give it a little introduction to begin with!

Dunzo is basically, an app which provides delivery and transportation services.

Its services include food delivery, bike-taxi, pick and drop facilities, package delivery, local couriers and the list goes on. Basically if you have to move anything from one place to another, Dunzo is your go to destination. 

You name it, and they will deliver it (at least that’s what they claim!)

But what is so special about it?

Well, this app essentially caught the Indian millennial’s attention through its unmatched marketing game.

Through creative and clever copies and humor, it has successfully built its recall value.

Dunzo's Marketing Game

Dunzo has the first mover’s advantage in India. Thanks to its sound strategy, Dunzo became Google’s first direct investment in India. 

It faces several challenges in its marketing pursuit. One of the major ones is to make people aware about the almost infinite possibilities of their app. Hence, spreading awareness on the multi-utility of their app is what their main focus is. 

What is notable is that Dunzo hasn’t made any investment on any influencer or celebrity endorsements

Marketing with the Trend

Dunzo has been at the top of its marketing game and promotions, here are a few tool/formats they have used-


  • Bollywood References:

Dunzo makes use of Bollywood phrases, dialogues and references to attract the people’s attention. Its daily offers are usually woven around strong song or movie titles. Some examples include


  • Moment Marketing:

Dunzois quick on its feet with moment marketing. It delivers on recent events and happenings around the nation as well as the globe. 

Some examples are:

This creative was in response to the outbreak of the Corona Virus in the nation:

The following creative was in response to the results of the Delhi Elections conducted in February which, the Aam Aadmi Party won:


  • Comic Series:

Dunzo has come up with a very unique form of engaging with the audience – through a comic series!

It has begun a comic series called “Dunya Ki Duniya” revolving around a character called “Dunya” and her everyday instances:


  • Meme Marketing:

Dunzo has been an active trend follower with respect to memes and marketing. As soon as a new format becomes trending on the internet, Dunzo is quick to adapt to it.

This is how it adapted to the global #range format and took a dig at competitors including Zomato, Swiggy, Groafers and Rapido:


Here they used the famous meme of the dude with a sign-


The success of Dunzo’s marketing is proved by the fact that it has become a verb – let’s Dunzo it!

Just like “Google it”!

It is important for brands to come up with trending marketing tactics to increase their audience engagement.

As businesses grow, it is important to cut through the clutter and reach the right audience. For that modern marketing tools are at the disposal which advertising agencies need to wield.

Meet the sword-smiths of modern Meme Marketing and back your brand with the power of the youth!

Article by- Dishika Bakliwal


Explained: The ‘Ok Boomer’ phenomenon

The phrase ‘ok boomer’ resurfaced and went viral when a 25 year old Millennial MP of the New Zealand Parliament used the phrase ‘Ok boomer’ to get back at a heckler. Ironically, she was talking about climate change at the time.

In the past, the phrase has been used by millennials often in a humorous or ironic manner, to call out or dismiss out-of-touch or close-minded opinions of the older generation. Boomer is like an informal term for baby boomers, a person born during the baby boom (sharp increase in birth rates) after World War II.

Who uses the phrase 'Ok boomer'?

The phrase “OK Boomer” has now become a tool to dismiss or mock perceived narrow-minded or condescending attitudes of older people towards the young. The term has been used to mock people who show resistance to technological change, deny climate change or oppose reforms. The younger generation has different ideas  and they process things at different speed.

‘Ok boomer’ is also used more playfully on the internet  (including consumer products) because of the popularity of the phrase. It is famous on TikTok videos, memes and on Twitter.


Millennials have been put down by boomers, they have been shouldering blame, shame and dismissal from older generations for years. Millennials  already face a lot of problems in the modern world. There are certain issues that are blamed on the millennials or certain stereotypes that are handed to them. ‘Ok boomer’ is a way for the millennials to retaliate to phrases like “you got it very easy”, “Everything is on an app these days”, “Climate change is not real”.

Boomers have survived one of the hardest times on earth and their hard work is well respected. Also, Millennials as a generation do not intend to blame them for all the bad that is happening. Nevertheless, the least that the younger generations expect from their side is to accept new decisions with an open mind and a little compassion. 

The LGBTQ community continues to spread love, feminists continue to make the world a better place, climate change had become a hot topic and mental health is being talked about more than ever. All drastic changes do not bring dire consequences. 

The younger generations will swear by the fact that the entire point of ‘Ok Boomer’ was not of a rich kid shouting ‘Ok Boomer’ through a screen on TikTok. It is a wake-up call. Instead of criticizing and opposing the younger generations to deal with real-world issues, help them in doing so. That would end the feud right there once and for all OR you could just come up with a better meme.

Article written by Gou Chinlam


Ramayan Memes: Sanjeevani Booti to Lock-Down Blues

How big was Ramayan?

On 27th March, 2020, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Prakash Javadekar announced on Twitter that the show would be telecast on the public broadcaster Doordarshan National. The Minister said in his tweet that the re-telecast was starting due to “public demand.”

The mythological series Ramayan was broadcasted in 1987 and was largely popular till the mid 90s. The show was telecasted in 55 countries and it reportedly earned Doordarshan 40 Lakh Rupees per episode at that time. It entered the Limca Book of World Records as the most watched mythological series. 



Impact of the re-telecast

Streaming portals like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar had played a major role in helping most people to get through the 21-day lock-down until now. Currently, according to the weekly television ratings of the Broadcast Audience Research Council of India (BARC), Doordarshan’s weekly impressions were 156.4 Crores last week. Contributing factors to this were the retelecast of the legendary shows like Ramayan and Mahabharat. Also, the suspension of shooting of all current popular T.V shows. Hence, the viewership has shifted to the golden shows.  

Older generations and 90s kids watched it for the nostalgia and made their kids watch it to share with them a part of their childhood and to have a collective ‘family experience’.

However, on social media the announcement of the re-telecast triggered a meme fest that doesn’t seem to stop

Most of these memes were posted on Twitter and addressed the decreased viewership on streaming sites. They used scenes from Ramayana to make templates which is where the element of hype culture factored in. The memes served as a medium of promotion for the show and led to a much larger number of people watching it.

The fact that  this worked in the favour of the show without spending a dime on it is one of the strengths of viral marketing.

The memes led to a much greater level of outreach for the announcement than the tweet by the Minister. Even greater than any other  promotion DD National could have done.This is because of the simple reason that today, memes have a higher chance of going viral than advertisements or paid promotions.

Memes as a part of hype culture

Hype culture is essentially what makes things go viral. Since the beginning of the re-telecast of the show, the Indian meme community has catapulted the reach of the announcement and the popularity of the show.


A person would see a new meme template on the internet and if they recognize its origin, they would relate to it and develop context so they can make memes of their own. As soon as this happens the people who haven’t watched the show are bombarded with memes on templates from that show and in order to stay relevant they watch the show or read up about it. This is how a lot of contemporary elements of pop culture receive a larger number of views.

Here are some wholesome Ramayan Memes for you to enjoy

T.V shows and web series come and go but Ramayan has proved what impact a good show can have on its audience. Let’s all stay at home in these difficult times and cherish this timeless experience while snacking on the memes.

Article written by Yusra Ahmed

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