10 facts that prove Meme Marketing’s worth

1. They are everywhere

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and all the other places, you name it and memes will be there. In 2019, meme advertising has become more than just a trend; they are the main source of
infotainment for the millenials and the GenZ.

2. They give the opportunity to go native
Native advertising is expected to be the force of change in the advertising industry. And memes have the ability to take the bandwagon. Memes have a unique sense of messaging wrapped in  humour, which allows brands to be native to them.

3. It’s not a trend it’s culture

Culture is the lens through which we evaluate everything around  us. The label of a trend can’t undermine Memes, memes are much  more.

They have kept up with the changing times. In fact, memes have  utilized trends in their communication better than brands every  time. From World Cup, Elections, IPL to #JCBkikhudayi Memes have  picked and created trends effective immediately. (Something that  agencies aspire to achieve)

4. They are cost effective
Meme Marketing campaigns are reasonably priced, they cost way less than influencers and deliver a far better traction when it comes to connecting with the audience in their own tone.

5. Better ROI
The present options of influencer marketing and display advertising are going downhill.
The cosmetic look of influencer posts and the intruding nature of display ads are one of the major things deflecting customers.

On the contrary Memes are the most shared, trusted (Can’t be sold  out, they always tell the truth) and enjoyed form of content.

Memes can give the power of sustenance to communication.

Thus, multiplying visibility and interaction that leads to better ROI.

6. Creative

In business terms, creativity is the ability to think out of the box that  results in innovative or different approaches to a particular task. Honestly, Memes are all about it.

Memes are the example to give when we say anyone can be creative.  However, for creativity that benefits brand communication expertise is  required – youngun.in (A Meme Advertising Agency)

7. As Insightful as Advertising

Memes are relatable because they speak of what we see and what  we believe.

Memes resonate because sometimes they convey something we  cannot. Anything from the smallest detail like crowd gathering  around JCB’s on work to something big like elections, memes take  it up and make it a force to trend. Memes understand the target  audience far better because they are created by prosumers.

8. Better than Influencers

Recently an Instagram influencer @Arii with 2 million followers  failed to sell a minimum of 36 t-shirts.

Due to the jarring nature of digital advertising, people can smell  sponsored content from miles away. The look and feel of the posts  often act as repellent for the customers.

It has become a double-edged sword. Authenticity is questioned  when influencers take up sponsorship and in the case of hidden  sponsorships ethics are violated.

Solution = Memes.

9. Hyperlocal reach

There are no barriers to communication when it comes to Memes.  Memes are followed and created in every language and for every  community. They are much more insightful and targeted than  dubbed copies.

10. Most loved

At last, we might question their maturity or reject them for  recklessness but we can’t deny the fact that people love memes.

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