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Advertisements interrupt good content

Memes ARE good content..

But, Why Meme Marketing ?

Today, the Indian Meme Culture has evolved to become a language for the internet.

Nearly every piece of information today is transmitted in the form of Memes ranging from news, politics, movies, trolling, sharing opinion, relatable content and what not!

This change opens up a huge attention space for brands to tap into and we equip them with this new-age tool to seed their brand narratives.

And you know what’s the best part about this? everyone on social media consume memes like its nutella 😉

What Is Meme Marketing ?

Meme Marketing is the art of packaging brand narrative in the form of Memes, followed by their distribution through the Indian Meme Community.

So, basically… you conveniently deliver your brand narrative to the set target audience and parallely give a dose of laughter and relatability to them

Rather than making them feel cringed with those typical ‘AD’ like content.

So, What Is Indian Meme Community ?

Meme Community is a group of meme-connoisseurs who create/curate Memes in different forms.

This community ranges from meme Influencers like Akshar Pathak to Twitter Users with probably 7K Followers posting random tweets about their life that are Funny enough to be picked by Meme Pages with million+ followers.

This community is basically the source of Meme consumption for  people.

Journey Of A Meme Marketing Campaign:

Brand personality Scan

Understanding the brand’s objective, their tonality and target audience

Content creation

Creating content with the perfect blend of campaign narrative and relevant internet conversations

Campaign Optimization

Eliminating what’s not working and amplifying what’s working

Deriving Content Pillars

Churning out relevant internet conversations that we can connect with the brand or campaign narrative

Content Distribution

The content created is then strategically distributed via Meme Community

Impact analysis and Reporting

Analyzing campaign’s performance by examining people’s reaction and assessing against aimed numbers.

How Big Is Our Meme Community?


meme community network

150 Million

maximum potential reach of our network


average engagement rate with respect to reach

How We Can Help You?

Meme supply for Brands

With content creators putting out an exponential amount of content every day, Brand handles face a tough time competing against creators for user’s attention.

We equip brands to bridge this gap by giving brand handles a new spin with with our in depth Internet culture Insights

Always-on Meme Strategy

Brands are using all possible ways to gain attention, yet they find it difficult to stay relevant all year long.

What better way to stay relevant on the internet than your brand riding the Meme wave throughout the year.

Meme Marketing Campaigns

Brands often stick with mainstream digital strategies like influencer marketing, TVCs, running social media ads etc to amplify their brand narrative.

With memes becoming such a prominent part of social media, We equip brands to strengthen their campaign narrative with the power of meme marketing

Movie/Video Marketing

A Movie/Brand Flim/web-series might be very well crafted but in today’s world it becomes tough for that organic buzz to sustain on Social Media

But once the Meme Community starts pickcing that up.. that’s where the real traction builds!

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