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Advertisements interrupt good content

Memes ARE good content..

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But What is

Meme Marketing?

Meme Marketing is not about posting Memes on Brand handles!

It’s about packaging your Brand’s communication/campaign goals in the form of Memes, giving the Meme campaign a focussed direction by strategically distributing objective driven memes through the Indian Meme Community that caters to nearly 500 Million + Youth every Hour!

What is the Indian Meme Community

and how big is it ?

Indian Meme community is the face behind all the Memes that you see, It is built by thousands of Meme Platforms that share a large spectrum of fresh content daily to our social media feeds.

Remember the Meme that your friend shared with you on WhatsApp the other day?

Or the joke about your boss that made you laugh after a hard day at work?

That Smiling Zomato Guy or JCB ki Khudai or The Paragliding Guy

All those Meme trends that keep the Indian youth glued to their mobile screens were created by none other than Indian Meme Community!

Ok that’s fine and all, but exactly how big is it? Talk numbers!

Indian Meme Community is astronomically huge, In our network alone, we have 4000+ Meme platforms, with a follower base of 500 Million active users

Why Meme Marketing

is the need of the hour for Brands ?

In a world full of digital clutter where,

*Brands are pushing Ads down people’s throats,
*People are buying Youtube premium to SKIP ADS
*The Ad Blocker Market is growing at multiple Folds every year
*Influencers are losing their authenticity

Memes stand as a sustainable solution for Brands to get their message out and speak the language that youth understands!

It’s time for Brands to level up their Meme Game! (Don’t worry we got your back)

And here's how we
can help you!

Meme led Brand Building

It’s 2020, you can’t expect your brand to connect with the youth by shoving Ads down their feed. But you can certainly do it by becoming a part of their feed using Memes.

Support your 360° Brand Campaigns

Are you really calling it a 360° campaign without the participation of Indian Meme Community? Make your Brand be a part of the internet conversation.

Compliment your Influencer campaigns with Memes

Create that perfect Social Media cocktail and strengthen your influencer campaign by infusing the power of Memes!

OTT Marketing

Make your upcoming Title/WebSeries a talk of the Meme Town. How do you think Sacred Games and Mirzapur went viral?

App Focussed Meme Campaigns

We know you created the App to solve a problem for your Target Audience, Now let’s get your App to them through Memes! 

Get App downloads through our performance driven Meme Marketing Campaigns.

Product Launch

We sure are excited about the new product you’re about to launch. But is your target audience excited too?

Don’t take any chances and add that extra oomph to your new Product launch with the Magic of Memes. Accio Sales!

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