Social Media Campaigns

We create meme lead social media campaigns like Giveaways, Ecommerce Sales, Offer Promotions, Contest participations and many more.

All the content produced is comical and relatable to the audience’s personal experiences so as to generate organic interest for the campaign.

Better ROI than Influencers | Are Memes changing the Game?

Influencer marketing has seen a rapid growth in India during 2018 with brands collaborating with influencers for small campaigns to long term contracts. But that’s just what we see from the Top. Is...

How Marketers can use Memes to attract more attention Online

Digital marketers are always on a chase for new attention space to create a fresh perspective for the brands. This task is getting tough every passing year especially for capturing the attention of...

Memes – The emerging attention space for Brands

The media attention is getting fragmented every passing month and brands are on a continuous hunt for new attention spaces on the internet. In a market full of fake numbers and metrics, Memes turn...

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