Memes are the language of Today's digital generation

Youth is spending a lot of time on Memes and this medium has evolved to become more than just about funny pictures/videos. 

Today, Memes are a Media for the Youth, Memes talk about politics,religion, fake feminism, social issues, environment etc in their own humorus way.

The attention space is huge and creative capabilites are endless but how close are brands to the Indian Meme Culture ?

The Answer is – They are no where close to it. This is where we come in.

A team of millenials bringing Brands closer to the Indian Meme Culture through Meme Marketing.

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Meme Creation

The process starts with studying the brand personality and thier niche, post that we search for references and context that people
can relate to.

Finally we bake Objective driven Memes that cover multiple/specific verticals of your brand’s communication goals and deliver a good dose of humour

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Meme Amplification

Meme Marketing isn’t about posting Memes on Brand Handle.

Meme Marketing is about leveraging Meme Page’s quality attention to reach the Millions.

The Memes created are seeded into social media through our network of Meme pages across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with a potential to reach 500 Million + Youth.

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Social Media Campaigns

Brands dream to achieve organic participation in their Social Media contest.

Did you try a Meme Contest yet ?

We bring in Meme lead Social Media campaigns, It can take place in the form of  Contest, Challenge, Caption tests and many more ways that we are still exploring..

How Memes become Influencers !

The journey of a Meme is very different from other forms of content. Similarly, the lifetime of a meme is also different. In today’s world Memes are the vehicles that drive any form of news to trend...

Memes – Why are they so Important?

1. Memes are everywhereMemes are now on every social media platform. They have traveled across messengers as well. There is a meme on every internet phenomenon or trending affairs. From cricket to...

LG Meme Marketing Campaign: Case Study

Hola guys, As we know Meme Marketing is all the buzz nowadays, one of the leading electronics company, LG, came up with a genius way of marketing its newest product in the market through…(yes, you...

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