This digital generation can spot inauthenticity miles away

Time has come for brands to lower their tone and communicate with Social Media in a manner which nurtures the personal connection that brands plan to establish with the viewers.

We help brands achieve this through Memes

Problem Vs Solution

The online world largely communicates through jokes, references, relatable content and commentary made by friends and influencers that people follow. At the same time want to run away from any sort of Ad Commercials. 


We help brands be a part of this community by creating content that represents a joke, has a reference to the real life, is relatable and influences the audience & We do this through MEMES.

Meme Creation

The process starts with identifying psychographic profiles as per the brand’s Target Audience. Post that we push our engines harder to deliver Objective Driven memes that escape the Social Media clutter of Commercial Ads

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Meme Amplification

The process doesn’t just stop at meme creation. We seed our memes into social media through our Army of meme pages across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Note: Platform specific amplification also available.

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Social Media Campaigns

We also bring in meme lead Social Media campaigns into the market that are amplified across the Social Media It can take place in the form of a Contest, Challenge, Caption tests and many more ways that we are working on.

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7 Brands that turned the tides with Meme Marketing

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10 facts that prove Meme Marketing’s worth

1. They are everywhere Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and all the other places, you name it and memes will be there. In 2019, memes have become more than just a trend; they are the main...

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