1. Memes are everywhere

Memes are now on every social media platform. They have traveled across messengers as well. There is a meme on every internet phenomenon or trending affairs. From cricket to politics, a meme covers everything. They are more like a form of “evolved” Media.

2. We relate to them more than anything else 

Memes are loved because they talk about stuff we face in our day to day lives and bring up some ultimate references. Some are hard hitting and some are light humored but they are the beacon of reality which is why they are so relatable.

3. They help us communicate

Sometimes memes convey thoughts that words can’t. (Not being romantic ! period)

We all use memes to mock or just strike up a funny conversation with our friends by tagging them. Memes convey emotions way better than textual messages. This is why memes are so popular amongst the Youth (They don’t feel the need to express their feeling so they just share Memes)

4. They keep friendships alive

The meme tagging game is what makes the modern day brotherhood even better. Tagging is just a part of it, the point is to stay in touch. This generation doesn’t buy greeting cards instead they do everything digitally. Memes have become a part of daily consumption patterns of today’s generation.

5. Memes entertain us

This probably should have probably come first. Memes are short, targeted, hilarious and notorious which makes them lit.

They deliver the message quickly and effectively under 2 seconds and leave us laughing for the next 2 minutes.

6. They bring something new consistently

A template goes out and another comes in. Some remain classics forever. Meme self refreshes from time to time. Paragliding Video, Nirmala Tai’s Tweet anything and everything can trend with the power of memes. So we don’t need to worry about memers running out of content.

7. The community is coool

The extra o symbolizes the level of cool. Meme communities on Reddit and Twitter are the coolest of all communities. They are one of the most active and observational content creators in the entire social media scenario. And we hope they continue to be so.

8. Memes are the evolved form of News Channels

Today every news is complimented with a Meme on Social Media be it P. Chidambram, Nirmala’s opinion on Auto sector going down, Piyush Goyal’s history knowledge, Traffic fines and many more.

5-7 years ago we all have had a conversation with our parents which used to revolve around us not watching the news channels.

Such a meme has brought a major change, the youth is updated about everything happening in their country through Meme Pages / Memers.

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