Psychology driven Memes for Brands

Memes can’t be made randomly just by fixing a funny caption on images. They require a background research into the hidden expression the picture conveys and syncing the expression with the brand’s objective.

Not just a funny Business you see!

A meme should serve the Ad not the other way round.
Meme Creation Process

Social Media Scan

We scan brand’s social media handles to get acquainted with the type of content that they post.


Internet Scan

Here we look for context related to the problem that the brand is trying to solve and find the “Cultural Intelligence” that we can relate our Memes with.


Defining Psychographic Profiles

Here we create psychographic profiles from  the Target Audience of the brand and take notes on what kind of messages can trigger their minds.


Creation of Objective Driven Memes

At this stage we let our creative juices flow like a Tsunami and generate memes that serves the brand objectives at the same time bring that dose of humour to the audience !


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Few Meme Creation Brackets:


Creating a fresh meme or leveraging a viral image/video with an intelligent yet witty caption to serve the brand’s message.

This can be done in infinitely many ways like:

Whatsapp Conversations
Meme Jacking
Fake News Reactions

Brand Reactions

Reacting as a BRAND on pictures and videos that are somehow related to the problem that the brand is trying to solve.

A screenshot of the brand’s reaction will be uploaded on meme pages across Social Media.


We create fresh doodles based out of Memes.

The main purpose for using this type of meme creation is to create a digital-human like personality for the brand.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer lead meme campaigns where they will generate content in an intelligent yet humorous form.

Influencer lead small 10-20 second videos. The video will be comical (Meme based). Don’t expect a fabricated collaboration from our end.

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