The Meme Advertising Industry

Memes have become a major thing in 2019 not only because it brings laughter but also because they are becoming a form of expression for the masses.

Today people look at memes as a unit of culture which defines the new attention space is here and this time it is leveraging memes for your Brand Objectives.

Power of Viral Content

Meme Jacking is the art of superimposing your brand’s message on the viral content. This has a major advantage over any other creative post because the viral content already has its own audience.

It is basically being part of the viral content.

Conversation Starter

This digital generation has high regards for content that brings a smile to their face. When they see brands doing efforts to entertain them in this form. It will create a lasting impression on them.


More Engagement Rate

Memes deliver a far better engagement rate than commercial social media clutter because people are able to relate themselves with memes.


Interent Ads - buzzkiller

People spend time on the internet to consume quality, humors stuff as well as to skip brand communications as quickly as possible.


7 Brands that turned the tides with Meme Marketing

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10 facts that prove Meme Marketing’s worth

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Answers to Your Questions

What a brand should know about the potential of memes in brand communication?

Most of the brands on social media post stuff like Buy this Buy that, xyz% off, offer ends soon etc. more like vomiting out what they want to offer straight to people.

Where did the Social part of Social Media go?

Memes are one way to complete this brand communication journey as they help brands strike a personal chord with the people and become a part of the community rather than just sitting and throwing Ads


What is the potential Digital Reach of Youngun India?

So you must have known by now that we deal in memes, memes are life for us.

We have a total reach of 100 Million + on Social media covering Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We provide platform specific Amplification as well <3


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