Digital marketers are always on a chase for new attention space to create a fresh perspective for the brands.

This task is getting tough every passing year especially for capturing the attention of the millennials.

It gets even more tough to get the message out organically. i.e without using Ads.

People wish Ads were DEAD!

They run away from Ads like they are cockroach.

Imagine getting interrupted by an Ad while watching your favourite season’s episode. Not a pleasant experience we believe.

In a space full of digital clutter it is extremely challenging for brands to stay relevant on social media and not piss people off at the same time.

What’s the solution?
You might get surprised right now but we are about to disclose some serious possibilities here (pardon the pun)

Let’s dig deep into Memes for more clarity.

We all see memes everyday while using social media. Ever wondered how valuable these memes are to us and to your target audience?

Well let’s wonder now :

-Memes bring smile to our face irrespective of what we are going through in life
-People often get to know about latest events/news via Memes
-People get curious about memes which they don’t understand. (Trust us on this)


The media attention is getting fragmented every passing day. There is no 1 medium to reach all your potential audience.

In 2019, It will be really important for brands to be a part of the community and not sit back and keep Spewing offers & Product offerings through ads. Brands will probably end up dumping money for zero social connect through these practices.

This digital generation can identify sponsored posts miles away. 

The only way in is being part of the community,

-Know what’s trending on social media,
-Know the story behind viral meme,
-Generate creatives around the viral content

If you want help in the process, feel free to reach out to use. (We won’t charge for this)

As Gary Vee said – Follow the Trend and you’ll stay relevant.

Let’s Level up your Meme game with #MemeAdvertising

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