We bring brands closer to the people through psychology driven memes.

This digital generation spends more time with memes than themselves

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What you should know about Memes?

Memes are defined as the unit of culture. They are a form of user-generated digital content that incorporates humor and visuals to capture quality attention. 

They are basically viral pictures/videos on the internet accompanied by clever captions.

Our Services

Meme Creation

The process starts with identifying psychographic profiles as per the brand’s Target Audience. Post that we push our engines harder to deliver Objective Driven memes that escape the Social Media clutter of Ads & Commercials.

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Meme Amplification

The process doesn’t just stop at meme creation. We seed our memes into social media through our Army of meme pages across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Note: Platform specific amplification also available.

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Social Media Campaigns

We also bring in meme lead Social Media campaigns into the market that are amplified across the Social Media It can take place in the form of a Contest, Challenge, Caption tests and many more ways that we are working on.

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